C110 – Go to Tell Mu Sifa You Like Him

It was Jia Tianxia who initially discovered that Shang Xiaojie might still be in the restroom, potentially encountering some trouble. He promptly made his way upstairs.

However, as he entered the elevator, he encountered Mu Sifa, who seemed to be in a hurry.

Later on, Jia Tianxia learned that Mu Sifa had already checked the video game monitoring system and hadn’t seen any sign of Shang Xiaojie entering.

Jia Tianxia shared his concerns with Mu Sifa, expressing a strong belief that Shang Xiaojie might be in the bathroom, which is why he had come looking for him.

“Is something wrong?” Shang Xiaojie sensed that something was amiss and inquired with a touch of worry when he saw Mu Sifa.

Mu Sifa picked him up and reassured him, saying, “Everything is okay, don’t worry.”

Mu Sifa chose not to disclose the situation to Shang Xiaojie, not because it wasn’t important, but because he didn’t want to frighten him.

“Then let’s go watch the movie! Is it time yet?” Shang Xiaojie, relieved to hear that everything was fine, immediately hugged Mu Sifa’s neck and exclaimed happily.

Mu Sifa glanced at the time and noted that half an hour had already passed.

“The movie has barely played for less than half of its duration. We can watch it again tomorrow!” He ruffled Shang Xiaojie’s hair to console him, concerned that he might be disappointed.

However, Shang Xiaojie proudly declared, “I’ve already seen less than half of the movie from the shared resources, and it’s been just half an hour now. Everything is perfectly fine, and you won’t miss out on the plot from earlier.”

But just as he finished speaking, he suddenly exclaimed, “But you don’t know what happened in the previous part!” He was puzzled.

“Can’t we watch it tomorrow? I’ll save your spot,” he offered.

“Sure, but aren’t you incredibly busy?” They must have had a hectic day! “I don’t want you to get tired. Plus, if we’re watching a movie, there will be lots of people watching with us!” Shang Xiaojie added, “I don’t want to rent a room; it feels so empty and dull.”

He lowered his head, looking very disappointed.

Seeing Shang Xiaojie’s understanding and eagerness to join, Mu Sifa decided not to press the matter further. He gently lifted Shang Xiaojie’s chin, planting a kiss on his lips, and then carried him into the elevator with a smile, saying, “Alright, let’s finish watching the movie! After all, we wouldn’t want to waste that ticket money, would we?”

In reality, Mu Sifa didn’t attach any importance to the money; his main concern was Shang Xiaojie’s happiness.

“Sure, let’s go!” Ye Zichen excitedly swung his legs back and forth while cradled in Mu Sifa’s arms, his face radiant with joy.

“It’s just a movie, why would it make me happy?” Mu Sifa playfully pinched Ye Zichen’s cheek and grinned.

Shang Xiaojie suddenly felt embarrassed, averting his gaze with a slightly flushed face. “Well, um, it’s because I’m going with you,” he mumbled shyly. “Of course that makes me happy.” As he confessed, he stole a quick glance at Mu Sifa’s face, his cheeks burning with shyness.

“Do you think I’d be foolish enough to watch a movie just for your company?”

Shang Xiaojie looked bashful, his eyes gleaming as he avoided direct eye contact with Mu Sifa.

“And why would you think that?”

Mu Sifa regarded Shang Xiaojie with a serious expression, making it difficult to read his thoughts.

Perhaps it was because Shang Xiaojie’s feelings were so sincere that Mu Sifa began to feel even more guilty.

“Because I’m still a kid! You’re an adult, and you probably think I’m naive and clueless. But I had no choice! It’s my first time going to a movie with someone I care about.”

As Shang Xiaojie admitted to liking someone, he couldn’t bring himself to meet Mu Sifa’s gaze anymore. His face was as red as a beet, his heart raced, and he felt incredibly nervous.

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