C106 – Shang Xiaojie Was Missing

Although he felt that Jia Tianxia was very weird, Mu Sifa didn’t have the time to guess so much. He still had to rush in to watch the movie with Shang Xiaojie, so he rushed to the screening hall.

After Mu Sifa walked in, in an inconspicuous corner, Elina walked out proudly with a smile. After kissing her movie ticket, she twisted her slim waist to check her ticket, revealing her anger.

Hmph, Shang Xiaojie, just stay inside and sniff the shit! I’ll help you watch this movie with Mu Sifa, no need to thank me.

She smiled coldly. At this moment, her heart must be feeling great!

Mu Sifa had been sitting in his seat for a long time. He didn’t see Shang Xiaojie, so he looked left and right, thinking that he was sitting on the wrong number, but there was nothing wrong with counting.

“Did he go to the bathroom?”

Thinking that this was a possibility, Mu Sifa didn’t think too much about it.

After a while, Elina suddenly sat next to him and looked at him in shock.

“What a coincidence, Sifa. Are you also a fan of this movie?” She covered her face in surprise and directly moved to Shang Xiaojie’s seat.

However, the moment she sat down, Mu Sifa immediately said coldly, “There’s someone here.”

Elina’s happiness was suddenly blocked by his words, and she reluctantly returned to her seat.

“Hug, sorry!”

Mu Sifa ignored him, as a sense of unhappiness arose within him.

Elina’s eyes immediately tensed up because Mu Sifa ignored her. However, she still wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Mu Sifa. However, the movie had begun and she had missed the opportunity.

Elina was angered to death. Damn it! He wasted such a great opportunity and his position just happened to be on Shang Xiaojie’s side. Damn it, this was bad luck.

Mu Sifa knew Elina had been looking at him. However, he was in a good mood, so he didn’t let Elina’s mood get bad. Therefore, he put on an unapproachable face and used his aura to cut off his stance.

However, even after five minutes had passed, there was still no sign of Shang Xiaojie. It was time to call him! He didn’t answer again.

Mu Sifa finally felt that something was wrong and went out to look for Shang Xiaojie.

When Elina saw Mu Sifa leave, she bit her nails and stomped her feet in anger. She knew Mu Sifa had gone out to find Shang Xiaojie.

What’s the matter with that dead child that made you so nervous for him? Unforgivable.

His expression instantly turned cold, and his eyes widened as if he was about to devour someone.

Jia Tianxia, who ran back to the hospital, finally realized that something was wrong after a while, “Strange, I have the Madam’s ticket! How did he get in?”

He scratched his head and fumbled in his pocket for his ticket.

“Could it be that he couldn’t find me and bought his own ticket to enter? But I didn’t tell him the exact time! Or did the boss tell him afterwards?”

Jia Tianxia thought about it, but he still felt that something wasn’t right, so he quickly ran upstairs to the office.

Seeing that there’s no one inside, Jia Tianxia smiled awkwardly, “That’s right? Is Madame in the cinema now? How could it be here?”

However, just as he was about to close the door and leave, Shang Xiaojie’s phone rang.

“Whose phone?” He was curious, so he walked closer to take a look. When he saw the caller ID showing the great devil Mu Sifa, he knew it was Mu Sifa. He suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Xiaojie, where are you?” Is it discomfort or is there pain?”

The moment he answered, Mu Sifa’s panicked voice came from the other side of the phone.

Jia Tianxia thought he was finished, and only now did he realize that Shang Xiaojie was gone.

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