C101 – It’s All Arranged

Because the Night’s Fall Sword City is filled with recording magic, there is a record every few meters. It would be monitored at all times, but it wouldn’t be used during normal times. As long as the person was willing, they would be able to investigate the whereabouts of the person clearly.

This was the strictest method to maintain the law and order in Night’s Fall Sword City. Under normal circumstances, it would not be used.

But today, the City Lord had gone to great lengths to investigate a person. Although none of the secret guards knew who this person was, the City Lord’s attitude had already expressed the importance of this person. They were the shadows of the City Lord, following the will of the City Lord. Thus, there was no need to ask for the reason. All they needed to do was carry it out.

The closest of the City Lord’s hidden guards was also the leader of the hidden guards, Yueh. She half-knelt on the ground and passed the results of the investigation to Fang Xiang.

From the moment they entered the city to the time they passed by the inn, everything was clear and clear.

Fang Xiang reached out her hand to take it. Her eyes were serious. This Foundation Establishing Stage youth called Xia Shui and Luo Shun walked together in a few words. He brought his sister to Secret Jewel Inn first, then he got to know the female boss of the fox demon in Secret Jewel Inn. It could even be said that they were very close…

What was more interesting was that Xun Yimu had sent people to investigate the whereabouts of Guo Fan and Luo Shun.

This proved that she had definitely used some means to sense that someone was nearby. However, the situation became chaotic again, and she could not continue to look for him.

And now, Fang Xiang had completely intercepted the results of the investigation with her mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

“Hehe… So young and impulsive.”

Fang Xiang smiled lightly. She could not determine any unnecessary information from the rest of the tracks. However, compared to the identity of this person’s talisman, it showed that he came from the Veplon Country in the southeast of Middle Continent. What was even more coincidental was that not long ago, the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator.

It happened to be heading towards the southeast of Middle Continent aggressively.

Furthermore, without being invited, it suddenly came to the Night’s Fall Sword City. After receiving the news, it was temporarily staying in the Livingbow Residence. It seemed like it was also looking for someone.

Rumors had it that she would become the judge of the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference’s Singing Sword segment. It was just that she was invited by the Night’s Fall Sword City after she came to the Night’s Fall Sword City.

One coincidence was a coincidence, but so many coincidences were inevitable!

“To be able to provoke so many powerful and beautiful girls, I think only my cute little Xiaobo can appear and disappear unpredictably, right?”

Fang Xiang’s eyes carried an inexplicable feeling of adoration and drowning. Her smile was filled with motherly nature as she looked at the other additional information in her hand.

Not long after the sudden outbreak of the Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator, there was only one major event that happened in Veplon Country. It was the extermination of the spies of the Devil Cult in Wide Ocean Sect. At the same time, there was a wave of internal conflict. Finally, it was settled internally and settled down.

And one of the people who was not famous but had played a major role in it.

People called him Mr. Xiaobo.

Everything was connected in a timed line, seamlessly.

The Night’s Fall Sword City Lord revealed a confident smile, and his gaze was as gentle as melting water. On one of the pages of this document was the unique portrait of this mysterious Mr. Xiaobo. The appearance he had obtained from memory through a simple soul searching technique wasn’t much different from the actual situation.

She was already familiar with these secret methods. The iron walls and duties of Night’s Fall Sword City were sometimes like shackles and cages. It made her exhausted, but only her little Xiaobo was gentle. She had never used her utilitarian heart to approach her. Her eyes reflected her own body.

This was her pure land and paradise. Those who wanted to hurt him were not allowed to…

“General, soldier.”

His neat and clean fingernails tapped on the paper like chess pieces.

The young man in black clothes and black hair on the paper had a handsome smile on his face, no different from what he remembered.

The beautiful woman in the golden silk peacock blue dress raised her red lips. The white and full breasts of her chest were outlined perfectly by the blue robe. A trace of cold light flashed in her eyes as she looked down at the book table.

It was as if she was telling the eternal truth that only the strong were worthy of a beauty.


Guo Fan silently returned to the upper room that had already turned into a dormitory. He had the full strength of a card with him. This group of new cuties were truly undetectable. These people were all meditating and adjusting their breathing. They were preparing to strike with their swords.

The hammer-hammer that had previously been wrapped in a blanket had now fallen asleep. It was likely that he was tired. He slept very soundly, maintaining his cat form and laying down his belly together. He curled up into a ball, his tail and ears moving from time to time. He looked especially cute.

Guo Fan’s expression was a little strange. If he did that, wouldn’t it mean that he did something wrong with a cat?

No, the essence of the hammer was a huge dragon…

So it was actually a dragon cat?

Guo Fan reached out and touched the back of the hammer. It was as smooth as ever. He found that the bed had not been cleaned yet, so he cast a Qingchen spell to remove the strange stains.

The hair of the hammer touched Tan Ling’s hair. It felt that the hair of the hammer was smoother than the hair of the hammer, but Tan Ling’s hair was very fluffy and soft. She always wanted someone to knead it.

Why did it feel like this sentence was strange again?

Guo Fan sat on the bed and played with the water and fire beads. He felt that he should not look for Fang Xiang.

Because he believed that in the Night’s Fall Sword City Lord Arena, Fang Xiang would definitely be the first person to find his identity and whereabouts.

So he just had to wait patiently for the contact.

It was not as if he had not thought about Tan Ling’s initiative at all.

When he first transmigrated, he was still ambitious and full of confidence. He intended to take everything.

In the end, before he could settle Su Feng and Gu Yaling in Novice Village, a Li Xieren came forward and almost died. After that, he subconsciously feared her hands and feet.

But it was not possible to continue like this. Today, it happened to be in the territory of Fang Xiang in Night’s Fall Sword City. It could be considered as the home ground advantage. If they could take care of Xun Yimu and Sun Fen, one of them was a rich girl with money, while the other was a Sword Saint with martial power.

It would be very helpful for him to deal with the remaining women in the future.

Guo Fan was bored as he held the two beads in his hands. Suddenly, he paused. He remembered that he had not told Tan Ling about Tan Xinyue. He had been interrupted by Song Ru previously and had not had the time to say it… but he had forgotten about it later on.

If Tan Xinyue was really a Mountain Sea Spirit, then he needed the ingredients to hatch the Black-Eyed Wonder Beast – the Mountain and Sea Treasure Heart, which was the core of the Mountain Sea Spirit.

At that time, he wanted to remind Tan Ling and think about Tan Xinyue’s whereabouts. He also wanted to suppress his selfish desire to expand in an instant.

But he did not expect that he would be interrupted by Song Ru…

“Well, after all, Xinyue is so cute and the Mountain Sea Spirit is not the only one. There will still be chances in the future.”

Guo Fan closed his eyes and continued his boring and boring cultivation before dawn.

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