C600 – Limitless Sect

In the endless starry sky.

A Divine Ship was flying through the air.

“Quickly, quickly, otherwise, we won’t be able to catch up!”

The people on the Divine Ship stared at the Divine Ship in front of them, their eyes filled with anxiety.

“There’s no hurry. We’re not running. Why are you looking for us?”

A voice suddenly sounded from the Divine Ship.

“Not running? What nonsense? They are waiting for us to chase after them. Hurry up and chase after them. Where is the person who will report to them? Have you found Lord Qihuang? If this matter is settled by us, Monarch Master’s achievements will be within reach!”

The person leading the Divine Ship was Lin Xie. He was the son of an elder of the Limitless Sect. He had come to search for the dog on his father’s orders.

No one had expected such a good thing to happen to him.

As long as he reported the news back to Lord Qihuang, he would be considered to have made a great contribution.

Lord Qihuang had promised that no matter who found this dog, Lord Qihuang would help him break through the mirror and enter the Monarch Stage.

Lin Xie was excited as if he had already seen the scene when he broke through the mirror and entered the Monarch Stage. He was excited and did not notice anything unusual. He thought his brother was talking when he heard the voice and continued.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Xie felt that something was not right. The voice was not familiar. As the boss of the Divine Ship, he knew every brother’s voice like the back of his hand.

This person was not from his Divine Ship!

He turned around and saw a strong man looking at him with a smile on his face.

“Taoist Immortal Jiang! You…”

Lin Xie roared in horror.

Taoist Immortal Jiang stretched out his hand and grabbed Lin Xie’s neck with the same smile on his face.

Only then did the people around him realize what had happened. Shock appeared on their faces.

“It’s Taoist Immortal Jiang. He’s alone. Capture him and use him as a hostage. Threaten the dog to surrender!”

The disciples of Limitless Sect who had regained their senses shouted out one after another.

Taoist Immortal Jiang couldn’t help but laugh. These were all idiots, right?

If he didn’t have absolute confidence, would he walk right into their trap?

But that made sense. If these people weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t have been fooled by that stupid dog, Qihuang.

Taoist Immortal Jiang stretched out his hand, causing the Void to tremble. He then slapped the body of the person who rushed over.


The Void exploded, and a Great Dao shattered with a loud bang. Blood clouds gathered within the Void.

Taoist Immortal Jiang continued to move. He grabbed Lin Xie’s neck with one hand. His other hand was like a butterfly fluttering in the air. Every time it flapped, there will always be a member of the Infinity Sect who will be sent flying, and some of them will explode and die. The Great Dao inside the spatial Void broke one after another.

However, in an instant, there were only a dozen or so people left on the Divine Ship.

It wasn’t that Taoist Immortal Jiang didn’t want to kill them, but the dog indicated for him to ask about the Qilin’s whereabouts.

The smell of urine spread. Lin Xie looked at the scene in front of him in horror and exclaimed in his heart, Impossible!

Taoist Immortal Jiang was just a piece of trash from the Space Hunters in the past.

On the other hand, his Limitless Sect was a famous sect in Chaotic Battlefield. There were countless powerhouses in the sect.

When did Taoist Immortal Jiang break through to the Monarch Stage?

Furthermore, he was a late Imperial Emperor!

“Lin Xie, right? I’ll give you a chance to live. Bring us to Qihuang. If we find you, I’ll destroy your entire Infinity Sect.”

Taoist Immortal Jiang’s voice was gentle and gentle, like a spring breeze. However, what he said made Lin Xie shiver. It was as if the God of Death was looking at him, causing Lin Xie’s expression to change drastically.

However, Lin Xie was stunned for a moment when he heard what Taoist Immortal Jiang said. Then, he was overjoyed.

‘What’s he doing here?’ Didn’t he just want to grab the dog and bring it back?

This was great. Taoist Immortal Jiang asked them to bring him to Lord Qihuang. This time, his life was saved, and he had also completed the task given by Lord Qihuang.

Killing two birds with one stone!

Originally, he was going to be held accountable for killing so many of his brothers, but now, it had become his achievement.

After paying such a huge price, he had even completed his mission. How big of a risk had he taken?

At the thought of this, a hint of delight appeared in the depths of Lin Xie’s eyes.

“Alright, I’ll take you guys to Lord Qihuang!”

He had to bring them. If he did not bring them, he would be an idiot!

Taoist Immortal Jiang grabbed Lin Xie and the rest onto the Divine Ship. He looked at Lin Xie’s Divine Ship with disdain and smashed it with his palm.

Lin Xie’s heart ached so much that his liver hurt. However, when he thought that he was about to become Monarch Master, he finally let go of his clenched fist.

The group soon arrived at the Limitless Sect.

When Lin Xie saw the elders, he became smug all of a sudden.

“Hahaha, Taoist Immortal Jiang, you’re the one who walked into my trap this time. Don’t blame me if you die!”

Lin Xie came to the front of the Infinity Sect in an instant. He looked around and shouted,

“Lord Qihuang, I’ve brought the dog back for you! Lord Qihuang, I’ve brought the dog back for you!”

He looked at the elders excitedly, as if he had already seen the envy in the eyes of the elders and his father.

However, he was stunned because he could only see fear in their eyes. Apart from that, there was no other expression on their faces.

His father kept winking at him, but he did not say anything to praise him.

Lin Xie was stunned. What was going on?

“Lord Qihuang, I’ve brought the dog back for you!”

He roared at the sky. As long as Lord Qihuang came out, all the problems would be solved.

But he had shouted so many times. Why hadn’t Lord Qihuang appeared yet?

Lin Xie also realized that something was wrong. His body trembled. Could it be that Lord Qihuang had left?

If that was the case, everything would be explained.

Lin Xie’s father sighed. It was over. It was over now!


The dog walked to the deck and sent out a powerful spiritual force. After a while, he was puzzled and looked at Lin Xie in astonishment. Where was the Qilin?

Lin Xie felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar under the dog’s gaze. After a while, he felt as if he had been thrown into a boiling pot.

“Lin Xie, right? Where’s that silly dog?”

Loong Linshuang held the little bell in her arms and jumped onto the dog’s head as she asked.

“Silly dog!”

Little Guo Guo imitated Loong Linshuang’s actions and hugged her little bell as she muttered.

The dog was speechless and indicated to the little girl not to learn well.

Little Guoguo stuck out her tongue and laughed.

“Lord Dog, I…”


The Boundless Sect’s Sect Master stood out. It was very polite and wanted to explain, but as soon as it said those words, its head was smashed by the dog’s claw.

“Tell me where that Qilin has gone to. If you keep talking nonsense, your Boundless Sect won’t exist anymore!”

Taoist Immortal Jiang looked at the people of the Boundless Sect coldly. The Qi of a late Imperial Emperor instantly spread out and enveloped the entire Boundless Sect.

“Reporting to my lord, that stupid dog has gone to the Ancient Lin family to capture Guan Shengwu! He wants to capture Guan Shengwu and force Sir out!”

An elder immediately stood out and replied.

When the dog heard this, its expression changed slightly. It turned around and a passageway appeared. It glanced at Taoist Immortal Jiang and stepped into it.

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