C109 – Shang Xiaojie’s Kindness Made Him Feel Guilty

“You came searching for me because you knew I was missing?” He inquired softly, his eyes revealing a hint of uncertainty. He wanted to avoid coming across as presumptuous, so he spoke cautiously.

Mu Sifa gently touched his head and responded, “Yes.” Despite the soft tone, a sense of remorse still lingered.

When he initially entered and found Shang Xiaojie’s workspace obstructed by someone, Mu Sifa’s initial reaction had been anger. However, he was apprehensive that the person he might encounter when he opened the door would be a tearful Shang Xiaojie.

“You were worried about me?” His cheeks blushed slightly as he bashfully buried his head in Mu Sifa’s chest. His heart raced like a lively concert, and he felt an overwhelming happiness.

Shang Xiaojie’s soft inquiry only made Mu Sifa feel more uneasy. He held onto him tightly, unwilling to let go.

“I’m sorry I didn’t finish earlier; then, you wouldn’t have been confined here for so long.”

“It’s alright, really. You have your own responsibilities! I’m just someone with a lot of free time. Besides, it was my own impulsive request for you to accompany me to the movies, which rushed you to complete your work. It’s my fault, not yours.”

His petite hands clung to Mu Sifa’s clothes as he tenderly apologized. His remorse was palpable. Mu Sifa had spent the entire day working hard, just to spend time with him.

“In the future, if you’re busy, you can decline. I won’t get upset; I’ll patiently wait for you to have free time before we go to the movies.” Her face blushed with sincerity.

Shang Xiaojie’s understanding and patience only deepened Mu Sifa’s discomfort. He had ulterior motives for being so attentive to Shang Xiaojie in the past, which now made him feel guilty for betraying Shang Xiaojie’s kindness.

“You don’t need to apologize. I should be the one apologizing; it’s my fault. It won’t happen again.”

Perhaps this apology wasn’t just about the present but also an acknowledgment of past mistakes. However, when Shang Xiaojie was weighed against personal gains, would he still make the same choice?

Shang Xiaojie seemed to sense this dilemma. He lifted his head from Mu Sifa’s embrace, his expression filled with concern. “Are you okay?”

Mu Sifa wore a gentle smile as he leaned in, planting a tender kiss on Shang Xiaojie’s lips. He then spoke softly, “I wanted to apologize to you, you know.”

Shang Xiaojie playfully tilted his head, a hint of skepticism in his eyes. Still, he trusted Mu Sifa and responded with a warm smile, “Well then, that’s good.” It felt like basking in the soothing breeze of spring.

However, for Mu Sifa, this innocence and concern from Shang Xiaojie only deepened his sense of guilt.

Shang Xiaojie suddenly vented his frustration to Mu Sifa, saying, “This door is such a pain. No matter how hard I try to outsmart it, it just won’t open.”

Mu Sifa was taken aback. Did Shang Xiaojie not realize he was locked inside?

Contemplating this possibility, Mu Sifa’s expression turned increasingly somber.

“The world.”

“Yes, I am.”

Jia Tianxia, who stood outside the restroom, shivered upon hearing Mu Sifa’s voice and hurried inside.

“You investigate this matter,” Mu Sifa instructed him sternly, his tone unwavering.

Jia Tianxia’s forehead glistened with cold sweat as he stammered, “I-I understand.”

He left with a tightly clenched heart, never allowing himself a moment of respite.

In that moment, he felt a profound sense of gratitude that Shang Xiaojie hadn’t revealed anything to Mu Sifa. Thanks to Shang Xiaojie’s kindness, he couldn’t afford to slip up.

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