C51 – Forty-five Seconds

“It appears that the Tower of Trials possesses its own distinct spatial dimension.”

Loong Chen, who had a mastery over spatial abilities, swiftly detected the familiar essence of spatial forces.

“The initiation of the first level challenge within the Tower of Trials is imminent. Exercise caution, everything you encounter within the Tower is not an illusion. The harm you endure is genuine. The Tower can guarantee your survival, but it won’t concern itself with whether you emerge seriously injured or on the brink of death.”

“Please take a final moment to confirm whether you wish to embark on the challenge.”

Essentially, this statement implied that your survival is guaranteed, but the extent of your injuries beyond that is of no concern.

Indeed, the path to becoming stronger often entails confronting significant dangers.

Without an awareness of potential danger, how can one tap into their true capabilities?


Loong Chen’s response was unwavering, devoid of any hesitation.

“The challenge has now officially commenced. Objective: Eliminate all the zombies.”

“Completion Rewards: If you manage to accomplish the task within one minute, you’ll receive a reward of 100,000 Alliance dollars; within two minutes, 50,000 Alliance dollars; within three minutes, 10,000 Alliance dollars.”

“No rewards will be granted for challenges lasting over three minutes.”

As the mechanical voice spoke, ripples formed on the ground, and a multitude of menacing zombies emerged from beneath.

Detecting the presence of living beings, they slowly advanced toward Loong Chen.

“These may not be genuine zombies, but they are indistinguishable from the real thing.”

Loong Chen reflected to himself.

Loong Chen sensed that these were not genuine zombies. Dispatching them wouldn’t yield the coveted energy essence.

Nonetheless, they attacked just like genuine zombies. If Loong Chen were caught by them, he risked genuine injury. As for the possibility of viral infection, he remained uncertain.

In no time, Loong Chen found himself encircled by numerous zombies, with more periodically emerging from the ground.

“These are all at least Level 1 advanced zombies, and there are even some at Level 2.”

Loong Chen squinted, understanding why Xiao Yan had mentioned that the Tower of Trials’ difficulty was tailored to the challenger’s level.

Ordinary Level 2 Evolver warriors would struggle to survive the collective assault of dozens of Level 1 and Level 2 zombies, let alone eliminate them all within three minutes.

Such a feat could only be accomplished by Evolvers of exceptional power within the same level.

“Regrettably, before me, a horde of Level 1 and Level 2 zombies are like mere insects.”

Loong Chen disdainfully remarked, finding the first level challenge quite manageable.

With a mere thought, he unleashed his Earth Superpower, summoning countless Earth Spikes that skewered the zombies.

In an instant, over a dozen Level 1 zombies fell victim to Loong Chen’s prowess.

“Did they actually drop attributes and empirical value?”

Loong Chen was taken aback. Upon the zombies’ demise, their bodies vanished, leaving behind luminous orbs—Attribute Points and empirical value.

Everything within this realm was no illusion. Despite the zombies not being genuine, they were authentic enough to drop Attribute Points and empirical value.

“Picking up done! Strength attribute*20.”

“Picking up done! Speed attribute*11.”

“Picking up done! Defense attribute*22.”

“Picking up done! Empirical value*200.”

As anticipated, he was able to collect Attribute Points and accumulate empirical value.

“In that case, I should fare even better than others in the Tower of Trials,” Loong Chen thought.

A sense of delight washed over Loong Chen, and a smile graced his face.

Inside the Tower of Trials, not only could he take on challenging levels, but he could also gather attributes to enhance his strength. It was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

The only drawback was that the zombies in the Tower of Trials yielded lower attributes and experience compared to those outside. Nevertheless, this deficit could be compensated for with sheer quantity.

In a mere thirty seconds, Loong Chen effortlessly dispatched dozens of zombies surrounding him.

Yet, zombies continued to emerge sporadically. Loong Chen’s brow furrowed. The sluggish pace of these zombies surfacing from the ground made him uncertain if he could eliminate them all within a minute.

“They appear to create ripples whenever they emerge,” Loong Chen observed this pattern and swiftly confirmed his suspicions. Armed with this knowledge, dealing with them became more manageable.

Loong Chen closely monitored the ground for any ripples. The moment they appeared, he struck down with the Tyrannical Saber, denying them the opportunity to fully surface.

This method saved precious time that would have otherwise been spent on their ascent.

After forty-five seconds, the ripples ceased, and the mechanical voice resounded once more.

“Congratulations, you’ve completed the first level in under a minute. You’ve earned a reward of 100,000 Alliance dollars. Please collect it yourself.”

Loong Chen had secured 100,000 Alliance dollars. Initially indifferent to these funds, he soon realized their significance when he learned they could be used in the Dragon God Temple’s online shopping mall.

“Would you like to proceed to challenge the second level?” the mechanical voice queried. Without hesitation, Loong Chen responded affirmatively.

The surroundings began to transform.

Concurrently, beyond the Tower of Trials, all eyes were fixed on the information displayed on a screen within the tower.

It contained updates on Loong Chen’s successful clearance of the level.

Witnessing him conquer the initial stage in a mere forty-five seconds left those who doubted his ability to pass the first level utterly astounded.

“This newcomer is truly exceptional. He managed to navigate the first level in under a minute!”

“I’m starting to wonder just how far he can progress.”

The attention of all was now riveted on the Tower of Trials screen.

Xiao Yan’s eyes widened. The first floor was no Herculean task to conquer, yet completing it within a minute was no mean feat.

He had taken two minutes to surmount the first level, and even members ranked behind the Sky Ranking had required a minute. In contrast, Loong Chen had breezed through it in a mere 45 seconds.

According to his knowledge, only the top ten Sky Ranking members could achieve such a result.

Unaware of the external astonishment, Loong Chen remained focused on his surroundings.

At this point, he found himself in a plain.

This plain was inhabited by numerous mutated beasts.

All of them were Level 2 mutated beasts.

While their numbers weren’t as significant as the mutated beasts on the first level, their quality unquestionably exceeded them. If most Dragon God Temple members could conquer the first level, far fewer would manage to conquer the second.

Only those ranked on the Earth List or on the verge of making it could hope to surmount the second level.

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