C37 – I Always Preserve My Own Moral Integrity

Zuo Shaoqing’s heart started to beat as he felt Lu Zheng’s gaze was a little strange. Although he wasn’t afraid that Lu Zheng would see through his real face, this kind of scrutinizing gaze made him very uncomfortable.

Outside the door, the azure-dressed man knocked on the door three times before reporting, “Master, a woman sent four maidservants over. She said that she is here to serve you.”

Zuo Shaoqing looked at the sky, then looked at the oil lamp in the room that had never broken, and guessed that Mrs. Xue had been following them closely, afraid that Master Lu would be lonely at night and not be able to sleep soundly.

However, he didn’t know which room these four girls came from. Could it be that they had sent Miss Zuo’s trained maid here first? They were all for his future husband, so wouldn’t they always be the same?

It was a pity that they sent the wrong gender. If they sent a few handsome attendant, Master Lu would probably accept it reluctantly.

With this thought on his mind, Zuo Shaoqing revealed a smile as if he was watching a good show. The cunning look on Zuo Shaoqing’s face made Lu Zheng stare at him a few more times.

“You’re laughing!” Lu Zheng did not give face to break Zuo Shaoqing’s little thoughts.

“Nope.” Zuo Shaoqing immediately denied it, “I was just wondering how these four maids are going to deal with them.”

“What do you think?”

“Of course…” Zuo Shaoqing rolled his eyes and slowly said: “Master Lu has been bathing in blood on the battlefield all year round, I’m afraid he doesn’t have the time to enjoy this affair. Since someone is sending himself to my doorstep, why not…”

Lu Zheng glanced at his lower body with suspicion, “You know quite a lot.”

It took Zuo Shaoqing half a cup of tea to understand the meaning of this sentence. His face immediately flushed red and he stammered as he stressed, “There is a face like jade in the book… What should be understood will naturally be understood!”

Liu Tie said towards the door, “Let them go.” Seeing Zuo Shaoqing’s eyes widen, Lu Zheng stared at him with an unreadable expression and asked, “Or should I say that Third Master Zuo is interested in keeping them here?”

“No no, no! I have always been pure and honest, how can I, how can I fool around with maids and maids?” Zuo Shaoqing’s tongue was beginning to be tied up as he was being stared at by Wu Tie in an extremely embarrassed manner.

Lu Zheng came in front of him and observed every single pore on Zuo Shaoqing’s face. He couldn’t help but rub the back of his hand across Zuo Shaoqing’s smooth and tender cheek. The touch made him think of the finest silk.

The back of his hand brushed the corner of Zuo Shaoqing’s lips, his gaze stopped on those two tender red lips, and he asked in a low voice: “Has Third Master Zuo reached the age where he can fool around?”

Zuo Shaoqing’s entire body was tense and his scalp tingled. The spot where Lu Zheng touched him carried a peculiar heat that burned all the way to his heart.

He remembered that he was an adult when he was 13 years old in his previous life, but he didn’t know if it was because there were too many things in his life that he had never been able to lose himself.

There was a slight blush on the young man’s fair skin. Under the light of the lamp, he looked like flawless jade. A stream of heat flowed out from Lu Zheng’s body and converged on his lower abdomen.

He coughed dryly as he sat up straight. He looked away from Zuo Shaoqing and said uncomfortably, “At such a young age, you shouldn’t learn to live in the brothels every day like those geniuses. They are a bunch of scum.”

Zuo Shaoqing glanced at Lu Zheng thoughtfully. This master had been on the battlefield since he was 11 and had been on the battlefield for seven years. It was unknown if he was still a boy.

In those few years at the Jiang’s Mansion, he could tell that many nobles liked to place a few handsome and beautiful attendant beside them.

Zuo Shaoqing tried to test him, using his inner force to push the steam up to his cheeks. His eyes were as smooth as water as he looked at Master Lu shyly and wrongly, saying, “Master Lu has wronged me.”

Lu Zheng was slightly stunned, then frowned and coldly lectured: “Why are you doing this? Vulgar!”

Zuo Shaoqing’s nerves snapped with a “Ka Cha” sound. He forced out two tears and blinked his long eyelashes. He seemed to be unable to let go as his lips also quivered, as if he was trying his best to restrain himself from feeling wronged.

He rarely looked at himself in the mirror and didn’t pay much attention to his appearance. However, from Jiang Che’s reaction in his previous life, he was definitely not a common person.

You dare to call him vulgar? Did Master Lu have a sense of aesthetics? Could it be that what he liked was not this type?

In Zuo Shaoqing’s previous life, he had never seen the top scholar whom he had a crush on before. He didn’t know what kind of man Lu Zheng had taken a fancy to. But judging from time, the current Lu Zheng still did not know Jiung Hengzhou, and it was even more impossible for him to be of any concern to him. Did that mean… Zuo Shaoqing did not dare to think too deeply about it. He had a nagging feeling that that idea would drag him into the abyss.

He stared at Zuo Shaoqing for a long time. Just a moment ago, his chest suddenly tightened up, and he felt a strange feeling of suffocation. The teenager’s eyes gave him a very strange feeling, it seemed to be pure, clear, and dark like the abyss; both extremes appeared in his eyes at the same time.

But no matter what it was, Lu Zheng did not find it annoying. He thought he would hate people who were two-faced, but in reality, he was more interested in Zuo Shaoqing and had a strong interest in solving all the mysteries.

Lu Zheng wanted to wipe away the tears on his eyelashes, but the longer he looked at them, the more he frowned. He felt that Zuo Shaoqing was acting a bit weird.

Zuo Shaoqing didn’t hear anything for a long time. He slightly raised his chin and turned his head to look at Lu Zheng. He asked softly, “What do you want to say?”

“Very fake!”

“…” Zuo Shaoqing subconsciously touched his cheek and pinched it. He thought his expression was perfect.

A thick hand replaced his hand, and imitated his actions by pinching the tender flesh on Zuo Shaoqing’s face. It was just that Zuo Shaoqing was clenching his teeth in pain.

He stared angrily at Lu Zheng and really wanted to ask Master Lu if this was a punishment.

Lu Zheng was a bit reluctant to let go. Most of the men he had met were coarse military generals, and even with such a delicate and tender scholar, he could not arouse Lu Zheng’s desire to communicate at all. Not to mention having hands on him, the scholar in front of him was really special.

Special… It was so appetizing!

He especially wanted to reveal his outer layer of hypocritical skin, so that he could reveal his true appearance.

In his memories, that gentle and refined looking guy from the Jiang Family had a dark heart and was a decently dressed beast. It was said that he had already mixed in with the Ministry of Personnel, and would bring disaster to who knows how many more commoners.

Seeing Lu Zheng’s eyes becoming more and more focused, Zuo Shaoqing felt a little uneasy. Lu Zheng was like a piece of meat placed in front of him. It made people want to jump at him, and there was an unspeakable desire in their hearts.

He was afraid of this desire. In this life, he did not intend to live for others. He wanted revenge, he wanted to become an official. He wanted to rise to the top.

“Lu… Master Lu, it’s getting late… I shall take my leave.” After Zuo Shaoqing said that, he left.

Lu Zheng looked at his empty hands and recalled the throbbing in his heart. He frowned unnaturally. Could it be that he had some ulterior motives towards this young man?

“Yinyi…” Lu Zheng shouted towards the door.

“Master!” Yinyi flew in like a gust of wind and stood straight in front of Lu Zheng. He was trying to figure out how his family’s master had provoked that young man, to the point that his face turned pale.

Lu Zheng sat there in confusion. After a long time, he finally spat out two words: “… Nothing.”

He originally wanted to ask Yinyi’s opinion. After all, he didn’t know anything about relationships, and didn’t even know if that feeling was moving his heart. However, he didn’t know how to ask about this sort of thing, so he could only figure it out.

He had known about men’s ways since he was young, and he had seen quite a few men in the military camp. In his heart, he was not afraid of men, but what was terrifying was: why would he be interested in a scholar?

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