C112 – A Presumptuous Request

The guards next to Tang Yue weren’t just there to watch. Naturally, they wouldn’t let him be killed. Although Tang Yue’s combat strength wasn’t strong, his body’s agility wasn’t bad. He had successfully dodged the attack.

Wang Zixian was also impulsive. He immediately threw away his weapon before the sword could hit him. “Humph, do you think you can just make up a random excuse and attack me openly? “Who gave you the courage to use this to persecute me?

“Do you think you can do whatever you want with Lee Zhao? Do you think you can fool me and the people just because you know some medical skills? If the king gets sick in the future, do you have the guts to stab him?”

Wang Zixian was so excited that he was incoherent. Tang Yue secretly gave him the middle finger. “Third Prince wants to see the heart of a gentleman with a small heart. I can’t do anything about it. It’s up to you whether you believe me or not. It’s up to you whether you want to treat him or not.”

Tang Yue calmly sat at the side and drank his tea. His indifferent attitude made 99% of the people believe his words. If Zhang Chun was there, he would probably admire his acting skills.

Wang Zixian was about to open his mouth to retort when a group of armed bailiffs rushed in and shouted, “I heard that someone is causing trouble in Huian Hall. Where is the culprit?”

Tang Yue wanted to open a shop here, so he naturally greeted the nearby yamen. As the saying goes, in the government, Now that he had status and status, it was only a matter of words for him to be taken care of.

No one knew who had reported the case. When the yamen heard that it was related to the Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion’s young master, they naturally did not dare to slack off and immediately brought people over.

Wait! When the person saw Wang Zixian’s face clearly, he was so scared that his hands and feet went soft. Fortunately, he had seen the world and quickly regained his composure.

“Since Third Prince is here, I think no thief will dare to cause trouble. I will take my leave now.”

“Don’t go. Take down this witch doctor who has deceived the crowd!” Wang Zixian pointed at Tang Yue and ordered.

“This…” The bailiffs were even more afraid. Putting aside the identity of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion, This was the future Crown Princess. She would have to worry if Crown Prince would blame her even if she touched her.

“So Brother Three Kings is really sick. No wonder Royal Father said he hasn’t seen you enter the Palace for a few days.” A hoarse voice came from outside the door. The young man’s voice was so unique that many people could tell who he was.

This also made many people who were worried that Tang Yue would take advantage of them secretly relieved.

“I really can’t tell, Ninth Brother is still an infatuated person, hehe…” Wang Zixian shot a meaningful glance at Tang Yue. His eyes were cold like a poisonous snake, making people’s hearts numb and at the same time disgusted.

Crown Prince Zhao ignored his teasing and walked to Tang Yue’s side to hold his hand. “Are you tired? Do you want to go back and rest first?”

Tang Yue was too embarrassed to show his affection when he was stared at by so many pairs of eyes. He took his hand out and said calmly, “I’m not tired. There are still patients. How can a doctor leave first?”

“Since the patient doesn’t want to be treated, why do you force him? What does life or death have to do with you? “

Tang Yue did not know why he knew so well when he just arrived. If he did not have someone to rely on, he would be very confident.

“What His Highness said makes sense. Although the doctor has the responsibility of treating illnesses and saving people, if the patient asks for death, we can’t do anything about it.” Tang Yue sighed after he finished speaking.

Wang Zixian was angry and angry. He secretly pinched his stomach. He felt something was moving inside. A wave of sourness immediately came out of his stomach and rushed to his throat.

He desperately suppressed the urge to vomit and asked in a low voice, “Tang Yue, is there any other way to treat him other than cutting open his abdomen?”

Tang Yue pretended to think about it and suddenly clapped his hands. “Ah, I thought of a drug. Maybe it can work, but we need to eat it before we know if it works.”

Wang Zixian was relieved when he heard that there was no need for surgery. Although he still had doubts, taking medicine was still within his acceptable range. “Then please give me the prescription. I will get someone to buy the medicine.”

How could Tang Yue not understand what he was thinking? But since he had deceived the beginning, he could not let the end not come. Otherwise, wouldn’t the lie be seen through?

“I have no objection to Third Prince wanting to purchase the medicinal herbs himself. It’s just that this medicinal herb needs a secret technique to be processed and made into pills. This is my secret formula. Please forgive me for not revealing it!”

This request was reasonable. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. They felt that it would be too unreasonable if the other party did not agree.

Wang Zixian raised his chin. “This king can purchase your secret recipe with a large sum of money. Name your price.”

Tang Yue also raised his chin. Although there was a slight difference in height, they were equally matched in terms of momentum.

“Sorry, I don’t need money. I don’t want to sell it.” Trying to use money to pressure him was really looking for the wrong way.

“Brother Third King has time to argue with Tang Yue. Why don’t you go back and prepare the herbs as soon as possible to recover?” Crown Prince Zhao chased him away.

The two brothers had different statuses since they were young. No matter how arrogant Wang Zixian was, he would only dare to challenge him when he was crippled. Now that he was the crown prince and had a higher status, his arrogance was temporarily suppressed.

“Since that’s the case, He Gui, you stay here and wait for Tang Xiaolang to make medicine. Remember, don’t let Tang Xiaolang work too hard. Otherwise, our Crown Prince’s heart will ache, haha…” Wang Zixian laughed so hard that he was bending over. Unfortunately, the people around him looked at him with sympathy, which made him look even more pitiful.

Wang Zixian fled in a hurry, and the medicine shop returned to its quiet state. Tang Yue glanced at the eunuch who was left alone and blinked his eyes. “He Gui, right? Since your master has given you an order, you should go and catch the medicine first.”

Tang Yue reported a series of medicinal names. There were at least twenty of them, and all kinds of ginseng, antler, and snow lotus were among them.

The other party was worthy of being his personal attendant. His memory was really not ordinary. He remembered it after Tang Yue reported it once.

Unfortunately, it was useless no matter how good his memory was. “Young Master, I… I don’t know the herbs. Look…”

Tang Yue shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “I do want to help, but it is a pity that your master is always worried that I will harm him. If there is a problem, who will be responsible?”

The eunuch was about to cry. He did not dare to say “I will be responsible.” He could only write down more than twenty herbs and go to the counter to look for them.

Fortunately, each cabinet had a medicinal name pasted on it. As long as they took their seats in pairs, it would be fine. As for the things that did not exist here, he could only return to the residence and think of a way. It was unlikely that he would not be able to find even a single ginseng in such a huge Imperial Residence.

Tang Yue let him do whatever he wanted. Anyway, it was just a random prescription. He pulled Crown Prince Zhao to the backyard. “Since you’re here, let’s have lunch together.”

Crown Prince Zhao nodded. When they turned to the back door, he suddenly pressed Tang Yue against the wall. He lifted his chin and asked, “Did you get bullied by Li Xian?”

Tang Yue raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t you see that? Do I look like I was bullied?” If he was bullied, it was the other party.

At this moment, I reckon that unlucky son of mine is hiding somewhere and vomiting!

Haha, just thinking about that scene made me feel great!

“Is he really sick?” Tang Yue’s words had fooled almost everyone, but Crown Prince Zhao felt that the situation was too ridiculous, so he doubted it.

“Yes. Look at how he bit people whenever he saw them. Isn’t he sick? Doesn’t he look like a lunatic like I told you about?” Tang Yue blinked and smiled maliciously.

Crown Prince Zhao touched his lips and licked them. Tang Yue widened his eyes and hooked his arm around Tang Yue’s neck when he was about to retreat. He took the initiative to deepen the kiss.

The two of them were not in a remote place. As long as they passed by them from the front hall to the backyard, Tang Yue did not let the kiss last long. He quickly pushed Crown Prince Zhao away.

“How dare you lie to him like this? Aren’t you afraid that he will find out the truth and take revenge on you?” Crown Prince Zhao asked in a deep voice.

“How did he find out the truth?” Tang Yue smiled proudly. “Since I dared to open my mouth, I am confident that I can convince him that he is indeed sick.”

“Could it be that you can really get worms out of his stomach?”

“Secret! No comment!” Tang Yue pushed him away and walked forward. He walked a few steps and then turned back to hold his hand. “Let’s go. If we are late, the good wine will be gone.”

When he pulled the cart of wine from his house, many good wine people started to stir. If he hadn’t repeatedly told them not to drink in advance, they would have been empty now.

The backyard had been built by Crown Prince Zhao. It was like a drying field. Rows of wooden shelves were currently drying some herbs. Some of them were placed in a circle with food. The barbecue was already emitting a fragrant smell.

The young masters heard what had happened outside and their admiration for Tang Yue rose to another level.

People’s impression of people was too weak just because they heard it from others. It was only when they saw it with their own eyes and heard it with their own ears that it was real.

Wang Zixian’s reputation in the outside world was not bad. It was just that there was Crown Prince Zhao standing in front of him. He looked dim and dim, so he did not have a very prominent reputation.

When Crown Prince Zhao’s legs were crippled, it was said that the king wanted Wang Zixian to be the crown prince. That was why he had attracted many people. Now, many of the officials in the court had secretly shed tears at home.

However, County Princess Tangxi’s family was the one who regretted the most!

Crown Prince Zhao was the first to raise his wine cup and said, “Today is the opening day of Huian Hall. I believe that with Huian Hall, more patients will be cured in the future. More pain will be buried and more illnesses will be overcome.”

Huian Hall was not only Tang Yue’s medicine store, it was also not the exclusive business of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion. It is a business that our entire South Jin should support. I have made it clear that if anyone dares to create trouble in the medicine store, they will be opposing the Crown Prince Palace. Going against me? They are going against King of South Jin!

The fact that everyone could stand here today proved your attitude towards Tang Yue. A moment ago, Wang Zixian caused trouble in the front hall, but none of you helped Tang Yue. Only Zhao Sanlang secretly sent someone to inform me, and I have no intention of blaming you. “May I ask if all of you still have the face to drink this cup of wine?”

Crown Prince Zhao’s words immediately made everyone’s faces turn red. All of them lowered their heads in embarrassment and wished for nothing more than to dig a hole and burrow into it.

Tang Yue originally still had a smile on his face. When he heard Crown Prince Zhao’s words, he stopped smiling. Actually, it was a lie to say that he did not care about it in his heart. It was just that he did not have much hope for these people. Most of the people here were just acquaintances. They could not even be considered friends. How could they stand up for him?

No matter which world one was in, it was enough to have a few true friends. The others only wanted to not stab him in the back. How could they expect everyone to see him as a confidant?

Tang Yue put on a smile again and said loudly, “Come, come, come. Don’t hurt our relationship over such a small matter. What happened just now was not a big deal. It’s just that the patient’s identity is not ordinary. Even if you all stand out, you won’t be able to solve the problem. Yue knows it very well.”

He rolled his eyes at Crown Prince Zhao, “Your Highness, if you want to lecture me, don’t pick today. Today is the best day for Huian Hall to open its doors. The good atmosphere has been ruined by you, sigh…”

Crown Prince Zhao flicked his long sleeves and drank the wine in his cup, “This cup of wine is my apology to everyone. However, I would like everyone to go back and think about what I just said. All of you are the future pillars of the country after the noble families of South Jin. If you don’t even have the courage to take responsibility for this, how will you be able to live in the temple in the future?”

“In this era where the imperial examinations have yet to be held, almost all the candidates are chosen from the aristocratic children. If the Humble Class students want to stand out, they will have to be recommended by the nobility and have real talent. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to stand out.”

Everyone bowed their heads in unison. “Your Highness has taught us a lesson. We are weak and do not deserve to be citizens of South Jin!”

Zhao Sanlang bit his lips and took a step forward. “Your Highness, I have a presumptuous request.”

“Please speak.”

“It’s obvious that you want to join the army at the border! I heard that His Highness is selecting warriors and forming a Elite Armament. I hope His Highness is willing to join!” Zhao Sanlang’s words stunned everyone present. Even Tang Yue did not know when he had such thoughts.

The strong and determined Zhao Sanlang was very different from the person he was familiar with.

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