C111 – You Are the Life of a Man’s Wife

“I-I’m not confessing my feelings to you. I’m just sharing my thoughts with you, so please don’t feel pressured,” Shang Xiaojie hastily clarified, waving his hand.

What should he do now? Mu Sifa had never expressed any romantic interest in him, so he hadn’t intended to confess his feelings. He simply wanted to share his happiness with Mu Sifa.

Anxiety and panic played across Shang Xiaojie’s face. If Mu Sifa reacted with disgust, it would be a devastating blow for him.

“Just forget what I said a moment ago. Pretend I never mentioned it. I’m sorry.”

Mu Sifa remained silent, his expression blank. Shang Xiaojie’s eyes welled up with tears as he feared that Mu Sifa would resent him.

“Why should I apologize? Did I say something wrong?”

Mu Sifa tenderly stroked Shang Xiaojie’s face, his voice gentle with a touch of sympathy. It was only now that he realized Shang Xiaojie had been observing his reactions.

Shang Xiaojie didn’t respond verbally but instead lowered his head in silence. After a long pause, he whispered with unease, “Because I’m a guy! If I confess to you, you might find it repulsive.” He wiped away the tears that welled up in his eyes with a sense of sadness.

That’s true! In the past, I would have felt disgusted and treated such people like they were a plague. But things were different now. Perhaps, he felt happy. It was the first time he had experienced such emotions.

“I didn’t say anything negative. Why are you being so pessimistic?” Mu Sifa finally cracked a smile and leaned in to kiss Shang Xiaojie. It seemed like a natural gesture for him.

“But I’ve caused you trouble! It’s my fault for blurting out those words without considering whether you were prepared or not,” Shang Xiaojie reproached himself, his voice soft and remorseful.

“Then, next time, give me a chance to prepare myself mentally. It’s never too late to discuss it later.” The smile on Mu Sifa’s face grew, but he didn’t directly address Shang Xiaojie’s confession, leaving room for his own thoughts.

Mu Sifa wasn’t upset because Shang Xiaojie had already expressed his feelings of relief. He responded with a smile, “Alright, whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here to listen.”

Little did Shang Xiaojie realize that their next encounter would leave a lasting impression on his heart, rendering him momentarily speechless.

“Oh, I almost forgot, let’s invite Brother Under Heaven to join us! He’s been accompanying you all day, and it’s only fair that he’s rewarded handsomely.”

Sweetly nestling against Mu Sifa’s neck, Shang Xiaojie spoke in an endearing tone.

It seemed improbable that Mu Sifa would extend an invitation to Jia Tianxia to accompany him to the movies, unless there was something amiss with his judgment.

Furthermore, even if he were to invite Jia Tianxia, it remained uncertain whether he had the courage to do so.

“I already informed him that he won’t be joining us,” Ye Zichen casually remarked to Shang Xiaojie.

“Alright!” The joy on Shang Xiaojie’s face gave way to disappointment.

Mu Sifa couldn’t help but feel a tad displeased. “What’s this? Don’t you want to accompany me alone?”

“It’s not that,” Shang Xiaojie hurriedly replied, “I’m just concerned that you might neglect your duties as an employer. After all, Brother Under Heaven is your guardian. What if you don’t reward him, and he subsequently fails to protect you?”

Shang Xiaojie had contemplated the long-term implications and even considered Mu Sifa’s welfare in this regard.

Suddenly, Mu Sifa came to a halt.

“Found what?” Shang Xiaojie gazed up at him with wide, innocent eyes.

Mu Sifa chuckled. “I’ve just realized that you are the essence of a man’s wife.”

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