C92 – Routine Addiction

“I can only spare time to be with you at noon, my dear. Please stay put and rest today; your ankle is injured,” Hee Jingyan advised Xu Yangyi, patting his head affectionately after breakfast. He had intended for Xu Yangyi to take it easy, but the way he touched Xu Yangyi’s head made it seem like he was comforting a child. In response, Xu Yangyi shot him a stern look and retorted, “Who said I needed your company? Remove your hand.”

“Why do you always treat me like a little kid? It’s infuriating! I’ll have you know that grown-ups can be amazing too!”

Despite his dissatisfaction, Xu Yangyi had no plans to resort to physical aggression this time. He had learned to employ verbal threats when dealing with Hee Jingyan. Perhaps he’d come to realize that constantly clashing with Hee Jingyan didn’t bother the latter at all, so Xu Yangyi couldn’t be bothered to fight back physically anymore!

“Alright, alright, I won’t touch you,” Hee Jingyan chuckled gleefully as he observed Xu Yangyi’s expression. It seemed that Xu Yangyi’s feigned anger amused him, which only made Xu Yangyi appear cuter in his eyes.

However, Xu Yangyi found himself genuinely unhappy this time because he couldn’t comprehend Hee Jingyan’s intentions and couldn’t predict his thoughts. Meanwhile, Hee Jingyan appeared to possess an uncanny ability to read Xu Yangyi’s emotions, and this sense of being outplayed left Xu Yangyi feeling stifled and discontented.

Recognizing Xu Yangyi’s true frustration, Hee Jingyan, though still finding Xu Yangyi’s irritation endearing, realized that he wouldn’t gain anything by pushing Xu Yangyi further. Thus, he adopted the “magnanimity” expected of an adult, wrapped his arms around Xu Yangyi from behind, nuzzled his chin against Xu Yangyi’s neck, and softly reassured, “Darling, don’t be upset. I mean no harm. If you’re feeling agitated, feel free to slap me in the face to vent your frustrations.”

Initially, when Hee Jingyan embraced him out of the blue, Xu Yangyi thought he was about to engage in his playful antics again. He was on the brink of losing his temper. However, upon hearing Hee Jingyan’s apparent acknowledgment of his fault, Xu Yangyi’s heart couldn’t help but melt. Beyond Hee Jingyan’s penchant for teasing, he was also remarkably considerate towards Xu Yangyi.

Though I’m not upset, I can’t allow myself to appear weaker than Hee Jingyan, nor can I let Hee Jingyan believe that I’m easily swayed by kindness. So, I feigned irritation and retorted, “Who on earth wants to harm you! I’m not some sadist. Release me, it’s so warm out here.”

Unbeknownst to Xu Yangyi, his facade of anger was actually a pitfall meticulously set by Hee Jingyan. Xu Yangyi assumed that he was admitting his mistakes and appreciating Xu Yangyi’s soft side, and Xu Yangyi couldn’t discern that Hee Jingyan genuinely believed he had erred.

Ji Guangming, who had been observing from the sidelines, wore a somber expression. “Colonel, if your wife discovers this, she’ll surely be displeased.”

“Still not letting go?” Xu Yangyi gazed at the large hand gripping his waist firmly. He turned his head to glance at Hee Jingyan, but Hee Jingyan seized the moment to plant a kiss on his cheek and jest, “Let me hold you a bit longer to recharge.” Then, he playfully inhaled Xu Yangyi’s scent and exclaimed, “Darling, you smell delightful!” A trace of sincerity surfaced in his words.

Xu Yangyi couldn’t maintain his composure upon hearing this. His cheeks flushed instantly, and he elbowed Hee Jingyan in embarrassment and frustration, saying, “Quit pushing your luck, get lost.” Finally, he pushed Hee Jingyan away and shot him a stern look. However, his face remained crimson, nearly tempting Hee Jingyan to lose control and reach out to pinch him.

Hee Jingyan concealed his face with his hand because Xu Yangyi was just too endearing. But now that he had managed to establish a favorable impression in Xu Yangyi’s eyes, he had to refrain from any further actions, as jeopardizing it would hinder his future schemes against him.

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