C601 – The Ancient Lin Family


The vast celestial energy resonated across countless miles, while the silver sword radiance surged like an immense tidal wave.

The spiritual pressure extended for hundreds of miles in every direction.

The sheer intensity of the sword radiance from these two individuals left observers in shock.

The echoes of their combat in the Void were ceaseless, steadily escalating in ferocity.

All the esteemed elders of the Lin family had assembled. Even those who had been in seclusion heard about the visit from the most exceptional sword cultivator disciples and Potian Huang’s presence to witness the battle.

At this moment, the Lin family elders couldn’t help but marvel. The courtyard truly lived up to its reputation as a prestigious institution. Just the mastery of their sword techniques alone was enough to dominate even the most outstanding Lin family disciples, who found themselves powerless to retaliate.

Although the Lin family disciples had exerted their utmost efforts, their opponents relied solely on their sword skills, highlighting the glaring disparity between them.

Nevertheless, they were content. The progress of the Lin family disciples had been notably evident after this contest.

“A small courtyard, yet a formidable sect!”

The Great Elder of the Lin family expressed his admiration.

The others concurred with nods of agreement.

“Daoist Guan Shengwu, you must be at least at the late stages of the Great Dao, correct? If Daoist Guan Shengwu were to give his all, who could possibly match him?”

The Lin family patriarch shook his head, sighing.

“No, Grandpa, my uncle just achieved the Heavenly King realm a few days ago!”

Lin Ruoxi kindly corrected the Lin family patriarch.


The Lin family’s patriarch came close to spewing a mouthful of blood in astonishment.

Every elder from the Lin family had their eyes fixed on Guan Shengwu, utterly shocked.

A Heavenly King?!

They exchanged glances. Could the individuals in the courtyard possess such formidable power now?

Heavenly King!

How young was Guan Shengwu?

He had already attained the status of a Heavenly King?

“Ahem, young lady, we have no intention of causing any harm to our fellow Daoist Guan Shengwu. There’s no need for you to deceive us!”

An elderly woman playfully quipped to Lin Ruoxi.

Upon hearing this, the other elders nodded in agreement. It seemed this young girl was worried that they might pose a threat to Guan Shengwu, so she had made up this story, right?

They found it somewhat amusing and perplexing. The Lin family wasn’t known for such deceitful actions. A fair exchange of ideas would only strengthen their collective power, and they held no interest in resorting to underhanded tactics.

Moreover, sword cultivators had always been allies of Dingtian, making them even more averse to such methods.

Using deceitful tactics went against the principles of a true sword cultivator!

“Huh? No, Granny, what I told you is the truth. Uncle just achieved this breakthrough a few days ago!”


At this moment, a hole was torn in the Void. A large hand reached over.

“Guan Shengwu, come with me!”

“Lord Qihuang, this Lin family has a grudge with our Limitless Sect. Can I…” A voice was heard.

“Up to you!”

It was just a Lin family, Qihuang didn’t care about it. His big hand was still grabbing towards Guan Shengwu.

Lord Qihuang!

These few words caused the expressions of the people from the Lin family to instantly turn solemn.

That was an unreachable existence, a high and mighty ruler.

Back then, Qihuang had followed Tianji Zi and enjoyed the admiration of the people. They had experienced it from that era. Now that they had seen Qihuang again, they were still in awe of him.

As for the Limitless Sect, they didn’t care about it.

The hatred between them was very simple. The people of the Infinity Sect bullied the weak and wanted to take their wives, but the old woman ran into them.

Although the Lin family kept a low profile, they hated evil. The old woman didn’t say anything and just castrated the man. However, she was kind enough to let the man go. She didn’t expect that this man would come back for revenge.

The man saw the old woman with a glance. His eyes were filled with a cold smile as he reached out his hand.

“Old fool, did you think that this day would come when you attacked?”

“From now on, the Lin family will no longer exist!”


As soon as his voice faded, a unique Monarch Stage aura instantly spread out.

“Imperial Emperor!?”

The old woman’s expression changed drastically, but she did not show any signs of fear. Instead, she formed a sword seal and unsheathed the sword on her back. She drew an arc in the air and slashed at the incoming person.

That person looked at the old woman with contempt and said, “Do you think that I am still the same as before? Today, you will die!”

With a wave of his hand, the Monarch Qi was unleashed!


The old woman instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. Her face instantly lost all color, and her aura weakened.

She was only a Great Tao Stage. In the past, she was naturally a Superior Cultivator, but now, she was only a little bit away from that.

The gap between Great Taoist Master and a Monarch was like a heavenly chasm.

“With Lord Qihuang’s help, I broke the mirror and was reborn. Now, I am a mid Imperial Emperor. Even if there is an old undying in your Lin family, he is still only an early Imperial Emperor, right? Let him out!”

The man sneered and clamored arrogantly.

At this moment, Qihuang and Guan Shengwu had already disappeared from everyone’s sight.

However, the explosive sound coming from the Void indicated that the two of them were fighting.

The man didn’t expect that Lord Qihuang wouldn’t be able to defeat Guan Shengwu with a single strike, but he didn’t mind.

Guan Shengwu came from a small courtyard, so it was normal for him to bring some treasures with him to protect himself. Once all the treasures were used up, Guan Shengwu wouldn’t be able to fight back at all in Lord Qihuang’s hands.

The people of Lin family quickly supported the old woman. The patriarch of Lin family stared coldly at the old woman and said in a deep voice, “How dare you attack the people of Lin family? Aren’t you afraid…”

But before his voice faded, the man slapped the patriarch of Lin family away, leaving a deep gully on the ground.

The man smiled coldly, “I’m afraid? Just based on your Lin family?”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t bear it any longer. She harbored concerns that the uncle might not be a match for her, causing her to sink into contemplation. Little did she anticipate that both of the Lin family elders would sustain injuries in such a short span.

“Aren’t you going too far?!”

Lin Ruoxi shot an angry glare at the man.

That individual gazed at Lin Ruoxi and suddenly expressed his delight, saying, “You’re Guan Shengwu’s sweetheart, aren’t you? I’ve got you now. Let’s see if Guan Shengwu will yield for your sake!”

The man sneered and reached out to grab Lin Ruoxi.

“Young lady, step aside!”

“Assaulting a child, how despicable!”

The Lin family members seethed with anger. They launched a collective counterattack to intercept the assailant.

“A bunch of ragtag fighters!”

The man sneered and unleashed a palm strike, leaving the Lin family members with no chance to evade. They were all sent hurtling away by the force of the blow.

Lin Ruoxi found herself blocked by her family members and could do nothing but watch helplessly as they were thrown aside by the powerful palm strike.

“Young lady, take cover!”

“Ancestor, please reveal yourself. We face a formidable adversary!”

“Our Lin family’s existence is under threat. Ancestor, we implore you to intervene and defeat this powerful foe!”

Several Lin family elders had no choice but to cry out for help.


A surge of intense energy suddenly erupted from the rear of Lin family’s estate. A figure gradually emerged from the disturbance, and it was the Great Heavenly Path.

“Hahaha, you’ve already subdued the younger one, and now you’re calling in the elder? Today, even if the Heavenly King’s father himself were here, your Lin family would still crumble! I…”

The man burst into hearty laughter, relishing his newfound sense of superiority. However…


An abrupt, sharp sound interrupted the man’s words.

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