C108 – Wife Sorry

“Hello? Is there anyone around? Help, please!”

Shang Xiaojie had been calling out for nearly three hours, yet no one had responded. Desperation weighed heavily on him, and he let out a weary sigh as he tapped on the door. Fortunately, he had not reached the point of tears.

“Honestly, even half a ghost would do! What’s the matter with this door!”

Shang Xiaojie seemed to be the only one capable of maintaining composure after being trapped for so long.

“Is Mu Sifa still occupied? I had no idea I’d be gone for so long.”

He sighed once more and furrowed his brow suddenly. “Brother Under Heaven is in the same boat; why hasn’t he come looking for me? It’s been quite some time.”

His frustration finally surfaced. Yet, he refrained from screaming and banging on the door. Instead, he simply sighed and pouted, exuding an endearing quality.

“Ugh, this is so boring! When will someone come? What time is it now? Did I miss the movie? Where’s Mu Sifa? Has he finished what he was doing? Or is he caught up with another surgery? Remember when he asked me to go to the movies?”

Shang Xiaojie appeared to be in a daze, leaning against the door and mumbling continuously. However, the way he pouted and seemed bewildered at that moment was undeniably charming, tempting anyone to give him a playful pinch.

“Mu Sifa, you rascal, you devil! I’ve been missing for so long, and you haven’t come to find me. Your whole life revolves around surgeries, so don’t even think about cuddling tonight. I’ll make you sleep outside.” In the end, he crossed his arms over his chest and raised his chin, snorting with a self-satisfied air. It felt like he could entertain himself without getting bored!

Finally, footsteps were heard outside, sounding urgent and hurried.

Shang Xiaojie’s eyes immediately lit up as he knocked on the door and shouted, “Someone’s trapped in here! Could you please find someone to unlock the door for me? I’m not a ghost; I’m a human, so don’t be afraid. Please help me.”

Shang Xiaojie uttered these words because, initially, some people had approached his location. However, the moment he cried out, they fled, and there were even shouts of “ghosts!” before silence fell over the area.

It appeared that people from outside were hurrying over as he took a moment to catch his breath before reentering.

His fury flared upon discovering that someone had mischievously affixed the door handle with a mop during his brief absence, and he contemplated vengeance.

“Is that you, Brother Under Heaven? Well, it’s a relief you finally noticed my absence.” Shang Xiaojie’s smile in response to this unexpected encounter was almost infectious, and he appeared elated.

“By the way, what time is it now? Is it movie time? Has Mu Sifa finished? Is he upset?”

Shang Xiaojie worried that Mu Sifa might be upset about his sudden disappearance; after all, Wu Tie’s anger wasn’t something to be taken lightly.

“Brother Under Heaven, why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was just about to ask why you didn’t say anything!” However, when the door swung open, it was Mu Sifa who entered his field of vision.

Shang Xiaojie blinked in disbelief, as if he thought he was seeing things.

“M-Mu Sifa?” Those caught off guard were bewildered, unsure of how to react.

He had naturally hoped it would be Mu Sifa who came looking for him. Yet, when Mu Sifa actually stood before him, his expression betrayed astonishment.

Meanwhile, Mu Sifa remained silent. Instead, he gently embraced Shang Xiaojie and apologized in an uncomfortable tone, “Wife, I’m sorry.”

Mu Sifa offered an immediate apology and held him tightly. Shang Xiaojie, somewhat bewildered, patted his back reassuringly, saying, “It’s alright, it’s alright,” as if consoling Mu Sifa.

At that moment, he also noticed that Mu Sifa’s clothes were damp with sweat, and his breathing was rapid, as if he had hurried over.

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