C53 – Seventh Floor

“Challenge the fifth floor”

In Tower of Trials, Long Chen shouted.

In the next moment, a giant ape appeared in front of Loong Chen.

The giant ape was as big as two Loong Chen when it stood up. It was almost four meters tall.

It was as tall as a building.

On the fifth floor, Loong Chen only had one opponent, and that was the giant ape in front of him.

“This is a violent ape, it has the combat strength of a Level 3 Peak.”

Loong Chen stared at the giant ape in front of him. The violent ape was a Level 3 mutated beast, and it possessed great strength and physique, making it very difficult to deal with.

Not even an ordinary Level 4 Evolver could defeat it.

“He encountered a Level 4 mutated beast on the fifth floor.”

“The challenge has officially begun. Challenge target: Kill the Violent Ape.”

“Reward for clearing the level: If you succeed in the challenge within five minutes, you will be rewarded with a bottle of Level 5 genetic potion. If you succeed in the challenge within ten minutes, you will be rewarded with a bottle of Level 4 genetic potion.”

“No reward for more than ten minutes.”

“Five minutes? I have to give it my all.”

Loong Chen thought to himself. At the same time, the Violent Ape attacked.

Its two fists, which were as big as sandbags, were sent flying towards Loong Chen. Before it could hit Loong Chen, the force of the fist had already made Loong Chen feel its power.

“World Dominating.”

Loong Chen used the World Dominating once again. With the amplification of six times, his strength had increased to a hundred thousand kilograms.

In terms of strength alone, he had reached the Level 4 with the six times increase in strength.

Loong Chen suddenly felt a strong surge of strength rushing towards him. He couldn’t help but take a dozen steps back.

The violent ape also took a few steps back, but judging from its appearance, it shouldn’t be injured.

“Although my strength has reached the Level 4 with the enhancement of the World Dominating, I’m still at a disadvantage in other aspects.”

Loong Chen furrowed his brows. Judging from this battle, he had discovered a few problems with his body.

Although his strength was strong enough, he still needed to improve in other aspects.

In terms of defense, he could still rely on the Doomsday Armor. However, the Doomsday Armor was just an external object, and he could not rely on it too much.

The violent ape didn’t give Loong Chen too much time to think, and once again charged at him.

“It’s already been two minutes, I have to end this battle quickly.”

A bright light flashed across Loong Chen’s eyes. He put away the Tyrannical Saber, and pointed at the violent ape with one hand.

“The trial of thunder!”

Dark clouds gathered above the violent ape’s head. Loong Chen was going to use his most powerful attack.

The The trial of thunder was a lightning skill that he had comprehended from the Lightning Superpower. He had used this skill to kill a Level 4 Evolver before.


Long Chen shouted out loudly. A bolt of lightning descended from the dark clouds.

The violent ape halted its charge at Loong Chen. The lightning struck its head, and the violent ape’s body exploded.

“Picking up done. Strength*200.”

“Picking up done. Defense*250.”

“Picking up done. Empirical value*5000.”

After Loong Chen picked up the attributes dropped by the Violent Ape, he took a deep breath.

Using the The trial of thunder still required a lot of mental energy.

“Do you want to continue challenging the sixth level?”

The mechanical voice didn’t give Loong Chen any time to rest, and asked directly.


Loong Chen nodded again. The fifth floor wasn’t his limit.

The scene changed again. Loong Chen felt the temperature of the world suddenly rise.

Fireballs started falling from the sky.

“The challenge has officially begun. Challenge target: Avoid fireballs from the sky.”

This time, his mission was not to fight monsters but to avoid Fireballs.

As the mechanical voice fell, the fireballs in the sky began to descend. They seemed to be specifically targeting Loong Chen, and the direction they landed was precisely where Loong Chen was.

The first wave of fireballs only had ten, and Loong Chen easily dodged them.

The second wave of fireballs was twenty, but Loong Chen still easily dodged them.

The third wave had thirty, and the fourth wave had forty…

The number of fireballs in each wave increased greatly. Loong Chen finally understood that the sixth level of the trial was a test of the challenger’s speed and reaction speed.

By the tenth wave, there were already a hundred fireballs.

Loong Chen began to use the Cat Shadow Step to dodge.

When the twentieth wave arrived, the two hundred fireballs had already sealed off all of Loong Chen’s escape routes.


Loong Chen casted the spatial extraordinary talent and instantly appeared where there were no fireballs.

To be honest, the sixth level was very easy for Loong Chen. With the spatial extraordinary talent, he could easily dodge these fireballs.

Therefore, a scene like this happened. The fireballs fell like raindrops, and Loong Chen’s figure kept flashing in this space. However, these fireballs could not touch him at all.

However, the spatial extraordinary talent still consumed a lot of mental energy.

Just when Loong Chen felt that he couldn’t hold on much longer, the mechanical voice finally rang out.

“Congratulations, you have successfully challenged the sixth level of Tower of Trials. Would you like to continue challenging the seventh level?”

Loong Chen took a deep breath, and a hint of fighting spirit flashed across his eyes.

The seventh level? That was something that even Invincible Dragon God could not pass.

He was also very curious about what kind of place the seventh floor was, to be able to stop the number one expert of the human race.


Loong Chen nodded his head fiercely.

As his voice faded, the scene started to change again.

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