C51 – Combined Punishment for Several Offenses

“Why are you still just standing there? Take him into custody!”

The man with the yellow hair continued to yell from the ground.

“Can you believe a vegetable vendor had the audacity to collide with my car? He’s clearly courting disaster!”

It seemed like some individuals regarded laws and regulations as non-existent.

Only those who possessed power or wealth seemed to hold the privilege of speaking their minds.

Following the surveillance footage of the incident scene, the patrolling officer proceeded to review recordings from other nearby intersections.

Upon finishing the review, the patrolling officer became visibly agitated.

The driver appeared to change lanes haphazardly, while other vehicles followed the rules. He resembled a headless chicken.

He kept making erratic lane changes and nearly caused accidents multiple times.

He was clearly a reckless driver!

The traffic cop took a deep breath and tried to control his simmering anger.

He muttered to himself, “I can’t lose my temper. I can’t lose my temper.”

“I’m a police officer. Even if I encounter scoundrels, my duty is to arrest them, not resort to violence!”

After returning President Chen’s license and registration, the two traffic officers exchanged glances, nodded, and approached the man with yellow hair.

“Hello, sir. After reviewing the video footage, it’s clear that you violated traffic rules, making you responsible for this accident,” one of the patrolling officers said politely.


The man with yellow hair stood up in a fury, “Are you blind? Is there anything inside your head? Look carefully! This is a Porsche worth over 3 million, and that’s a dilapidated truck. I’m going to sue all of you!”

Hearing this, the two patrolling officers grew even more irate.

What kind of bizarre individual was this?

Their patience was wearing thin.

They felt like giving him a piece of their minds.

“I don’t care. You have to arrest them, or I won’t hold back!”

The man with yellow hair ignored the pain in his body and grabbed the patrolling officer’s collar.

“I’m warning you, don’t assault the police!”

One of the patrolling officers warned with a scowl.

“I just want to give you a beating. What can you do to stop me?”

The man with yellow hair was shamelessly arrogant.

President Chen and Su Ming exchanged glances and silently chuckled.

The bystanders couldn’t help but furrow their brows.

Where did this troublemaker come from?

He was clearly at fault, yet he dared to attack the police?

He was in deep trouble!

“I’m warning you!”

The police officer furrowed his brow.

The man with yellow hair reached out to strike the patrolling officer.

The patrolling officer found it amusing. Did this scrawny guy really think he could hit him?

At that very moment, the patrolling officer took a step forward, grabbed the man with yellow hair by the neck with one hand, and used the other to push him in the back.


The man with yellow hair’s neck met the ground.

He collapsed to the ground, his frail body in close contact with the pavement.

The surrounding onlookers couldn’t help but gasp. It must have been extremely painful.

However, he had only himself to blame.

He displayed a remarkable audacity, actually daring to assault the police. Wasn’t he inviting trouble upon himself?

“I’m issuing an official warning! You bear full responsibility for this car accident, and your repeated road violations and assault on law enforcement officers make you criminally liable for a significant breach of public order!”

The traffic officer’s stern words left the yellow-haired man in stunned silence.

Subsequently, handcuffs were fastened around his wrists.


The yellow-haired man suddenly regained his senses and began struggling vigorously on the ground.

The patrol officer had grown weary of explaining.

Despite the fact that this individual drove an exceedingly expensive vehicle, his intellect was undeniably lacking.

He erroneously believed that the most severely injured party in the car accident was the victim, while the unharmed person was the wrongdoer.

The yellow-haired man remained steadfast in his misconception.

Normally, he cruised the streets in his luxury car.

However, today he had encountered someone who wasn’t easily intimidated.

“I want to call the police. I want another police officer to apprehend you. I want to file a lawsuit against you. I want to enlist a journalist to expose you.”

“I drive a luxury car. If someone else’s dilapidated vehicle collides with me, I’m willing to take full responsibility. This is utterly unreasonable.”

He shouted.

A nearby policeman couldn’t help but interject, “Silence!”

The yellow-haired man retorted, “I won’t listen to you!”

Su Ming and President Chen exchanged glances.

If only he had taken responsibility for his mistake voluntarily, the situation might have been resolved.

Instead, he not only made an error but also engaged in a confrontation with the police.

“Don’t blame me for not warning you!”

The patrol officer’s gaze turned icy as he declared, “You’ve endangered public safety and violated the law. You’re looking at several months in jail.”

Panic washed over him upon hearing this.

He had thought it was a routine traffic accident, but he hadn’t anticipated the possibility of returning to prison.

Another officer demanded, “Show us your driver’s license.”

Nervously, he replied, “I don’t have a driver’s license.”

“Why do you reek of alcohol?”

A patrolman produced a breathalyzer.


Startled by the reading, the patrol officer exclaimed, “You’re intoxicated!”

At that moment, the onlookers realized he was in deep trouble.

Not only had he driven without a license, but he had also operated the vehicle under the influence, facing a potential six-month imprisonment.

“Hold on a moment.”

One of the patrolmen received a message and, after reading its contents, furrowed his brow.

“This car was reported stolen five days ago. The license plate number and the owner’s information don’t match the details of this car. It doesn’t belong to him.”

“In addition to reckless driving, assaulting the police, driving without a license, and driving under the influence, you’ve also been operating a stolen vehicle.”

The patrol officer was dumbfounded.

Most car thieves exercised caution after stealing a vehicle, fearing discovery.

However, this yellow-haired man, in addition to driving under the influence, was brazenly defiant.

Su Ming and President Chen couldn’t help but be astonished upon hearing this revelation.

The yellow-haired man was now in a state of complete panic.

His previous arrogance had evaporated.

He sobbed and pleaded, “I was wrong. Please, let me go!”

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