C46 – Full-time Driver

In the fields, Su Ming was leaning against the car door, smoking a cigarette.

A car sped over from afar and stopped steadily in front of Su Ming.

The car door opened and President Chen quickly walked out.

“Mr. Su, I’m here.”

President Chen said with a smile.

“Thank you for your hard work. Let’s get in the car.”

Su Ming patted President Chen’s shoulder and opened the car door.

“Wait a minute!”

President Chen hurriedly said, “Mr. Su, you sit in the passenger seat. I’ll drive.”

Su Ming was stunned for a moment.

This was a truck with a total length of more than six meters.

“Mr. Su, you didn’t know that I have an A license.”

President Chen laughed, “If you want it, I’ll help you get it.”

Su Ming was stunned.

President Chen was already over fifty years old this year.

When he was young, it was relatively easy for him to take the driver’s license test.

Now, it was actually very easy for President Chen to get a driver’s license.

“I have an A license.”

Su Ming smiled. When he was in university, he had spent a lot of effort to get it.

At that time, Su Ming thought that if he didn’t have a good job, he would drive a big truck to transport goods.

The two of them got into the car separately.

President Chen sat in the driver’s seat, very nervous.

He took a deep breath, put on his seatbelt, and started the car skillfully.

This was the city center. President Chen was afraid that Su Ming would feel the bumpiness, so he drove very steadily.

Seeing Su Ming sitting in the passenger seat with his eyes closed, President Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

He had just turned at a crossroads.

Suddenly, an extremely ear-piercing horn sounded from behind him. President Chen frowned slightly and looked in the rearview mirror.

Before he could see clearly, a red sports car flashed past.

President Chen was shocked and hurriedly stepped on the brakes.

With a sharp braking sound, a long black mark appeared behind the tire.

Fortunately, President Chen’s driving speed was not very fast.

President Chen was very focused, otherwise, the two cars would have collided.

The sudden bump made Su Ming open his eyes.

He found an open Porsche in front of him. The driver had yellow hair. A woman with a revealing figure was sitting in the passenger seat.

“He dares to show off on the road with a car worth three million?”

President Chen was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat.

President Chen didn’t care about a car worth 30 million.

Before, he would have hit it without hesitation!

But now, Su Ming was sitting in the passenger seat. Su Ming said that he was selling antique jade artifacts this time, and there were a lot of fragile items behind them.

If they bumped into each other, Su Ming would suffer a great loss.

“Mr. Su, are you alright?”

President Chen asked anxiously. He had stepped on the brakes a little too hard.

“I’m fine.”

Su Ming was a little angry in his heart. However, in this world, many people would come out to show off when they had some money.

There was no need for him to lower himself to the same level as such a person.

He would get tired easily if he argued too much with such a person.

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