C38 – Old Madam Is so Lonely

“Master, the madame has inquired about your marriage preferences among the young ladies of which family?” Yinyi cautiously inquired, though he had a hunch.

Lu Zheng’s mind briefly flashed to Zuo Shaoqing, causing his eyebrows to twitch. “Let’s defer this matter for now,” he replied.

“Hmm?” Yinyi had initially assumed that Master Lu was intent on marrying into the Zuo family. Otherwise, why would he consider entering the Zuo mansion?

Could it be that Master Lu was not content with the Zuo Family’s eldest daughter? To Yinyi’s recollection, aside from her demure appearance and a touch of cleverness, there didn’t seem to be anything extraordinary about that girl.

But hadn’t his master chosen the Zuo mansion because of these very qualities in the daughter of a modest family?

“Mistress, Madame Lu mentioned that if you do not select a potential bride this year, she will personally take matters into her own hands.”

Lu Zheng’s already furrowed brow could practically squash a fly upon hearing Ye Zichen’s words. “What is she plotting now?” If Madame Lu intervened, it could throw the entire capital into disarray.

Wu Tie sighed inwardly. Madame Lu was lonely—no husband, and her son was absent. In the expansive Duke Zhen Manor, she only had this master to look after. Wasn’t it too much for her?

He still vividly remembered how, in the past, when he resided in the Duke’s Mansion, Madame Lu would playfully tease everyone. It was no wonder the lord was reluctant to return to the capital; the memories of those days must have weighed heavily on him.

“Instruct Butler Qiu to keep a watchful eye on her, ensuring she doesn’t bring any women back to the manor. Additionally, have the orphans from the frontier last year brought back to the capital and placed in Tong An Hall as usual. I will need to re-evaluate the palace guards.”

Yinyi secretly sympathized with those “promising young ladies.” At the same time, he silently praised Master Lu’s ability to divert Madame Lu’s attention most effectively.

Returning to his room, Zuo Shaoqing found it impossible to fall asleep. He tossed and turned in his bed like a restless pancake, unable to shake the image of Lu Zheng’s determined face from his mind.

Since his rebirth, his thoughts had revolved around seeking vengeance against the Zuo Family, avoiding Jiang Che, and forging a connection with Lu Zheng to improve the situation of the Zuo Family’s descendants, who were barred from entering the capital.

Occasionally, the idea of finding a virtuous woman to marry into a family crossed his mind, but it was not a strong desire. He recognized that his yearning for a woman was not particularly intense.

Thirteen marked the age when a boy transitioned into manhood, yet Zuo Shaoqing sensed that something was amiss with his own body. Apart from the exceptionally hot days spent facing Wu Tie, he hadn’t even experienced a single dream.

Unbeknownst to him, the six years of confinement from his previous life had left a psychological scar, causing him to instinctively shy away from this aspect of life.

Zuo Shaoqing shifted his position once more. His thoughts drifted back to the moment when he had cleaned Lu Zheng’s body. It was a strong and well-toned physique, with smooth muscles and skin slightly roughened by exposure to the elements…

The heat within him surged gradually. That familiar and vexing desire broke free of its restraints, focusing its attention on his lower abdomen.

Zuo Shaoqing pulled the blanket over his head, biting his lip in helpless contemplation: Why hadn’t he thought about a woman just now? He had certainly possessed an attraction to women in his previous life.

Despite the changes in his body, Zuo Shaoqing eventually drifted into slumber, curled up with his legs tucked under him, his mind a whirlwind of various thoughts.

Then I had a night of colored dreams.

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