C113 – Suspected to be Alina

Not only did Mu Sifa carry Shang Xiaojie across the street, but he even carried him directly into the cinema. It was unknown how many people looked at him and discussed in a low voice.

Shang Xiaojie was also concerned about it, but his satisfaction had already come first. He didn’t care so much about others anymore.

When they entered the screening hall, the staff outside immediately burst into an uproar.

“Oh my god!” Isn’t that man the handsome director of the plastic surgery hospital across the street? But what was going on? Why did he come to the movies with a boy in his arms? And she’s such a cute boy.”

“Ah Ah Ah Ah, right! It’s so cute, it makes people want to pinch him.”

The two girls were in a infatuation as they screamed non-stop.

Loong Xiaoyi, who was standing beside them, had a calm expression. He merely glanced at Mu Sifa and the others.

And he was here because his afternoon job was at the cinema.

Those two people were really bold! Ann Yichen, I want to hold his hand but I can’t.

Loong Xiaoyi was suddenly in a bad mood. Why couldn’t he just hold hands when others could do it openly?

“Ah, so curious!” What kind of relationship did they have!? What’s the name of that boy?”

“When they come out later, let’s take a photo!”

“Sure, sure!”

Loong Xiaoyi didn’t understand why they were so excited, but it was as if he could see Xiao Ming’s figure on their bodies.

At that moment, there was a male student standing on the side. Like Loong Xiaoyi, he didn’t say anything, but he just stared at Mu Sifa and the others for a long time before finally coming back to his senses.

“Put the popcorn on the bag of rice over there, Mu Cheng. I’ll order some for the customers.”

Suddenly, a staff member called out to him.

Mu Cheng didn’t say anything and went to do things silently. Although he was a type of man, his silent appearance made it seem like he didn’t want to get too close to people of his race. Furthermore, it was icy cold.

“Mu Sifa, I can leave by myself. Put me down.”

After entering Shang Xiaojie’s room, other than the flickering of the screen, the rest of the room was pitch black. Shang Xiaojie was afraid that it would be inconvenient for Mu Sifa to walk, so he asked him to put him down.

Mu Sifa was also afraid of blocking the others from watching, so he agreed to Shang Xiaojie’s request. When they arrived at his side, Elina’s eyes widened in shock.

“Shang, Shang Xiaojie?” He didn’t dare to believe it.

However, that’s true. Shang Xiaojie was the bathroom that she locked in and he had even arranged everything for her. He was clearly flawless, but seeing him here, it would be strange if she wasn’t surprised.

Shang Xiaojie heard the familiar voice and was stunned when he saw that it was Elina.

Why is she here too? And sitting in the same row with us, or next to me?

Shang Xiaojie immediately frowned in dissatisfaction and looked at Mu Sifa. He thought Mu Sifa had called Elina to come with him.

“What are you thinking? It was just a coincidence.”

When Mu Sifa saw Shang Xiaojie’s expression, he knew Shang Xiaojie was thinking wrongly.

“Do you think I’m a three-year-old? How could he be so lucky? just sitting next to us?” Shang Xiaojie did not believe her and immediately did not give Mu Sifa any face because he did not like Elina. Although he did not understand the reason, he just hated her.

Mu Sifa was going to continue coaxing Shang Xiaojie. It was really a coincidence, but his body was shaken. Just as Shang Xiaojie said, all of this was too coincidental. For example, Shang Xiaojie was just locked in the washroom and Elina appeared here?

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