C52 – He Had Passed a Few Rounds in a Row

“The official commencement of the challenge is here. The challenge objective: Eliminate all mutated beasts.”

“Upon successfully completing the challenge within one minute, you will be granted a reward of one million Alliance dollars. Achieving success within two minutes also warrants a one-million-dollar reward. Succeeding within three minutes earns you five hundred thousand Alliance dollars, while a completion beyond three minutes results in a reward of one hundred thousand Alliance dollars.”

“Exceeding the three-minute mark will render you ineligible for any reward.”

Due to Loong Chen’s current level, hovering between Level 2 Mid Rank and High Rank, the second level of the Tower of Trials presented him with only a few dozen Level 2 mutated beasts.

If the challenger were a Level 3 or even a Level 4 Evolver, the grade of these mutated beasts would be higher.

However, despite Loong Chen’s Level 2 status, his combat prowess was on par with that of a Level 4.

Consequently, these several dozen Level 2 mutated beasts appeared insignificant to him.

“World Dominating!”

Loong Chen activated the World Dominating skill, augmenting his strength sixfold. Armed with the Tyrannical Saber, he charged into the midst of the beasts.

The blade moved like a phantom, and each glint of cold steel spelled the demise of a mutated beast.

“Picking up done. Strength attribute*30.”

“Picking up done. Empirical value*1000.”

The second level of mutated beasts yielded slightly more attributes than the first level, though the difference was marginal.

In comparison, the amount of experience gained was still somewhat higher.

As the Tyrannical Saber sliced the last mutated wild boar in half, the plain was devoid of any remaining mutated beasts.

Loong Chen dispatched a dozen Level 2 mutated beasts in just forty seconds, a five-second improvement over his performance on the first level.

Whether facing Level 1 zombies or Level 2 mutated beasts, he dealt with them effortlessly in a single stroke. The mutated beast population was smaller compared to the zombies, resulting in less time spent on their extermination.

Observers watching the tower’s screen were once again taken aback by this display.

“He’s breezed through the second floor, and even faster than the first!”

“Could there be something extraordinary happening inside the Tower of Trials?”

Xiao Yan widened his eyes while fixating on the screen, noting that Loong Chen had completed the second level in under a minute.

It had taken Xiao Yan himself two minutes and ten seconds to conquer the second floor.

He had a strong conviction that Loong Chen would successfully navigate the third floor as well. What remained uncertain was the amount of time he would take to do so.

“Congratulations on clearing the second level in under a minute. You have earned a reward of one million Alliance dollars. Please claim it personally.”

The mechanical voice echoed, and Loong Chen couldn’t hide his elation at the additional one million.

Furthermore, defeating these numerous mutated beasts had enabled him to amass over a thousand attribute points.

It seemed he had made the right choice coming here.

“Would you like to proceed to challenge the third level?” The mechanical voice inquired once more.

Loong Chen promptly responded.

The scenery shifted anew. This time, a menacing assortment of tigers, leopards, and lions replaced the mutated beasts. Most of them were Level 2 High Rank, with dozens of Level 3 mutated beasts among them.

“The challenge is officially underway. Your objective is to eliminate all the mutated beasts.”

“Rewards for completing the level: Succeed within a minute, and you’ll earn a vial of genetic potion crafted from Level 3 energy essence. Finish within two minutes, and your prize is a vial of genetic potion derived from Level 2 energy essence. Complete the challenge within three minutes for a vial of genetic potion made from Level 1 energy essence.”

“No rewards for exceeding three minutes.”

This time, the incentive wasn’t Alliance dollars but rather genetic potions.

The genetic potion refined from Level 3 energy essence sounded enticing.

Loong Chen managed to clear the third level within a minute, conserving his strength.

Nevertheless, he felt some pressure. Despite being only the third level, a Level 3 mutated beast had already emerged.

As he contemplated reaching the fourth, fifth, or even higher levels, he wondered if he’d encounter even more formidable mutated beasts or zombies.

Each level of the Tower of Trials was undeniably challenging.

Despite the mounting pressure, Loong Chen remained determined and proceeded to tackle the fourth level.

Suddenly, the scenery transformed, and the fourth level became a frozen wasteland.

“The challenge has commenced. Time limit: one minute.”

“Achieve 200 snowman eliminations, and you’ll receive a vial of Level 4 genetic potion as a reward. 120 snowman eliminations grant you a vial of Level 3 genetic potion, while 60 snowman eliminations earn you a vial of Level 2 genetic potion.”

“Failure awaits if you eliminate fewer than 60 snowmen.”

This time, the conditions were unlike before; he needed to vanquish at least 60 snowmen in one minute.

He found himself tasked with eliminating one snowman per second!

The snowmen in this vicinity possessed a level of power akin to Level 3 zombies.

“The fourth level’s challenge has certainly intensified,” Loong Chen mused seriously.

Loong Chen narrowed his eyes, his confidence unshaken. He had merely exerted half of his full strength thus far.

“Gravity Field, exert your dominance!”

With a surge of Earth Superpower, Loong Chen instantly heightened the gravitational force within a radius of dozens of meters. The snowmen emerging from the snow were forcefully pushed to the ground under immense pressure.

Some of the weaker snowmen even disintegrated into piles of snow.

“Cat Shadow Step.”

Loong Chen executed the Cat Shadow Step once more, greatly amplifying his speed as he weaved among the snowmen.

His blade’s gleam flickered incessantly.

The snowmen dissolved into slush, yet, simultaneously, more snowmen emerged from the snow.

Within a short span, a minute had swiftly elapsed.

“Congratulations, you’ve dispatched 253 snowmen in a minute. As a reward, you receive a vial of Level 4 genetic potion.”

Loong Chen had successfully accomplished the mission.

Loong Chen sighed in relief, feeling a touch of weariness settle in.

“He’s actually made it past the fourth floor. It seems that only those folks from the Sky Ranking have managed to conquer the fourth level, right?”

“He’s taken down over 250 snowmen!”

“Is he truly a newcomer? His strength is truly astonishing!”

Once again, astonishment gripped those outside the tower. They realized that each level Loong Chen cleared left them profoundly impressed.

“Big brother, Loong Chen is incredibly formidable.”

Xiao Xiaoxun was equally astounded.

She had been aware of Loong Chen’s prowess, but she hadn’t anticipated just how formidable he was.

Even her brother had stopped at the fourth floor, yet Loong Chen had advanced beyond that, achieving such remarkable results.

“It’s a shame that his rank is quite low. Once he reaches Level 3 Evolver status, he should be able to break into the Earth List.”

Xiao Yan nodded in agreement.

The last individual on the Earth List was a Level 4 Evolver, and he too was a Level 4 Evolver. Loong Chen, on the other hand, was only a Level 2 at present.

Despite Loong Chen’s formidable combat abilities, the Earth List and Sky Ranking were determined by an individual’s overall combat strength.

Loong Chen’s current level remained relatively low.

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