C50 – It Was All Their Fault

As the flames intensified, the blond man swiftly shed his jacket and distanced himself from the woman’s grip.

He hurriedly made his way to a nearby spot and settled on the ground, struggling for breath.

Su Ming offered a faint smile in response.

Yuvyuv approached the truck at a deliberate pace, unlatched the door, and retrieved a pair of fire extinguishers.

Alongside President Chen, he approached the Porsche and armed the fire extinguishers.

After a tense moment, the Porsche’s blaze was successfully snuffed out.

Positioned at the Porsche’s front engine, with the fuel tank at the rear, there was minimal risk of explosion unless the car was fully engulfed in flames. The issue seemed to originate from a front circuit fire.

The fire extinguishers were sufficient to quell the fire entirely.

“What’s going on here?”

At that moment, a stern voice cut through the commotion as several uniformed policemen hastened towards the scene.

They were conducting their patrol duties and, upon hearing the commotion and spotting the gathering crowd, swiftly inferred that an incident had occurred. They hurried over to investigate.

The patrol officers assessed the roadside situation and prepared to take immediate action.

“Officers, you’ve arrived just in time. They intentionally rammed into me with their car, nearly taking my life. Waste no time, arrest them. I want them behind bars, and I want them to pay!”

Spotting the police, the blond man clung to an officer’s legs, sobbing vehemently.

His demeanor suggested profound suffering and injustice.

“Mr. Su?”

One of the patrolmen hesitated briefly, his eyes lighting up upon recognizing Su Ming.

Su Ming appeared momentarily taken aback, as did President Chen.

Were these not the patrol officers who were on duty when Su Ming sold bamboo shoots that day?

The blond man continued, “Officers, you must uphold the law impartially.”

“They nearly killed us.”

“My girlfriend was inside the car, facing the threat of being burnt alive.”

“This Porsche costs over three million; I purchased it recently. I’m a company owner and won’t be able to work for at least a month. They must compensate me.”

“Waste no time, arrest them!”

“Are you going to protect them?”

The blond man’s outburst resembled that of an enraged dog.

A slight furrow appeared on the patrol officer’s brow.

While they were acquainted with Su Ming, they had always remained impartial in their law enforcement duties.

Even if the blond man expressed himself rudely, they had an obligation to uncover the truth.

“Mr. Su, could you please explain the situation?”

The patrolman approached Su Ming, asking for his account.

Su Ming responded, “There’s a surveillance camera here; watching the video will reveal everything.”

The patrolman nodded, and President Chen produced his driver’s license and registration. “Officer, do you have a breathalyzer? Test me to confirm I’m sober.”

The cooperation between President Chen and Su Ming left a favorable impression on the patrolman.

Regardless of whether they had committed an offense, their willingness to cooperate with the investigation was commendable.

President Chen was soon found to be sober, and the dispatch center promptly transmitted the surveillance video. The patrol officer’s anger flared upon viewing the footage.

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