C50 – Jiang Hao’s Actions

Liu Biao came to a halt when he was approached by a few individuals. He communicated his message to Jiang Hao solely through his eyes, conveying a warning as though speaking the unvarnished truth.

“Exercise caution going forward!”

Subsequently, these groups held little relevance for Jiang Hao. He even found himself perceiving them as somewhat juvenile.

On the opposing side, someone enlisted a teacher with a penchant for basketball, renowned for their prowess, to serve as the referee. Only then did the two teams initiate the match.

The spectators surrounding the court were also split into two factions.

One group fervently cheered for Jiang Hao and his companions, while the other displayed a distinct bias in favor of the sports team.

At this juncture, the audience began to engage in speculative discussions among themselves, already indulging in conjecture.

“Do you reckon one of these teams will emerge victorious?”

“I’m inclined to believe it’ll be the sports team. Just take a look at their physical stature; it’s quite telling.”

“Indeed! Their height and build are quite imposing, while the other side appears rather slight in comparison.”

“Precisely, I share the same sentiment!”


The majority of the spectators held an optimistic view of the sports team. After all, in terms of physical size, Jiang Hao and his companions were at a disadvantage compared to the athletes on the sports team.

Only the students from Grade Eight and Grade Three were passionately cheering for their fellow classmates.

On the field, as both teams assumed their positions, a whistle signaled the start. Players from both sides leaped into action, vying for control of the ball.

On Jiang Hao’s team, Zhou Yu was his partner, while Liu Biao’s team consisted of sports team members. The only member on Jiang Hao’s side with a reasonably matched physique was Zhou Yu.

They both leapt into the air simultaneously, but Zhou Yu couldn’t contend with the daily-trained athletes like Liu Biao and his teammates.

Liu Biao managed to secure the basketball and swiftly distributed it to his teammates.

Jiang Hao’s group followed suit, impressed by the basketball team’s well-honed skills and excellent teamwork.

After a few passes, Liu Biao made a sudden dash forward. His teammates efficiently moved the ball towards him, and he took the opportunity to make a successful shot.

A triumphant expression crossed Liu Biao’s face as he looked at Jiang Hao with disdain.

On the sidelines, the cheerleaders joined in with their applause and enthusiastic shouts.

The students from Grade 12 Class 8 felt a tinge of disappointment; opening the scoring wasn’t going as smoothly as they had hoped.

Liu Biao and his teammates continued to collaborate, scoring three consecutive baskets. Zhou Yu couldn’t keep up with Liu Biao at all, which drew sighs from the surrounding audience.

The Grade 12 Class 8 students acting as cheerleaders grew increasingly anxious.

Observing the situation, Jiang Hao felt a sense of urgency and made a decision to support Zhou Yu.

“Zhou Yu, join the person I’m tailing. I’ll stick with Liu Biao!”

Zhou Yu hesitated upon hearing this.

“Are you up for it?”

“We’ll find out if you’re up to the task or not.”

After Jiang Hao spoke, he promptly sprinted after Liu Biao. With no other option, Zhou Yu reluctantly followed the person Jiang Hao had previously chosen to follow.

On the opposite side, Liu Biao had brought the soccer ball along. Upon noticing that Jiang Hao was now following him, he grinned deviously, eager to showcase his soccer skills and have a match with Jiang Hao.

Jiang Hao also observed this development closely.

Just as Liu Biao was about to dribble past Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao reacted swiftly, snatching the ball from Liu Biao’s grasp. He swiftly turned and passed it to Zhou Yu.

While Liu Biao was still bewildered, Jiang Hao had already rushed towards the goal and yelled enthusiastically.

“Zhou Yu!”

Zhou Yu had been contemplating his next pass when he heard Jiang Hao’s call. Spotting that Jiang Hao had no one marking him, he instinctively delivered the ball to Jiang Hao.

After making the pass, he had some regrets. They had finally gained possession of the ball, and he was uncertain about Jiang Hao’s soccer skills, yet he had effortlessly passed the ball to him.

On the sidelines, the cheerleading squad from Grade 12 Class 8 was overjoyed that their team had finally gained control of the ball. They erupted in exuberant cheers!

“Jiang Hao, good luck!”

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