C91 – Premeditated plus Routine

Hee Jingyan, who was kicked, suddenly curled up, “Wifey, I’m still injured? Are you planning to murder your husband!?” He really looked like he was in pain.

Xu Yangyi also remembered Hee Jingyan’s injury and quickly moved his foot away. Just as he wanted to say that Hee Jingyan was the one who told him to be dishonest, Hee Jingyan grabbed his wrist and pulled him into his embrace before he could even finish his sentence.

“Ahh…” Xu Yangyi exclaimed, but at this moment, he had already fallen into Hee Jingyan’s arms.

The one who said that he had injuries on his body, on the other hand, was smiling at Xu Yangyi with a face full of contempt, “It was really easy to be fooled! My wife is really cute.” Finally, he pinched Xu Yangyi’s face.

Xu Yangyi hated him to the point that his intestines turned green because he didn’t expect Hee Jingyan to be so despicable, even deceiving him with injuries.

“If you want to die then just say it earlier, Hee Jingyan. I can send you there in advance.” Xu Yangyi twitched his mouth and said dangerously. It looked like the small universe was about to explode.

But before he could explode? Hee Jingyan suddenly picked him up and let him sit on his body while he checked Xu Yangyi’s injured ankle from yesterday.

“Does it still hurt like this?” Hee Jingyan pinched his swollen ankle and asked.

Xu Yangyi was surprised for a while. Originally, he was going to burst with anger, but now he became a bit confused. It seemed that he couldn’t keep up with Hee Jingyan’s attitude. Because he was eating his tofu just now? It was time to check his injured ankle.

“Pain?” Seeing that Xu Yangyi didn’t say anything, Hee Jingyan looked up at him, then stood up and said, “Let me show you where Silifa is.” He was about to carry Xu Yangyi off the bed, but Xu Yangyi finally reacted and said awkwardly, “No need, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“It really doesn’t hurt?” Hee Jingyan asked with a frown as if he was afraid Ye Zichen would lie to him and carry him onto his lap.

“So wordy, it really doesn’t hurt.” It was probably Hee Jingyan that was so serious! Plus, he was facing him again and was even sitting on his lap, he felt that it wasn’t too good, so he struggled and was about to get down, but Hee Jingyan didn’t let him move, “It doesn’t really hurt, right? What if I get twisted again? Don’t try to be brave.”

After saying that, he carried Xu Yangyi off the bed, walked to the bathroom and washed up.

Although it was really painful, but it was almost a habit for Hee Jingyan to carry him as if he was always walking. In order to prevent Hee Jingyan from getting into this habit, he quickly pushed him, “I’m really fine, I want to walk by myself. Put me down quickly.”

If it was a normal situation, Xu Yangyi wouldn’t care about it at all. First, he beat up Hee Jingyan, but now, he felt his face getting a bit hot. He didn’t even dare to look at Hee Jingyan, but he didn’t know why he was doing this.

Maybe it was because Xu Yangyi was still not used to the serious Hee Jingyan! It was because Hee Jingyan did not reveal his malicious look and appeared to be a very good man. Moreover, his charm value also rose at a crazy rate. That was why Xu Yangyi felt so uncomfortable.

To put it bluntly, Xu Yangyi was currently attracted by Hee Jingyan, but he didn’t know what was going on, so he didn’t know what was going on.

Hee Jingyan seemed to know the reason behind Xu Yangyi’s awkwardness, but he didn’t let go. He just carried Xu Yangyi into the bathroom until Xu Yangyi couldn’t take it anymore and blushed.

Not bad! Now you know how to see me shy. He had said so from the bottom of his heart. He had planned this long in advance.

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