C603 – Guan Shengwu Vs Emperor Qi (1)

Qihuang looked at Guan Shengwu with an ugly expression.

He had never thought that the once weak Guan Shengwu would improve so quickly after a hundred years.

Although he was at a disadvantage in the beginning, in just a short period of time, he was already on par with him.

Qihuang believed that as long as the fight continued, Guan Shengwu would defeat him sooner or later.

This was something he couldn’t accept. He had to endure Zhang Xuan’s defeat. After all, Zhang Xuan was a powerful existence that even his master had to treat with caution.

He could also accept the fact that the dog could defeat him. After all, the dog was personally brought up by Zhang Xuan.

The entire Qilin Race had been annihilated, and the dog was still alive. This was something that he could accept.

However, Guan Shengwu was just an ordinary disciple of Zhang Xuan. Furthermore, Guan Shengwu had joined the small courtyard along the way.

If a disciple who joined the family halfway could surpass him, how could he become the one and only one? What qualifications did he have to become the one and only one?

He glared at Guan Shengwu. Today, Guan Shengwu was going to die, or else he would become his inner demon.

Guan Shengwu had no idea what Qihuang was thinking. He only knew that he had a good time fighting this time. He had never felt so good before.

No wonder his master always talked about ‘practice to get the truth’. Now, an opponent who could make him fight with all his might had finally appeared. Such an opponent was truly rare.

Guan Shengwu lightly shook his sword and instantly unleashed an extremely sharp sword light and murderous aura.


The Void shattered, and black cracks appeared on the surface of the Void. It silently sliced past Qihuang’s body.

Qihuang’s expression changed slightly. Even when facing these cracks, he didn’t dare to be careless, unless he had reached the level of his master.

In the blink of an eye, Guan Shengwu’s figure flashed and appeared in front of Qihuang.

All the hair on Qihuang’s body stood up. He stretched out his jade-like hand and grabbed Guan Shengwu’s long sword.

All the elders of Lin family were staring at Guan Shengwu. Lin family was a family of sword cultivators. It was very rare for them to see such a high level sword cultivator attacking.

Although Qihuang wasn’t a pure sword cultivator, he had always been by Tianji Zi’s side. His strength couldn’t be underestimated. It was Lin family’s honor to see such a battle.


The sword and palm collided, producing a soft sound. Ripples spread out in all directions.

“Hide further away!”

The facial expression of the old ancestor of Lin family changed drastically. When he saw a junior of Lin family trying to approach him, he immediately shouted.

The junior looked at the old ancestor with a puzzled expression. In the next moment, he was affected by the ripples. His body was torn into pieces, leaving only a pool of blood on the ground.

“Everyone, stay away from me!”

The old ancestor of Lin family shouted angrily. Why did such a foolish descendant appear in his home? It was already good enough to see a fight between experts of that level from afar. It was already a heaven defying opportunity, and he wanted to get closer to it. If he took a closer look, wouldn’t that be courting death?

Guan Shengwu’s long sword flew in the air. Qihuang remained motionless like a mountain. Both of his palms struck out fiercely. The two of them exchanged blows, and each of their attacks shattered the Void. The sound of explosions could be heard without an end.

Qihuang relied on the powerful physique of the Qilin Race to cross the Void. He then used his palms to fight Guan Shengwu.

Guan Shengwu frowned when he saw that Qihuang had changed his fighting style.

The two of them instantly became anxious. For a moment, neither of them could do anything to the other.

Right at this moment, a ferocious smile appeared on Qihuang’s face.

“Be careful, Guan Shengwu. He is activating his bloodline talent!”

Guan Shengwu didn’t have the chance to fight the Qilin Race to the death. He didn’t know what the bloodline talent of the Qilin Race was, but the old ancestor of Lin family was an ancient existence that had survived the ancient era. He could tell it with just a glance.

“Hahaha, I never thought that someone would still remember my bloodline supernatural power even though I haven’t fought for tens of millions of years!”

Qihuang’s face became even more ferocious. The surrounding temperature suddenly became fanatical, and the Qi in the Void kept rising and falling.

Around Qihuang, there were even sparks.

The old ancestor of Lin family shouted and scolded loudly. All the people of Lin family appeared one hundred thousand miles away from him. Even so, he still let all the elders of Lin family, Old Yan, wait for him and protect the people of Lin family.

The commotion here had attracted the attention of the surrounding powers. They immediately stepped into the sky and arrived. When they saw the strength of Lin family, some of the sects were startled. Only now did they know that the usually low-profile Lin family was actually this powerful.

Some of them had humiliated the Lin family before, but the Lin family had never been entangled with them. They thought that the Lin family had completely declined. But now, it seemed like the Lin family just didn’t care about them at all.

“Who are the two who are fighting? What a terrifying power!”

“Isn’t that… Lord Qihuang? It really is Lord Qihuang!”


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Since one of them was Qihuang, who was the other one? He was comparable to Lord Qihuang Qihu.

“That…” The experts of a few sects looked at Guan Shengwu, their eyes full of doubt.

“What is it? Do you know this expert? Can I introduce him to you?”

To be able to compare to Qihuang Qihu, who wouldn’t want to know such an expert?

Those people looked at each other in dismay. No one dared to determine what they were thinking.

When the surrounding people saw these people’s expressions, they felt surprised. “What’s wrong?”

It was a good thing to know such a powerful person. Why did they look like idiots? It seemed like there was something hidden behind this.


Qihuang was still dodging, but the Qi on his body was getting more and more violent. It was like an explosive bag, on the verge of exploding.

Guan Shengwu’s sword speed was getting faster and faster. As long as it was interrupted before Qihuang could activate the bloodline supernatural power, Qihuang’s bloodline supernatural power would not be able to reach him.

“So powerful!”

“This is too terrifying, as expected of Lord Qihuang!”

Those people praised him one after another.

“A few of you, do you know another senior?”

At this moment, because Qihuang was preparing, Guan Shengwu was approaching them step by step. It seemed like Guan Shengwu had the upper hand, so those people wanted to know him even more.

One of them’s expression changed rapidly, and he said hesitantly, “I don’t know if it’s my misconception or not, but that person seems to be Guan Shengwu from the small courtyard.”

“That’s impossible!”

Before the man finished his words, someone around him shouted.

“Eight months ago, I had a competition with him. Although he was strong and had extraordinary talent, he was only an early Imperial Emperor. Could it be that Lord Qihuang is a Monarch Stage?”

In fact, a few people had already suspected that the man was Guan Shengwu, but in their opinion, this was impossible.

Because no matter how extraordinary a person’s talent was, it was impossible for him to improve so quickly.

“That’s right, I’ve competed with him before!”

“I’ve also competed with him before. At that time, he was merely a peak Imperial Emperor…”

Suddenly, everyone thought of something and froze on the spot.

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