C103 – It’s Really a Loss to Sell This Game for Free

Upon descending the stairs, Guo Fan spotted Luo Shun entering the inn alongside a tall, robust young man.

Initially, he couldn’t help but be curious about why Luo Shun had ventured out so early in the morning. He wondered if Luo Shun had assumed a role related to the inn’s operations and had recruited individuals for business purposes. Eventually, he recognized the young man’s true identity.

Though there were some minor discrepancies in attire compared to the 3D game model, Guo Fan could unmistakably discern that this young man was the central character from the original Night’s Fall Sword City Lord storyline.

A mortal swordsmith named Lang Qing.

Another key character was Zhen Li, the direct disciple of Sword Pavilion’s current master, Gong Wei.

Players assumed roles as participants in the Singing Sword segment of the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference. At this point, most players had recently departed from Novice Village. The majority had already reached the Foundation Establishment stage or even progressed to Core Formation, making their levels fairly similar.

In reality, considering their original identities, they should have been recovering their cultivation. However, they had yet to return to their respective sects. Following the conclusion of the Singing Sword event, various factions noticed the players, prompting representatives from these “sects” to seek them out.

Thus, players who had “rejoined their sects” initiated the sect’s quest line. Nonetheless, they still indulged in the game and could also engage in their Trade Profession and daily tasks. Whenever they found time to progress through the main storyline, they often completed the Trade Profession quest line.

After all, as a sensational online game, Obsidian Tribes boasted an astonishingly high completion rate. Consequently, Guo Fan’s character had reached such an impressive level.

Players even had the flexibility to experience the game as an action-adventure, management simulation, puzzle-solving challenge, parkour adventure, or a musical journey.

It was indeed a missed opportunity to offer this game for free.

Some individuals even remarked that this game was “ahead of its time and wouldn’t have been possible in the 21st century.”

However, at least… Guo Fan had come to realize that this game was exceptionally intricate.

His gaze shifted to Luo Shun and Lang Qing, who had just entered the inn.

It was customary for Lang Qing to make an appearance in Night’s Fall Sword City during this time of the year. His absence would have been peculiar. Nevertheless, Luo Shun existed entirely outside of the established plot, making his encounter with Lang Qing all the more bewildering.

At this moment, the Sword Singing Platform had recently opened its gates. While there were still three days before the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference officially began, the Singing Sword segment, which marked the event’s climax, was nearly ten days away, leaving ample time for registration.

Nevertheless, it was customary for everyone to engage in preliminary competition before registering. Failing to do so would convey a lack of enthusiasm and dedication.

Moreover, it was possible that influential figures from Night’s Fall Sword City were discreetly observing them. Displaying anything less than a positive attitude could negatively impact their assessment.

Consequently, the majority of the inn’s occupants were now venturing out with the intention of enthusiastically signing up. The actions of Luo Shun, who approached from a different direction, garnered significant attention.

“Big Brother Cui, what’s happening with you…?” Guo Fan feigned bewilderment as he inquired.

Luo Shun’s face brightened as he approached and explained, “Are you heading to the Sword Singing Platform? By chance, I encountered Lang Qing being accosted on the way there, so I came to his aid. He intends to participate in the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference. Could you take him along?”

The fact that Lang Qing had been accosted didn’t alter anything…

Guo Fan descended the stairs and walked toward the two of them while silently cursing.

The few individuals standing nearby exchanged perplexed glances. Lang Qing clearly lacked any cultivation, yet he aspired to participate in sword observation and listening?

Meng Jin scoffed on the spot, “He probably hasn’t realized what’s going on yet.”

It wasn’t just them. Passing cultivators also displayed expressions of disbelief.

Guo Fan casually touched the hammer at his side and pretended to contemplate deeply. He remarked, “Given his lack of cultivation, he shouldn’t be participating in the Singing Sword segment but rather the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference. Is he a swordsmith?”

Luo Shun nodded approvingly and said, “Young brother Xia Shui is truly perceptive. I discerned the extraordinary nature of Lang Qing’s sword case merely through my swordsman’s intuition. Upon inquiry, I learned that he intends to partake in the Sword Pavilion competition as a swordsmith.”

Lang Qing, standing somewhat flustered in the bustling surroundings, scratched his head and cautiously smiled. He then affirmed, “Yes, I plan to enter the Sword Pavilion competition as a swordsmith.”

Luo Shun’s explanation seemed to leave Meng Jin slow to react.

While all the cultivators present had fallen into a state of confusion, he alone chose to mock them. Perhaps this was an innate tendency to challenge the status quo.

Guo Fan cast a sidelong glance at Meng Jin and observed the swift change in his complexion. With a sneer, he remarked, “The Chao Chao Sword Listening Competition is an internal event within the Sword Pavilion. It’s not as open to outsiders as the Sword Singing Conference. Not just anyone can participate.”

Lang Qing spoke with unwavering determination, saying, “My master is a 9-star swordsmith from the Sword Pavilion. Although he left the Sword Pavilion due to certain circumstances, he’s never been erased from their records. My purpose here is to revive my master’s legacy.”

Meng Jin: …

Meng Jin seethed with anger, unable to find words. He tightly gripped the stair railing, took a deep breath, turned on his heel, and walked away muttering, “What kind of sword can a mere mortal forge?”

Luo Shun shook his head and opined, “I don’t believe that a swordsmith’s abilities hinge solely on their cultivation level.”

Song Ru, perplexed, inquired, “But how can they craft a high-level magic weapon without the support of their cultivation level?”

As the others departed, Guo Fan introduced Song Ru and Luo Shun separately. Song Ru was taken aback when she learned that the new judge, who had been discussed just the day before, was standing before her. Moreover, he addressed a Foundation Establishing Stage warrior as his brother.

Suddenly, Song Ru harbored some doubts about Guo Fan. This man appeared to be exceedingly fortunate. He had rescued a Nascent Infant Stage fox demon and forged a connection with a formidable Void Refining Stage figure, forming a friendship.

However, when she recalled her own inability to resist the allure of the fluffy fox demon and the pleasant conversation they had, she felt that it was perfectly natural. Being in this man’s company didn’t make her uncomfortable at all.

Luo Shun provided a brief account of the situation. He had gathered the information from the Immortal Cultivators sharing the same residence. The Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator had already taken up lodgings at the Livingbow Residence and been invited to serve as a judge. He planned to arrange a rematch.

“…” Guo Fan could only offer a wry smile.

While on his way to find the inn’s Lady Boss, Luo Shun encountered Lang Qing. He rescued her and brought her along.

Luo Shun let out a sigh and remarked, “Although my stay in this inn was brief, it was still a night well spent. Let’s not dwell on it any longer. I’ll go find someone, and the rest of you can proceed to the Sword Singing Platform. If there’s anything urgent, channel your Spiritual Energy into this communication jade. I’ll sense it.”

Guo Fan accepted a sword-shaped communication jade from Luo Shun, expressing his gratitude with a nod. He waved as he watched Luo Shun depart.

Reflecting on his transformed appearance and concealed aura, he believed that if he were to stand before Sun Fen once more, he would remain unnoticed.

“Lang Qing, is it? Then accompany us to the Sword Singing Platform, which also leads to the entrance of the Sword Pavilion. However, traversing the Jolcana Road may prove challenging for you due to its steep terrain. I’m afraid you won’t manage it alone. When the time comes, I’ll utilize my flying sword to offer you a lift.”

Guo Fan turned his attention to a pivotal character from the original storyline. The hammer he carried had fully awakened, leaping onto Guo Fan’s shoulder and settling on the ground with a contented sigh.

Assisting Lang Qing on the arduous Jolcana Road had initially been a mission known as “[Difficult Jolcana Road].”

This mission was relatively straightforward, devoid of substantial combat sequences, as it culminated in Lang Qing’s triumph. Subsequently, Zhen Li, the Sword Pavilion master’s son, was incensed by his humiliation and decided to take action.

Ultimately, the narrative returned to a battle-centric plot. The Sword Pavilion’s master emerged from seclusion, incapacitating Zhen Li and bequeathing the sword he had crafted to Lang Qing. In an unprecedented move, Lang Qing was made an elder of the Sword Pavilion, and Zhen Li, overwhelmed by remorse, extended an apology, leading to their newfound friendship.

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