C50 – Tower of Trials

Tower of Trials: A super technology produced by a powerful civilization. It is used in the training grounds of the Dragon God Temple members.

This was actually a super technology left behind by a powerful civilization, and it looked pretty good.

Loong Chen planned to give it a try.

Thus, Loong Chen followed the location shown on the map and quickly arrived at Tower of Trials.

Just as its name suggested, Tower of Trials was a tower. If one looked at it from the outside, it was just an ordinary tower, not some super technology.

Many people were gathered outside the Tower of Trials. No one cared about Loong Chen’s arrival at all.

All of them were focused on the Tower of Trials.

“Loong Chen, why are you here?”

Just as Loong Chen was sizing up the Tower of Trials, a familiar voice appeared beside his ear.

Loong Chen turned his head and saw two familiar figures.

They were Xiao Yan and Xiao Xiaoxun.

“Mr. Xiao, I just came to the Dragon God Temple. I don’t know much about this place, so I wanted to walk around, so I came here.”

Loong Chen said. It just so happened that he didn’t know much about Tower of Trials. If Xiao Yan was here, he would be able to find out more about it.

“The Tower of Trials is one of the precious lands of the Dragon God Temple. Not only can cultivators enter the Tower of Trials to gain experience, they can also obtain some extra rewards.”

Xiao Yan nodded and said.

“Mr. Xiao, I don’t know much about this Tower of Trials. Why don’t you tell me about it?”

Loong Chen said. Xiao Yan naturally wouldn’t be stingy and started to explain to him.

“There are nine levels in the Tower of Trials. Each level will have different challenges. The Tower of Trials will set the difficulty by scanning the overall strength of the challenger. The higher the level of the challenge, the more difficult it will be.”

The Tower of Trials actually set the difficulty by scanning the overall strength of the challenger. This way, there wouldn’t be any level advantage because no matter how high the level was, the challenger would face the same challenge.

The purpose of the Tower of Trials was not to urge the challenger to level up, but to increase their combat strength between the same level.

The same level wasn’t equal to the same combat strength. For example, Loong Chen was only a Level 2 Evolver, but in terms of combat strength, he could kill any ordinary Level 4 Evolver.

“Then, has anyone passed the last level?” Loong Chen asked.

If there was, it meant that the person was definitely one of the top existences amongst those of the same level.

Xiao Yan shook his head with a serious expression.

“The best result so far is only the seventh floor, and the owner of this result is none other than our Dragon God Temple’s Palace Master, Lord Invincible Dragon God.”

Even Invincible Dragon God only made it to the seventh floor?

Loong Chen couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard this. This Tower of Trials was too terrifying. Not even the strongest human, Invincible Dragon God, had made it to the seventh floor.

Then, had the mysterious civilization that created the Tower of Trials broken through the limit of the Tower of Trials?

If there was, did that mean that the civilization of that race was stronger than Invincible Dragon God?

“Oh right, every time you successfully pass the trial, you can get a corresponding reward. The size of the reward was calculated by Tower of Trials. For example, you could get a corresponding reward in one or two minutes. If you spend too much time, you might not get a reward even if you succeed in the challenge.”

Xiao Yan continued to explain. Loong Chen had more or less understood what was going on.

In fact, the reward system in Tower of Trials was similar to the instance dungeons in some online games he had played in his past life. If he succeeded in clearing the challenge within a certain period of time, he would be able to get a specific reward.

This would also motivate the players to increase their combat strength.

“Zhao Sanduo has come out. He actually passed the third level this time!”

“It’s a pity that he passed the time limit. He didn’t get any rewards at all. Otherwise, the rewards for the third level would definitely be very high.”

Just as the two of them were talking, sighs suddenly sounded from the crowd.

Loong Chen and Xiao Yan subconsciously looked towards the Tower of Trials. The door opened and a young man in his twenties walked out.

He looked very excited. Although he had passed the time limit, this proved that his strength had improved a little. When he passed the next round, he should be able to pass the test within the stipulated time limit.

Every person who challenged the Tower of Trials would be recorded. If they were not satisfied with their result, they could challenge again.

If the second round’s result was better than the first, then the Tower of Trials would give him a corresponding reward.

“Zhao Sanduo.”

Xiao Yan looked at Zhao Sanduo and frowned.

“What’s wrong? Do you have a grudge with him?”

Loong Chen asked.

“Zhao Sanduo is also a member of the Earth List. He is ranked just behind me. He is ranked sixty-seventh in the Earth List. He has always wanted to defeat me and obtain my ranking. Now that he has passed the third level, he will probably challenge me very soon.”

Xiao Yan’s furrowed brows loosened up very quickly. He wasn’t afraid of Zhao Sanduo.

Although Zhao Sanduo had passed the third floor, he had passed the time limit. He had passed the third level within the stipulated time frame, so he was slightly stronger than Zhao Sanduo.

“Loong Chen, you should also go and challenge him. Let’s see how strong you are.”

Xiao Yan said. Xiao Xiaoxun had been telling him how powerful Loong Chen was, which made him curious about how powerful he was.

“That’s right. Loong Chen, you can go and try it.”

Xiao Xiaoxun also advised.

Loong Chen originally wanted to give it a try. After the two of them urged him, he also walked towards the Tower of Trials.

“Eh? Could it be that he’s new here?”

“I think so. This should be his first time entering the Tower of Trials. Which floor do you think he can reach?”

“He should be able to barely pass the first floor. After all, those who can join the Dragon God Temple can’t be ordinary people.”

Watching Loong Chen walking towards the Tower of Trials, the people outside the pagoda started discussing amongst themselves.

Loong Chen turned a deaf ear to their discussion. He would never waver his inner thoughts because of other people’s words.

He walked into the door of the first floor and scanned Loong Chen’s body with a ray of light. The next moment, a mechanical voice sounded in the surroundings.

Name: Loong Chen

Level: Level 2 Mid Rank to Level 2 High Rank

Challenger record: None

“Do you want to challenge the first level?”

In the darkness of Tower of Trials, Long Chen said loudly.

“Let’s begin.”

As soon as Loong Chen’s voice faded, the darkness was immediately dispersed by the light. Loong Chen found himself in an unknown place. It did not look like he was in a tower.

There was nothing around him. There was no land, no sky, nothing.

It was like a grandmist world that hadn’t been opened by the Chaos.

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