C49 – Taught Him How to be a Man

As the leader of the sports team, the burly guy who had recently taunted Cao Wen and his companions cast a sidelong glance at them.

“Are these your teammates? They seem so slender, almost as if they’re still in their infancy!”

His remark instantly triggered laughter from the onlookers.

In all fairness, among Jiang Hao’s group, only Cao Wen had a physique that could match the sports team members; the others had fairly average builds.

When it came to physicality, there was a significant gap between the two groups!

Liu Biao’s mockery fueled the anger of Cao Wen and his friends.

Seizing the moment, Jiang Hao interjected from the sidelines.

“Our prowess in basketball doesn’t hinge on our physicality but on our technique. Some folks may be straightforward and robust, but their understanding of the game is limited. It’s safe to assume their skills are equally limited!”

Jiang Hao’s words stung Liu Biao, filling him with embarrassment and anger.

Liu Biao charged forward with intensity.

“What did you just say?”

“Who’s straightforward and brawny? You’re asking for trouble!”

With that declaration, he swung a punch at Jiang Hao.

Liu Biao’s sudden outburst caught the bystanders off guard.

Nearby students were taken aback by the unfolding scene.


“Jiang Hao, watch out!”

In this critical moment, Jiang Hao gazed at the incoming fist with a mocking smile.

His Second Grade danger perception allowed him to anticipate the impending danger, enabling him to swiftly grasp Liu Biao’s wrist.

He activated his Super Power and innate abilities and applied pressure.

A pained cry filled the air. What followed left everyone in shock.


“It hurts~ it hurts~!”

Contrary to everyone’s expectations of Jiang Hao getting knocked down, the 1.75m-tall, slender Jiang Hao was holding Liu Biao’s wrist with ease.

Meanwhile, Liu Biao’s contorted face bore the unmistakable signs of excruciating pain. In a reflex, he bent his knees and let out a resounding shout.

This unexpected reaction left everyone in sheer disbelief!

In the wake of Liu Biao’s agony, his comrades swiftly overcame their initial shock. Anger consumed their expressions, and they appeared poised to encircle and confront Jiang Hao.

“Kid, release our captain this instant!”

Simultaneously, the Grade 12 Class 8 students who had been rooting for Cao Wen and his team snapped out of their daze and began encircling Jiang Hao as well.

Cao Wen and his companions followed suit.

Witnessing this united front, Jiang Hao was deeply moved.

The sizable group surrounding them seemed to intimidate the few individuals from the sports team, who hesitated and refrained from advancing further. They remained rooted to their positions, voicing their complaints instead.

“Release our captain immediately. We’re not here to engage in basketball. Are you planning to bully us with sheer numbers? If that’s your intent, we concede defeat!”

“Indeed, using numerical advantage to bully others is hardly heroic!”


Despite Liu Biao initiating the confrontation, this assembly leveled a false accusation, causing Cao Wen to seethe with the urge to defend himself.

Jiang Hao seized Cao Wen and then disengaged Liu Biao, who had been in his grasp.

“If you want to play basketball, let’s play basketball. There’s no need for unjust actions.”

With a simple backhand motion, he effortlessly pushed the robust Liu Biao aside.

Liu Biao staggered a bit but fortunately found support from his comrades standing behind him.

“Captain, are you okay?”

“Did you get hurt?”

Concerned, his team members quickly assisted Liu Biao and inquired about his condition.

Surprisingly, Liu Biao cast a resentful and unwilling glare in Jiang Hao’s direction.

“Damn it…”

He cursed and appeared ready to charge at Jiang Hao once more, convinced that he had been careless earlier.

Yet, the teammates surrounding him acted swiftly, restraining Liu Biao and offering words of counsel.

“Captain, they have the numerical advantage. It’s unwise to engage in a fight against such odds. Let’s focus on playing basketball, shall we?”

“Absolutely right. Captain, exercise restraint!”

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