C112 – Across the Street

Shang Xiaojie was stunned for a moment before realizing that Mu Sifa said that he looked like a man’s wife, and he was a man at that.

“No, no.” His face turned red as he retorted.

“Why not? Only your wife would worry about that!”

“I, I was just speaking casually. That’s why, I’m not worried about you.”

He felt that he was like Mu Sifa had said. He immediately changed his words in panic, but his blushing and helpless look betrayed him.

“You’re still trying to be brave in front of me? What? Or do you think you’re not my wife now? Hrm?”

While teasing Shang Xiaojie, everyone carried Shang Xiaojie and walked out of the elevator. Everyone looked over along the way and started whispering again.

Mu Sifa immediately looked at them with a cold gaze. The person at the front desk immediately shut his mouth.

Shang Xiaojie also heard their whispers. His shyness was replaced by nervousness as he lowered his head.

“You don’t have to take their words to heart.” Mu Sifa rubbed his head to comfort him.

“But, but you are my brother-in-law, and it is indeed true.” The disappointment in his voice seemed to have a hint of discomfort.

That’s right! How could I have forgotten? Mu Sifa is my brother-in-law!

Shang Xiaojie’s mood dropped to the bottom.

“No, it’s not real. I’ve never touched that woman Shang Minjie.”

When Shang Minjie and Mu Sifa were mentioned, they all felt displeased. It seemed that he disliked her a lot more than usual.

When Shang Xiaojie heard this, he was instantly happy. However, his eyes dimmed down. He might have felt that he had let Shang Minjie down. After all, his sudden intervention made Shang Minjie feel like she was being mocked.

“My big sis is very forceful, can you please let her off a little?” Shang Xiaojie looked at Mu Sifa with fear in his eyes. He probably knew that Mu Sifa hated Shang Minjie, which was why he was so cautious.

Unexpectedly, Mu Sifa laughed back, “Of course, she is your sister.” The answer was straightforward, but only he knew if it was true or not. After all, he and Shang Minjie were rivals, but Shang Xiaojie didn’t know any of this.

“Hey, hey, hey, look over there. He’s hugging a boy!”

“Really, what the fuck? So cute.”

“Is that the problem? Two men!”

“What is it!?” Now that people are starting to marry men as wives, why are they so out of date?”

“Are you for real?” Her eyes widened in shock.

“Of course it’s true! And I’ve heard that some men can get pregnant like women?”

“Heavens!” Suspicion of life.

Hearing the voice at the side, Shang Xiaojie knew that Mu Sifa had carried him out of the hospital and quickly struggled, “Mu Sifa, you, you put me down. This is the outside of the hospital.”

“What’s going on outside? If they want to see it, they can show it to them.” Mu Sifa ignored it and carried Shang Xiaojie across the street.

There were many people pointing fingers along the way, but due to the age difference, everyone thought that they were brothers. They didn’t think that way, but there were also occasional gazes from rotten girls.

“I can’t take it anymore, I have to go down.” Ye Zichen hit Mu Sifa’s chest with his small hand, telling him to put down his face. Mu Sifa didn’t even dare to raise his head because he was afraid that someone he knew would see it. It wasn’t because he felt embarrassed, but because he was too shy.

“Don’t worry, no one will think too much about it. Rather, I would rather say that I would have liked them to think more about it, so that I could show everyone how cute my wife is.” Laughter.

Ye Zichen didn’t know if he was serious or just teasing Shang Xiaojie, but Shang Xiaojie blushed when he heard Ye Zichen’s words, then felt that it was true. He buried his head in Ye Zichen’s chest and didn’t dare to lift it up, so he replied shyly.

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