C95 – Disillusionment

All the contestants in the square were undergoing their final tests, and the items that the contestants had secretly stored were all taken away one by one.

The teacher in charge of the inspection had acquired several space ring s, dozens of bottles of medicine, a book that was inappropriate for children, a few portraits of beauties, and more.

The contestant in front of Mo Yi got a box of jerky.

When it was Mo Yi’s turn, Mo Yi was let through without any problems. Mo Yi secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing Mo Yi being let through, Mo Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

Wu Gouyue looked at Mo Yi’s soft hair and smiled sinisterly, but she didn’t say anything.

Mo Fei’s heart sank when he saw Wu Gouyue looking at him with a faint smile.

A hundred participants successively stepped onto the transmission array and were transported into the arena.

Once Zheng Xuan entered the arena, he encountered a group of iron lion.

Zheng Xuan killed five levels’s leader iron lion without hesitation and obtained a five levels stellar nucleus.

With the death of the iron lion leader, the group of iron lion rioted, and one after another, the iron lion charged towards Zheng Xuan. Zheng Xuan effortlessly blocked the attacks of the lions, burning the lions to ashes.

Zheng Xuan found the iron lion s one by one from the ashes.

A faint fragrance of flowers floated over. Zheng Xuan subconsciously sniffed and suddenly his hands went soft and his feet went soft. He fell down silently.

Zheng Xuan fell to the ground. He was horrified to find out that he was unable to activate his astral force. A sense of danger that he had never felt before came over him.

A person whose face was covered by a Ghost Face Flower walked out of the forest.

Zheng Xuan looked at the newcomer and couldn’t help being alert.

“My luck is really good. I was still thinking about how to find you when you appeared in front of me. Sure enough, the world truly has its own destiny. You should know that no matter what you do, there will always be retribution.” Zheng Xuan knew that the person who came was deliberately hiding his voice.

“Who are you? Do we have any issues?” Zheng Xuan asked cautiously.

Mo Yi squatted down beside Zheng Xuan and glared hatefully at Zheng Xuan. The knife in Mo Yi’s hand cut through Zheng Xuan’s clothes. The tip of the blade slightly slashed across Zheng Xuan’s chest, and a bloody wound immediately appeared on it.

“Back then, you cut open Feiquan’s chest and stole his Fire Spirit Bead, right?” The bone blade moved back and forth on Zheng Xuan’s chest.

Zheng Xuan’s pupils suddenly constricted, “What did you say?”

“Don’t you understand what I’m going to say if I speak the truth in front of others?” Mo Yi smiled coldly and looked at Zheng Xuan with killing intent.

“I didn’t.” Zheng Xuan frowned.

“No, without your latent talent how could you have improved? If you hadn’t stolen the good fortune from the Flying Spring, you would have ended up causing his death and robbed him of everything, right?” Mo Yi stared at Zheng Xuan and asked.

The light in Zheng Xuan’s eyes constantly changed. Finally, he excitedly looked at the person in front of him and asked, “You are Xiao Qi.”

Mo Yi’s eyes stared blankly for a moment, while his bone knife was pressed against Zheng Xuan’s neck, “Are you trying to change the topic?”

Zheng Xuan spoke incoherently, “I didn’t tell anyone about the Fire Spirit Bead. Only Xiao Qi knows about it. You …”

Mo Yi looked at Zheng Xuan and said sarcastically, “That’s right, I’m Xiao Qi. Are you going to tell me that you’re fourteen?”

“I am fourteen!” Zheng Xuan answered in a natural manner.

Mo Yi smiled sinisterly, “How laughable, now you want to tell me that the person I saw in the secret realm all those years ago wasn’t Yin Feiquan, but you? I don’t remember you being like that, Fourteenth.”

Zheng Xuan hurriedly explained: “I am the sole son of the Zheng Family, my talent was bad when I was young, people from other branches were restless, my grandfather was afraid that if I were to enter the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm, I will be secretly harmed, and he allowed me to go in as Yin Feiquan.”

“You think I’d believe you if you said that?” Mo Yi sneered.

“But what I said was true. I still have the jade pendant that you left me. You said that it was your most precious thing, and it was on my neck.” Zheng Xuan hurriedly said.

Mo Yi indeed found a familiar jade pendant on Zheng Xuan’s neck.

Mo Yi let out a breath, glanced at Zheng Xuan, and asked doubtfully, “Let me ask you, when we were in the secret realm, 14 said he wanted to catch some fish for me, and then 14 caught a few.”

Zheng Xuan was a bit embarrassed and said, “I didn’t catch a single one, and got bitten by a water snake in the water.”

Mo Yi let go of his hand. It was hard to tell if he was disappointed or relieved. He looked at Zheng Xuan with a complicated look in his eyes.

Zheng Xuan carefully observed the expression of this person and said, “Xiao Qi, the jade pendant I gave you…”

Mo Yi replied with a sullen face, “The jade pendant you gave me was taken away by Xu Zihan. Now that you’re so close to him, how could you not know?”

Zheng Xuan’s expression changed again and again, carefully saying, “That year when I left the secret realm, I was captured by grandfather for closed door training. Three years ago, when I came out, things had already changed, and I checked the information of the people who entered the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm that year. Your rank is number seven, and your name is Xu Zihan.”

“And then? You went to Xu Zihan and thought he was Xiao Qi.” Mo Yi said somewhat sarcastically.

Zheng Xuan nodded, “Yes!”

Mo Yi squinted his eyes and said with a cold expression, “I have never told the Xu Family people about what happened in the secret realm. Xu Zihan doesn’t know about the 14th thing.”

Zheng Xuan’s brain exploded. If one thought carefully, there were many things that were not right with Xu Zihan. Whenever it came to the matters of the secret realm, the people from Xu Family were always vague about it.

Zheng Xuan somewhat awkwardly explained: “The people of Xu Family said that Xu Zihan was severely ill and did not have a lot of memories. He forgot me and the jade pendant that I gave you again…”

Mo Yi chuckled, “So, you believe it.”

Zheng Xuan nodded, “Yes!”

Mo Yi laughed in ridicule, “You are so easy to deceive. No, perhaps, it is not easy to deceive. You see Xu Zihan’s good looks, so you are too lazy to investigate if it is true or false.”

Zheng Xuan replied helplessly, “No, they said Xu Zihan had a heart attack. Whenever it comes to the secret realm, he is always very agitated, so I’m afraid I might provoke his illness… Let’s not talk about the secret realm afterwards.”

Mo Yi let out a breath, looked at Zheng Xuan with some disgust, “It doesn’t matter if it was you or not. As expected, the saying goes: If life is only met when the first time is over, then it’s better to not see each other. If I knew earlier that Fourteenth is not Yin Feiquan but you, then I shouldn’t have gone into depth on what happened that year.”

Zheng Xuan bit his lips in embarrassment.

Mo Yi reached out his hand to pull the jade pendant off Zheng Xuan’s neck, “I’ll take this jade pendant.”

Zheng Xuan replied somewhat eagerly, “You said it before, I got the jade pendant.” That was the token of love Xiao Qi gave him!

Mo Yi looked at Zheng Xuan somewhat angrily and said, “Then I also said before, the jade pendant was given to me by my father before he died, do you remember? If you remember, you wouldn’t have mistaken Xu Zihan for me!”

Zheng Xuan lowered his head and said with a bit of guilt: “I thought you were unhappy with your family sending you to a dangerous secret realm, so you said those angry words.” That was what Xiao Mei had explained to him.

Mo Yi couldn’t help but sneer. He suddenly thought of something and asked, “When did you come into contact with Xu Zihan?”

Zheng Xuan thought for a moment and said, “About three years ago.”

Mo Yi looked at Zheng Xuan with resentment. His eyes looked as if they were filled with poison.

Zheng Xuan’s heart sank. He asked carefully, “Did I do something wrong?”

Mo Yi smiled indifferently and said, “It’s nothing. It’s all thanks to you. I’ve been hunted down since three years ago. I almost died, and my face is still ruined.”

Zheng Xuan’s body stiffened. He was not an idiot and immediately understood what was going on. Xu Family, the people of Xu Family…

Zheng Xuan panicked a little and said, “Sorry, I…” I didn’t know it would be like this.”

“There’s no need to apologize. Back then in the secret realm, you saved me three times. I’ll just treat it as returning the favor.” Mo Yi said coldly.

Zheng Xuan’s lips moved, he didn’t know what to say.

Mo Yi looked at Zheng Xuan coldly. He grabbed Zheng Xuan’s waist and threw him onto a tree branch.

“The knockout drug on your body will be released in another incense stick of time.” Mo Yi glanced at Zheng Xuan and was about to leave.

Zheng Xuan grabbed Mo Yi’s sleeve and said with some joy: “Xiao Qi, you still remember to put me on the branch. You don’t want to be eaten by the Star Beast down there, do you? You don’t want me to die, do you?”

Mo Yi looked coldly at Zheng Xuan, “Let go.”

Zheng Xuan insisted on grabbing Mo Yi’s sleeve, “You still can’t bear to part with me.”

Mo Yi pushed Zheng Xuan away and landed on the ground.

Zheng Xuan fell down from the tree and followed behind Mo Yi.

“You’re not poisoned?” Mo Yi turned around and his eyes suddenly shrunk as he asked.

Zheng Xuan quickly explained, “I was poisoned at the beginning, it’s just that I met an immature viper before, after I ate its snake gall, I was immune to a lot of poisons. Although that poison you gave me had an effect, it was a little less effective than others.”

Mo Yi narrowed his eyes. Zheng Xuan should have been able to move freely by now, and this guy was purposely showing weakness just now.

“Are you trying to plot against me by feigning to be poisoned?” Mo Yi asked doubtfully.

“I… No.” Zheng Xuan hurriedly said, but he felt a little guilty. At the beginning, he had such a thought, but after knowing that the other party was Xiao Qi, he stopped.

Mo Yi turned around and ignored Zheng Xuan as he walked forward.

“Why are you following me?” Mo Yi said impatiently.

“The poison you used was so powerful, how did you bring it in? You actually tricked the teacher, you’re so powerful.” Zheng Xuan said in a flustered manner.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Mo Yi said in annoyance.

His hair had been soaked in Drunken Dream World’s potion. If he wanted to use this kind of potion, he would need to cut off his hair and burn it into ashes.

“If you don’t want to tell me, I won’t ask.” Zheng Xuan hurriedly said.

Mo Yi gritted his teeth and continued walking.

Zheng Xuan chased up and said, “Xiao Qi, do you remember when you were young, you said that you would marry me when you grew up?”

Mo Yi clenched his fist, “I don’t remember.”

“I don’t remember. How can you not remember?” Zheng Xuan felt wronged and looked at Mo Yi anxiously.

Mo Yi sneered, “It’s good that you’re married to Xu Zihan. One of you is stupid, one is cheap, and the other is so compatible. You’re a match made in heaven.”

Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi with a pale face and said, “Xiao Qi, don’t be angry!”

“Who said something infuriating? What I said was the truth.” Mo Yi said resolutely.

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