C113 – Don’t Have Any Common Sense!

“My team doesn’t accept useless people.” Crown Prince Zhao did not openly refuse, but one sentence was equivalent to giving Zhao Sanlang a death sentence.

What did Zhao Sanlang know?

Reading a few sour poems was written by someone else. Dancing a few times with a knife and a gun was only at the level of flowery boxing and embroidery. Talking about a few national matters, they were all eavesdropped from his father’s mouth.

If he were to go to the battlefield, his martial arts skills would not pass. If he were to become an official, the ink in his stomach would not be enough. Of course, these could be slowly trained and accumulated experience.

However, for the current Zhao Sanlang, he was still a playboy who knew how to eat, drink, and play. He was only a few steps away from being a playboy.

Zhao Sanlang secretly gave Tang Yue a look, hinting for him to say something nice for him. However, Tang Yue was the first advocate of that team, so he naturally knew that Zhao Sanlang was not suitable.

At least for now, he was not suitable.

He shook his head gently, indicating that he was powerless.

Zhao Sanlang lowered his shoulders and took a step back. “Then, can you ask Vice General Hu to take him in as a soldier?”

“If you really want to be a soldier, why do you need to beg me? There are eight recruitment points in Ye City. You can bring your luggage and join the army.” Crown Prince Zhao did not give him any face.

What he said was the truth. Zhao Sanlang was obviously not a soldier, so it was impossible for him to be a soldier. This was not like modern times where the second and third generations of the army still needed to train at the bottom level.

“Go back and train harder. Next spring, if you can meet my requirements, I can personally lead you to charge into the enemy lines.”

Zhao Sanlang took a deep breath. “Yes, I will definitely do it!”

Tang Yue saw that the atmosphere was not very lively, so he deliberately told everyone two jokes. Although they might not understand, they were not as depressing as before.

Next, they ate what they should eat and drank what they should drink. After a few cups of yellow wine, everyone’s mood gradually became lively.

Tang Yue brought food to Lee Zhao and asked in a low voice, “Has anything happened to State Protector Prefecture?”

Crown Prince Zhao played with the fork in his hand. This was specially made by Tang Yue for this buffet. It was pure silver and small and cute.

He took a piece of meat from the plate and chewed it slowly. He waited for the food to be eaten before he said, “This morning, State Protector invited the crown prince for the eldest son of Shu.”

Tang Yue’s head suddenly became as big as a cow. He really could not manage such household affairs.

However, he really did not like the son of the bastard son of State Protector Prefecture.

“Shouldn’t the son of the legitimate son be the first? Zhao Sanlang didn’t make any big mistakes, so State Protector’s actions couldn’t be justified, right?”

Crown Prince Zhao nodded. “Royal Father didn’t agree, but if the duke insists, Royal Father will one day agree. The only way is to let Zhao Sanlang join the army or make some achievements in order to turn the situation around.”

A son with nothing to do could be ignored, but it would not be easy for a son with a great reputation to be taken over.

Crown Prince Zhao put a piece of meat in front of Tang Yue’s mouth. Tang Yue still had not recovered from his thoughts and looked at him in a daze.

The surrounding people automatically took three steps back and looked at the two of them sneakily. Many people were secretly amazed.

Crown Prince, who usually spoke coldly and never gave people a way out, actually had such a tender and sweet feeling. It was really surprising.

It was unknown where this Tang Xiaolang got his ability from, to be able to confuse Crown Prince three to five times.

“Eat!” Crown Prince Zhao reminded him.

Tang Yue came back to his senses and looked around subconsciously. His face was so red that it reached the base of his neck. He grabbed Crown Prince Zhao’s fork and ate the meat before returning it to him. He muttered, “How old are you? Why are you still so childish?”

The corner of Crown Prince Zhao’s lips curled up into a smile that was like a spring breeze. Many people’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, and a few good men were secretly drooling.

As the leader of the four most beautiful men in Ye City, there was no doubt about Crown Prince’s good looks, especially the ordinary-looking Tang Yue standing beside him. He was even more handsome than before.

“Could it be that the eyes of a lover are the eyes of the west?” Someone murmured to himself in a low voice. Immediately, someone chimed in from the side: “It’s also possible that His Highness has been at the border all year long and no longer has any sense of beauty or ugliness in his eyes.”

What he meant was: This man has seen too much and is seeing things.

No matter what the reason is, In any case, others can only be envious.

After eating and drinking, a group of people was about to leave when Tang Yue’s assistant, Xiang Ann, ran in. “Master, someone is here to cause trouble again!”

Tang Yue knocked his head. “How many times have I told you not to call me master?” He did not want to take his students with him for the time being. Given the current situation, he did not have the qualifications to do so.

However, Xiang Ann had a typical temper. It was said that his father wanted his son to take over his father’s career as a coroner. In the end, he went there for a few days and dissected all the bodies in the manor, which made his father very angry.

After he had played with the corpses enough, this kid would say that being a coroner was boring. He would rather be a doctor than a coroner. Only then did he turn his attention to Tang Yue.

Tang Yue had become famous recently. He was young and easy to get along with. Xiang Ann secretly observed him for a few days and volunteered to be his disciple. If Tang Yue did not agree, he would stay at the entrance of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion and sit quietly.

“Anyway, you will be my master sooner or later. What does it matter if you call him first?” Xian An grabbed his hand and dragged him out. “Quickly go out and take a look. This time, the troublemakers can’t be chased away.”

Tang Yue did not know if it was Lee Zhao who had chosen the wrong day for him. Otherwise, why would there be people coming to cause trouble again and again after the opening?

He apologized to the crowd and followed Xiang Ann to the front hall.

The rest of the people were about to leave, so they went to take a look as well. Besides, Crown Prince was here this time. They weren’t afraid.

Tang Yue had just turned the corner when he heard a sharp cry. It was as if his parents had died. When he saw the source of the sound, he thought to himself, Alright. Sure enough, his parents had died.

There were two bodies lying on the ground, a man and a woman. They were both over forty years old. Judging from their clothes, they should be ordinary people. The one who cried was quite pretty, and her pear blossom face was even more pitiful.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Tang Yue stood in front of the girl and asked with a dark face.

“You… you are the godly doctor?” The girl was young and looked thirteen or fourteen years old. She looked up and two streams of tears flowed down her face. She was really sad to see this.

But no matter how one looked at it, it still carried a bit of the smell of dust. Tang Yue was puzzled.

“I’m not a godly doctor,” he said. I’m just the owner of this medicine store.”

“That’s right. You evil person, quickly return my Father’s mother’s life!” The little girl pounced over, wanting to ask for her life with a ferocious look.

Tang Yue avoided her. The guard by the side had already taken control of her. He pressed her down with a backhand and pressed the little girl onto the ground without showing any mercy to her.

Tang Yue was most afraid of people who would start causing trouble before he could explain it clearly. He shouted. “What’s the use of crying if you explain clearly?”

Was he going to let people do business properly?

The girl burped and said, Two hours ago, my parents were fine. Ever since he came to your medicine store and drank a bowl of medicine, he fell down not long after he returned. Did their medicine kill people?”

Hearing this, many people who drank the cold repellent medicine felt that something was wrong. They were deeply afraid that they would die for no reason in the next moment.

Tang Yue frowned. He wondered if there would be food or medicine that would affect each other. However, the herbs used for this prescription were very common. The medicine was mild, so logically speaking, it should not be so.

He walked to the bodies and squatted down. He reached out his hand to the side. “Bring me the gloves and the mask.”

Xiang Ann had already prepared the gloves. He carefully put them on for Tang Yue. He asked with sparkling eyes, “Master, do you want me to do it? “I’m very familiar with this.”

Tang Yue pushed him to the side. “Go to the side and cool off first. Get someone to report the case to the government. Then send an experienced coroner.”

“I’ll go find me, Father, right now. He’s the most experienced.” The little brat ran away like a wisp of smoke. Tang Yue looked at his back and shook his head.

This brat was indeed very talented, but he loved to play too much. There was no certainty. He wanted to be a doctor not to treat illnesses and save people, but to experience the thrill of pulling people back from the brink of death.

In his own words, it was such a great thing to be able to snatch someone from the hands of Hell King!

Tang Yue was not a forensic doctor. He could not be so professional as to confirm the time of death and speculate the location of death, but as a surgeon, it was not a problem to confirm the cause of death.

The faces of the two victims were purple, and their lips were especially obvious. There was dark black blood at the corner of their mouths, which had solidified. Most importantly, the body had started to stiffen. It was obvious that the body had not died recently.

“You said that your parents were still alive two hours ago?” The corner of Tang Yue’s mouth curled up and revealed a cold smile.

“Yes… yes.”

“Then do you know how long it will take for the blood to solidify? How long does it take for a person’s body to go from having temperature to having zero temperature after death?” Tang Yue stood up and took off his gloves. He asked his men to carry the girl and the two bodies to the government.

“Young master, these two people seem to have died of poison. Does it really have nothing to do with the cold repellent soup?” In the crowd, Someone asked worriedly.

Tang Yue straightened his chest and asked loudly, “Has anyone here seen the two of them come to the medicine store to drink soup?”

Everyone looked at each other. I looked at you and shook my head. The man continued, “The two of them look ordinary. They might not be the people nearby. Even if they come, it’s common sense that they can’t remember.”

Tang Yue nodded. “That makes sense. Let’s ask again, other than the two of them, who among you felt uncomfortable after drinking the soup?”

A woman stood up and said, “Young dandy is a godly doctor. The woman felt a cold yesterday and had a headache and a fever. After drinking a bowl of cold dispelling soup, she sweated a little and felt much better.”

“The soup is warm. There is nothing wrong with it.” Many people agreed.

Tang Yue read out the prescription. “There are only a few types of herbs added. If everyone is worried, feel free to go to other pharmacies or look for a doctor to ask. These are common herbs. They must all know.”

“Don’t they all say that they are right? It is a good thing that young dandy gives out the soup for free, but what if there is something wrong with the human body and it happens to correspond with the medicine? What should we do then?”

Tang Yue whispered to the guards and asked them to find the person who kept coming out. It seemed that this matter was not a coincidence, but someone who wanted to target it.

Could it be Wang Zixian? Tang Yue thought carefully about who he had offended and realized that he had not done so.

He was not a good person, but he was rather easy-going. He rarely had a red face. He would occasionally have conflicts with the patient’s family members because it was a matter of business. There shouldn’t be such a problem here.

“Then you think that the couple was sick? Because they drank the medicinal soup of Huian Hall, they grew and countered each other, so they died?” Tang Yue sneered, “Then tell me, what kind of illness would be poisoned by the cold repelling soup and die so quickly and so miserably.”

He really had no experience at all!

Perhaps the person behind the scenes was trying to ruin his reputation, or perhaps he wanted to make Huian Hall suffer before it even opened.

Unfortunately, this person’s common sense was very limited. He didn’t even figure out the characteristics of the dead body before framing it. It really overestimated his intelligence.

The other party had nothing to say. Just as he was about to slip away, he was stopped by Shan and another guard. “Hmph, why are you hiding behind people and talking in secret? If you have something to say, just stand out and say it.”

“Aiyo, are you guys trying to silence me? I’m just a commoner, can’t I even speak a few words of justice?”

“Say it, why can’t I say it?” Tang Yue smiled gently and said, “If you have anything to say, just say it here. I don’t want people with bad intentions to distort the truth and ruin the reputation of Huian Hall.”

The first thing Tang Yue suspected was his peers. He had seen this kind of unfair competition many times. However, there weren’t many medicine shops in Ye City. There was probably someone else who dared to openly challenge him and even offend Crown Prince, who was behind him.

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