C602 – Powerful Lin Ruoxi

“You’ve gone too far. You’re taking advantage of your strength to intimidate the elderly. You’re not a good person!”

Lin Ruoxi lifted the candied gourd she held and hurled it at him.


The man, who had already been sent flying once, was propelled once more, his chest caving in as he crashed into the mountainside a thousand meters away, creating a deep, massive crater.

This sudden turn of events left everyone on the ground wide-eyed in shock.

The Lin family elders were left in a state of bewilderment. The Lin family’s ancient ancestor was about to make an appearance, and when he witnessed this spectacle, he too stood stunned in the Void.

The elderly woman who had taken a liking to the little girl was also left dumbfounded. She approached the girl, dazed, and said, “Little one, your strength…”

“Me? My strength is actually quite weak. Uncle says I’m just playful.”

The little girl blushed with embarrassment.

As soon as she finished speaking, tears welled up in the eyes of all the Lin family elders.

Not to mention the younger members of the family, who felt such shame that they couldn’t even lift their heads. They wished they could find a hole to hide in.

You call this “not strong”? Then what are we?

“Miss Ruoxi, may I ask what your actual strength is?”

A burly man gathered his courage and approached.

“I…I’m only at the late stage of Monarch!” Lin Ruoxi replied. “My uncle always said that if I trained with him, I could have become a Heavenly King by now!”


The sound of someone crazily swallowing their saliva could be heard.

If this was what Lin Ruoxi said just now, they would have thought that the little girl was spouting nonsense. But just now, the person who had beaten the Lin family into a helpless state couldn’t even withstand a single strike from the little girl.

This had already proved that what the little girl said was true. She didn’t need to lie at all.

The man who was competing with Guan Shengwu in sword arts was now extremely embarrassed.

He thought that the famous Guan Shengwu in the courtyard was only so-so, but in the end…

Fortunately, he didn’t look down on him just now, otherwise, he would feel even more awkward at this moment.

“You are courting death!”

That person was sent flying by the little girl. For a moment, he could not believe that he was defeated by a little girl.

After all, this was his first battle after breaking through to the Monarch Stage.

It was supposed to be a battle of fame for him. He should be high and mighty, crushing the Lin family and spreading his name across the Chaotic Battlefield.

Now, all of this had been ruined by this little girl in front of him.

He must have been careless just now!

Otherwise, how could he possibly not be a match for a little girl?

Even the master of Lin family was no match for him. How could a little girl defeat him?

He must have been too careless just now!

“Little girl, you’re courting death!”

He did not care about whether the hostages were hostages or not. The majesty of an Imperial Emperor could not be blasphemed!

This person took a step forward, his large hand suddenly stretched out, and a blade appeared in his hand.

The astral saber shattered the Void, and a True Dragon phantom appeared beneath his feet. Looking at his appearance, this person had already gone completely mad.

He had just broken through the mirror and entered the intermediate Imperial Emperor realm. He couldn’t accept the fact that he was defeated by a little girl.

He was very unwilling, but also somewhat hysterical. He screamed, “Die!”

At this moment, the faces of the people from the Lin family changed. They felt a strong sense of danger.

The old woman beside Lin Ruoxi’s face changed dramatically. She was the closest to the little girl, so she could feel it the most clearly.

“Little girl, you…”

She originally wanted Lin Ruoxi to back down a little, but at this moment, that person had already gone mad. If they were to clash head on, there would not be any benefits.

Who knows, this fellow might self-destruct. It was not worth it to sacrifice himself for a madman.

However, in the next moment, an incomparably terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation suddenly erupted from all directions.

Everyone looked at the little girl in astonishment. They saw the little girl stretched out a finger. Endless Great Dao energy gathered towards her, forming a sword on her fingertip.

At this moment, the little girl’s body and the sword light at the tip of her finger seemed to have become one.

The sharp sword intent shot into the sky and broke through the realm wall. An aura from outside the realm was released.

“I don’t want to kill people. Uncle also said that I’m not suitable to kill people. Master also made me maintain a pure heart, but you succeeded in angering me today!”

Above her head, lines of Void cracks appeared. It was as if a giant dragon had hidden itself from the world. It actually fell down with a loud bang, cutting towards her.

The little girl suddenly stretched out her finger towards that person.

Following her finger pointing out, cracks fell down with a loud bang.

Endless true intent of the Sword Dao surged towards that person.

That person had just dodged a sword light when his head was struck by a Void crack.

In the next moment, his head exploded with a bang, and a miserable cry resounded throughout the entire Yan Nong Jia.

This was not the end. One after another, sword beams cut through the Void, and completely cut the man’s corpse into powder. The crack in the Void struck the surrounding area.


Within the Void, a Great Dao suddenly broke apart. One after another, blood clouds flew to the sky above the Yan Nong Jia. A rain of blood rained down, and the Spiritual Energy on the Yan Nong Jia instantly became more than ten times denser.

This scene clearly indicated that a Peerless Imperial Emperor had vanished just like that.

Lin Ruoxi angrily looked at the place where the man had died. Her small mouth pouted and she was still very unhappy.

But at this moment, no one felt that this girl was cute.

That was an intermediate Imperial Emperor expert. He died just like that!

The elderly woman standing near the young girl couldn’t help but distance herself a bit. It wasn’t that she no longer found the young girl cute; rather, it was the imposing presence of the late Imperial Emperor expert beside the girl that made her uneasy.

When the young girl launched her recent attack, the potent aura emanating from her nearly forced the elderly woman to kneel on the ground.

This overwhelming energy was unintentionally released by the young girl during her attack. If she were to target the elderly woman, a mere glance might suffice to end her life.

“Young Miss, how did you attain your cultivation?”

A burly man, who was quite brazen, approached Lin Ruoxi and asked with genuine curiosity.

The surrounding onlookers leaned in, equally intrigued. Lin Ruoxi appeared to be no more than a hundred years old, a rather advanced age for regular individuals. However, in the Martial Cultivator realm of the Chaotic Battlefield, a hundred years old was akin to a newborn taking its first breath.

The young girl hesitated for a moment before responding, “I didn’t cultivate. I simply ate the food prepared by my uncle, and my cultivation broke through!”

“My uncle even mentioned that had I returned to the small courtyard, I would have surpassed King Potian long ago!”

“Master’s cooking is more miraculous than divine pills!”

As she spoke, the young girl’s eyes shimmered with longing.

The Lin family members were left dumbfounded upon hearing this.

“Mr. Zhang possesses abilities beyond our wildest imagination.”

The elderly ancestor of the Lin family approached slowly, gazing at the young girl who was millions of years his junior yet vastly more powerful. His expression held a complex mix of emotions.


Two figures materialized in the skies above Yan Nong Jia.

All eyes turned upward, observing one of them in disarray while the other maintained an air of nonchalance.

Strangely enough, it seemed as though the seemingly carefree individual had endured even greater losses.

Everyone was puzzled.

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