C48 – Teach You How to be a Man

After finishing his cigarette, the man with yellow hair casually flicked the butt towards Su Ming’s truck.

The cigarette butt, still glowing, made contact with the glass, creating a few sparks.


With a mocking smirk, he started his car and sped away.

Despite President Chen’s seething anger, he held his tongue, seeing that Su Ming remained silent. He clenched his fists as he started the car and slowly made his way onto the main road.

It appeared, however, that the yellow-haired man deliberately waited for them.

President Chen gritted his teeth and altered his course. But to his surprise, the yellow-haired man intercepted him.

“President Chen, it was he who forcefully altered his course. It seems he’s responsible for all of this, doesn’t it?”

Su Ming suddenly spoke up.

President Chen nodded firmly, saying, “I see.”

A sly smile crossed President Chen’s face as he gently applied the brakes.

The truck, loaded with goods, wasn’t moving slowly.

The two vehicles drew closer to each other.

In a split second, President Chen directed the car to collide with the sports car.

The sound of a forceful collision echoed through the air.

Su Ming and President Chen felt their bodies lurch forward, but it wasn’t a major impact.

The front of their car suffered only slight deformation and damage.

However, the sports car bore the brunt of the impact.

Furthermore, when the traffic police arrived later, it would be the sports car owner’s responsibility.

Su Ming had maintained a safe following distance. If the yellow-haired man hadn’t recklessly altered his course, the accident wouldn’t have occurred.

Besides, it was just a sports car worth more than three million yuan. Su Ming wasn’t concerned about it.

The violent collision nearly sent the sports car airborne.

The entire vehicle shifted several meters sideways and collided heavily with a large tree.

The once sleek Porsche sports car was now a mangled wreck.

Both sides of the car doors were completely crumpled, and the front of the car emitted smoke.

“Did the truck crash into the Porsche?”

“I witnessed it—this Porsche abruptly changed lanes.”

“That Porsche has terrible luck.”

The thunderous crash had drawn the attention of many bystanders.

Passers-by and other drivers turned their heads, especially when they saw one of the vehicles was a Porsche.

President Chen and Su Ming exited their car and leisurely approached the wrecked Porsche, as if they were on a shopping trip.

Before they could take a couple of steps, they heard a noise. Upon closer inspection, they saw the airbag in the Porsche had deployed.

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