C107 – Calling for Help

“Xiaojie? Wife, Wife, what happened to you? Where are you? I’ll go find you.”

Unable to hear Shang Xiaojie’s voice, Mu Sifa was frantic. After all, he had called more than fifty times before he could get through. However, no one said anything after the call, so he was naturally worried.

Jia Tianxia didn’t even dare to make a sound when he heard Mu Sifa being so anxious. If he didn’t make a sound now, he would die in an even worse way.

“Bro, the boss is me.” He braced himself and went up.

Mu Sifa was stunned and quickly checked his phone. He thought he made the wrong call, but it was indeed Shang Xiaojie’s phone.

“Why is it you? Where’s Xiaojie?” With a hint of anger.

“Madam, Madame is missing.”

Jia Tianxia gritted his teeth and finished speaking. He immediately closed his eyes and waited for Mu Sifa’s roar.

Mu Sifa’s eyes widened, “What did you say?”

The sound lost its original color. It was not the roar that Jia Tianxia expected, but the shock of a bolt out of the blue.

Jia Tianxia quickly explained, “Two and a half hours ago, Madam said that she wanted to go to the washroom. After that, I couldn’t find her. I’m sorry.”

The apology sent shivers down his spine.

“Two hours ago?” Mu Sifa roared, “It’s already been two hours before you tell me? Do you think you’re living too comfortably?”

“Although I did not see Madam Ye, she informed the cleaning lady and said that she was going to the opposite side of the city to play. Of course, I was afraid that something would happen to my wife, so I immediately followed her out. But, but I’ve been searching for more than two hours, I still couldn’t find the Lady.”

At first, he tried to defend himself, but as time passed, his voice became softer and softer because Shang Xiaojie had disappeared from his place, so he didn’t have the face to find an excuse for him.

“Then what the fuck are you still standing there for? Hurry up and find someone for me!” From how furious he was at this moment, it could be seen how angry he was.

Indeed, when he heard that Shang Xiaojie had disappeared, Mu Sifa almost went crazy. He was afraid that something had happened to him, that he might have cried somewhere, or that he might have been bullied by Shang Minjie or something, and that he wasn’t around.

However, Mu Sifa also knew that it was useless to shout at Jia Tianxia, so he finally calmed down, “Look around the hospital. Don’t leave a single place out. I’m looking for it at the video game city. If you have any news, give me a call as soon as you can.”

“Yes.” Jia Tianxia ordered and then blamed himself, “Sorry.”

Mu Sifa did not reply. He hung up coldly and even his breathing felt a bit uncomfortable.

Shang Xiaojie, you can’t get into trouble, I won’t let anything happen to you.

He held his phone tightly, walked out of the screening room and ran upstairs to the video game city, while panicking to find Shang Xiaojie.

Jia Tianxia’s face was full of self-blame as he heard the beep on his phone. Then, he slapped himself hard in the face to punish himself for doing something bad.

He didn’t dare to waste time and rushed out of the office to find Shang Xiaojie.

But Mu Sifa and Jia Tianxia had searched for everything they could find, and still they could not find Shang Xiaojie.

Just as Jia Tianxia was about to call Mu Sifa to ask him if he had found him, a passing worker complained, “What’s going on? The men’s restroom upstairs has been cleaned for almost three hours, and it still hasn’t been cleaned properly, so I had to come up to the first floor.”

“Did someone set it up on purpose!? Working in there or something.” The people beside him snickered.

“I don’t know. I just looked at the sign from afar and didn’t go over to take a look. Furthermore, one could hear faint rustling sounds, which seemed to be accompanied by cries for help or something like that. It’s very scary.”

“Is it a prank? Why don’t you go over and take a look?”

“Who dares to go over! They say the toilet in our hospital is too scary, and I’m afraid we might bump into something unclean.”

After the two staff members left, Jia Tianxia’s body was completely shocked.

“Right, the toilet. How could I have forgotten about this?”

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