C49 – What a Farce

As the airbag deployed, their screams echoed through the air.

They had lost consciousness briefly, but the sudden inflation of the airbag jolted them awake.

The previously cocky man with yellow hair now struggled with great effort to force open the shattered door, wracked with pain.

He tumbled out of the car, drenched in blood.

Abruptly, thick smoke billowed from the car’s hood, accompanied by intermittent sparks.

The car appeared on the verge of exploding!

“Save me!”

The heavily made-up woman remained trapped in the passenger seat. Witnessing the dire scene, she mustered her courage, crying out in pain, her eyes filled with an intense will to survive.

It was then that Su Ming and President Chen approached.

President Chen wore a reassuring smile as he inquired, “Are you both alright? Should we call an ambulance for you?”

The man with yellow hair was taken aback by President Chen’s words.

“What’s your game?”

Fear crept into the yellow-haired man’s voice.

“No game. We’re genuinely concerned.”

President Chen’s smile remained unwavering.

The yellow-haired man pointed accusatory fingers at Su Ming and President Chen and unleashed a barrage of curses.

“This is a Porsche. You’re in big trouble!”

“You could’ve braked earlier, but you intentionally rammed us. That’s against the law. You might end up in jail.”

President Chen and Su Ming exchanged glances.

President Chen scoffed, “If our brakes had failed, you wouldn’t be here to complain.”

Suddenly, the thick smoke enveloping the front of the Porsche intensified, followed by a colossal burst of flames shooting into the sky.

The car was now engulfed in flames!

“Help! I don’t want to die!”

The woman remained trapped in the front seat, struggling desperately but unable to break free.

Bystanders retreated even farther from the scene.

“You have to save me! I’ve been with you for so long; you can’t abandon me!”

She clung to the yellow-haired man’s clothing.

The yellow-haired man, overwhelmed by fear, attempted to shake off her grip. However, the woman’s determination to survive was relentless, and she clung tightly to him.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to get us both killed? Let go, quickly!”

The yellow-haired man’s face turned ghostly pale with fear. Pain was forgotten as he struggled frantically.

What an absurd spectacle!

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