C93 – Stealthily Germinating

“What’s with that expression?” Damn it! If anyone should be left speechless, it’s me!

Hee Jingyan let out a sigh. “Darling, try not to blush around other men so casually from now on. What if I end up bringing home every stray dog I find on the roadside?”

Despite his words, considering Hee Jingyan’s nature, he would typically resort to more drastic measures rather than just contemplating bringing back a stray dog. In fact, a mere glance from Xu Yangyi might be enough to warrant serious action from Hee Jingyan in the future.

“Huh!?” Xu Yangyi was perplexed by this statement, shooting Hee Jingyan a look that said, “Are you out of your mind?”

Bring back a roadside stray dog? What on earth was he talking about?

However, Hee Jingyan couldn’t clarify this matter to Xu Yangyi because, if he did, he feared Xu Yangyi would regard him as a stray dog himself. So, he decided it was better to keep certain things from Xu Yangyi.

“In any case, please refrain from blushing around others,” Wu Junyi declared as he gently lifted Xu Yangyi’s chin, making sure their eyes met.

Xu Yangyi furrowed his brow again, as such gestures were typically reserved for interactions with women. Yet, Hee Jingyan often used these tactics on him.

“Can’t you just give it a rest for once?” He sighed in frustration. “I find it incredibly irritating.” Pulling his chin away from Hee Jingyan’s grasp, he shot him a displeased look. “Go attend to your own business. If you get in the way, you’ll regret it.” With that, Xu Yangyi turned and headed towards a nearby desk. He hadn’t completed his summer homework, and he happened to notice Nan Xiao waiting outside the door. Nan Xiao had been standing there for a while, his gaze filled with animosity directed at Xu Yangyi.

Damn it! Why are you glaring at me so openly now? If you’re interested in Hee Jingyan, go pursue him yourself! What’s your problem with me? It’s truly baffling.

Xu Yangyi sneered at Nan Xiao, appearing as though he was indifferent to the situation. However, Nan Xiao interpreted it as a direct challenge and clenched his fists, visibly seething with anger.

“Hah!” They’re so desperate!” Xu Yangyi dismissed his irritation, lazily uttering those words as he made his way toward Hee Jingyan’s desk.

Nan Xiao’s eyes grew even colder upon hearing this. He clenched his fists tightly, and his nails seemed to dig into his flesh as he continued to glare intensely in Xu Yangyi’s direction.

“Is there anything else?” However, at this moment, Hee Jingyan approached the door. His tone when addressing Nan Xiao was devoid of emotion, a stark contrast to his demeanor with Xu Yangyi. After all, how could he compare his subordinates and his wife?

Nan Xiao’s heart stung at the sound of Hee Jingyan’s voice, but he swiftly concealed the hatred in his eyes and replied, “There hasn’t been any progress.”

He was, of course, referring to the assault on Hee Jingyan’s men. However, when Hee Jingyan learned of the lack of progress, he appeared impassive and simply walked past Nan Xiao. He didn’t utter a word but left a message for Xu Yangyi, “Darling, please refrain from wandering too far.”

“Fine, fine, you’re so talkative.” Xu Yangyi shot him an irritated look, but Hee Jingyan merely smiled and departed.

Nan Xiao glared at Xu Yangyi without uttering a word, then raised his foot and followed Hee Jingyan.

Xu Yangyi was left speechless. Beyond this, he was at a loss for what expression to wear.

Seriously, what’s wrong with his thinking? He had genuinely liked Hee Jingyan, thinking that the two of them could be alone together and that Hee Jingyan might fall for him. Why did he always act this way towards him? It was getting tiresome.

However, after Xu Yangyi spoke, he suddenly went blank.

“…” said Hee Jingyan. Liked someone else?

Then, he became bewildered. He stood there in a daze, feeling a sense of discomfort in his heart. He couldn’t quite comprehend why or how he felt this way; he just did.

“Ah! Why should I care if he likes someone else?”

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