C43 – Show Your Power Again

“If I lose, I will listen to whatever Yang Jingjing says in the future. I will do whatever she asks me to do.” Zhang Xiaoloong chuckled. “How is it? Is it big enough?”

“Then what if I lose? I won’t listen to everything you say. Once I hear it, you don’t have good intentions.” Yang Jingjing pouted and said.

“I say, don’t always think of me as a pervert. How about a wolf?” Zhang Xiaoloong wiped his sweat speechlessly.

Yang Jingjing giggled, “Alright, then what do you want me to do?”

“It’s actually very simple. As long as you help me with this delicious vegetable… Let the whole country know.” Zhang Xiaoloong looked at the desolate land in front of him as if he was looking at a ten thousand hectares vegetable garden. “When the time comes, I want the people who want to eat the vegetables here to line up and buy them,” he said.

“Are you for real? Are the dishes you’re talking about really that delicious?” Yang Jingjing was also somewhat expectant. “But when the time comes, you are not allowed to act shamelessly. It is clearly not delicious. If you insist that the dishes are more fragrant than the porridge, then I will not admit it.”

“Don’t worry. You have to be careful when the time comes. It doesn’t matter if you eat the vegetable root. Don’t use your tongue. If you bite off your head, then I don’t care about the compensation.” Zhang Xiaoloong smiled confidently.

The next task was to explore the land. Wang Tiezhu did not give Zhang Xiaoloong a specific location. He asked him to come as he pleased. In other words, within this area… He could reclaim the land as he pleased. After all, it was a desolate land. He was not afraid that it would be ruined.

After the reclamation was done, he greeted the village and led some people to prepare a pile of ash. He dug a pit in the four corners of the ground and buried the ash in the pit as a mark. He planted a small tree or a stake on it. He would set up a stone or something. In any case, it was to draw a boundary.

Exploring the land was undoubtedly an arduous task, but Zhang Daniu had no intention of helping.

Firstly, his body was not good to begin with. Secondly, even if it was good, he did not want to waste his energy on that useless wasteland.

In his opinion, those people from the village committee all supported Zhang Xiaoloong. If they did not want to see his family make a fool of themselves, they would have a problem with their brains.

That wasteland was a chaotic burial mound, and it was even more chaotic. He really wanted to turn it into a vegetable field. He didn’t know how much effort it would take, but his son alone… Even if he used up the entire year before returning to university, he might not be able to open up this ten acres of land.

If it wasn’t for the agreement that he didn’t want money for five years, he wouldn’t have agreed to let his son do this.

Zhang Xiaoloong did not expect other people to help him, nor did he think of hiring people to reclaim land. The reason was, of course, that he did not have money.

When they really started fighting, Zhang Xiaoloong also felt the difficulty. There were too many stones inside. When he dug with the shovel and pickaxe, he could hear the clanking sound.

Fortunately, he had plenty of strength now. He could do more than a few times faster than others. Even if he was tired, he would stop to practice the Imperial Dragon Spell for a while, and then he would immediately become energetic again.

Anyway, no one came to this desolate land, so he didn’t have to worry about being disturbed while cultivating here.

On the first day, Yang Jingjing came over to take a look. Later, she realized that this kind of work was not something she could do at all. She was not busy at all, so she decided not to come.

Zhang Xiaoloong did this for three consecutive days. He looked back at the place that he had opened up. It was not even an acre of land, and there were many small stones inside.

There was indeed no way to plant vegetables on this kind of land. He was afraid that he had to sift through the soil like he was sifting sand. He did not know how long it would take.

Looking at the slow progress, Zhang Xiaoloong could not help frowning slightly. If it were like this, he might not even be able to plant vegetables in the spring next year. There would be no need for a greenhouse.

If they wanted to speed up their progress, they would need to use some very special methods!

He originally did not want to use too much Divine Power on the surface. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if he was discovered. However, since time was tight and he could not do it with his own strength, he had to borrow some Divine Power.

Zhang Xiaoloong squatted down and placed his hands on the ground. Divine Power slowly seeped into the ground.

Everything under the ground was reflected in his mind. He wouldn’t miss even the smallest stone.

He controlled his divine power and tried to gather all the small stones that he had sensed in the open land.

With this thought, the small stones were immediately pulled out of the ground like iron chips that were attracted by a magnet. They automatically gathered into a pile.

At the same time, the dry and hard soil in the field also became soft, as if it had been plowed countless times. As long as it was watered, it would immediately grow into a fertile land for crops.

“That’s great!” Zhang Xiaoloong was excited in his heart and immediately started to work on the land that had not been reclaimed.

This time, he encountered some trouble. He also found that the power of Divine Power was not unlimited. For example, if the ground was too big, Divine Power would not be able to move.

After repeated experiments, he found that using Divine Power now, the biggest thing that could move under the ground was… It was only two fist-sized stones. No matter how big it was, the effect would not be very ideal. When it was big to a certain extent, there wouldn’t be any more movements.

Moreover, when controlling objects like this, the Divine Power would be consumed very quickly. In about fifteen minutes, he would no longer be able to feel the existence of the Divine Power.

Fortunately, after cultivating the Imperial Dragon Spell for a while, the Divine Power would return to normal, so he didn’t have to worry about running out of Divine Power.

With the help of Divine Power, the speed at which he explored the land increased.

Although he couldn’t move the big stones, after knowing the distribution of the stones, Zhang Xiaoloong could dig out the big stones in advance, and then use his Divine Power to drive the remaining small stones to the ground.

He used three days to not open an acre, but now, after one day, the remaining nine acres were all swept away.

Looking at the flat land in front of him, which was like a playground, Zhang Xiaoloong stood up with satisfaction and patted the mud on his hands.

He turned his head and saw the stone eggs that he had picked up from the ground and piled up like a small hill. He suddenly had an idea.

Walking to the pile of stones, Zhang Xiaoloong gathered his Divine Power with both hands and suddenly patted it. Countless stones flew out and one fell on the edge of the ground. In the blink of an eye, the piece of land that Zhang Xiaoloong had reclaimed was surrounded.

Then Zhang Xiaoloong pressed his hand down again and placed the bigger stones below. The smaller ones were placed on top, one by one, arranged in an orderly fashion. Although they were only a little taller than his ankles, they were as beautiful as a piece of art.

The most important thing was that he used his divine power to change the structure of the stones. The stones of different shapes were stacked together in the most perfect way, as if they were naturally formed, but they would never fall apart.

Zhang Xiaoloong was in a moment of excitement. He even found the most smooth stone in the ground next to him and built a drainage ditch to prevent the well developed piece of land from being filled with water because of the heavy rain.

After doing all this, he suddenly realized that this was a little too flamboyant.

But looking at the perfect piece in front of him, even Zhang Xiaoloong was reluctant to destroy it.

The heavens allowed me to obtain the Shennong Tripod and divine power. If I still have to cower in fear when doing things, then how can I inherit Shennong’s will? How can I be considered an indomitable man?

When he thought of this, Zhang Xiaoloong suddenly felt enlightened. He faced the sky and let out a long roar, his voice shaking the heavens beyond the nine heavens.

“Ah…” A woman’s scream came from not far away.

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