C107 – A True Gentleman

Tang Yue held a wooden board in front of Crown Prince Zhao and said with a smile, “Your Highness, please give me the word!”

“Gift the word?”

“The medicine store is about to open, and its name is still unknown. The plaque has not been made yet, so I will leave it to Your Highness.”

Crown Prince Zhao raised his head and glanced at him. He said lightly, “My ink treasure is not cheap.”

“We are going to be a family soon. Talking about money hurts our feelings.”

“One thing is one thing, and brothers know how to settle scores. Besides, you have mentioned a few conditions after marriage. Aren’t you talking about money everywhere?”

Tang Yue could not argue with him. “Okay,” he said. How much do you want?”

“Gu Zheng is preparing to build a thousand men heavy cavalry unit. When the time comes, how about asking young dandy to be a military doctor?”

“Do you want me to serve you just because you say a few words? Will it be too advantageous?”

“Husband and wife are one, what does it matter if I take advantage of you?”

“…” Tang Yue blinked his eyes and thought to himself, “I didn’t expect this person to be so thick-skinned. He might even have the potential to be cynical.”

In the end, Tang Yue did not reject his suggestion. He also wanted to bring his own team of nurses to the battlefield one day and establish a mobile and efficient army.

Crown Prince Zhao hesitated for a while on the brush and carving knife. In the end, he chose the carving knife. This was the writing method he was most familiar with.

“Should I give you a name too? This is your medicine store.” Crown Prince Zhao reminded him.

Tang Yue shrugged. “It’s just a name. It doesn’t matter.” His mind was full of “Hall of Benevolence” and “Hall of Relics.” It might be a little new for Lee Zhao to name such an old pharmacy.

However, his hope was destined to fail. Crown Prince Zhao pondered for a moment, raised his sleeves, and carved the three big words “Huian Hall” on the wooden board.

“Why is it called Huian Hall?” Is he a brother of the Hall of Tong-Ren and the Hall of Tong-An?

“Not good?”

“It’s not like…” It was just that there was nothing new about it. Of course, Tang Yue knew that the names of the pharmacies all took this route. It was mainly to take good luck.

However, regardless of whether this name was new or not, it did not matter. Crown Prince Zhao’s three big words were carved very well. Every stroke was just right. The edges of the words were connected and strong. If they were carved on the stone tablet, Maybe in a thousand years.

Tang Yue was ready to use this wooden board to paint people. He specially chose a piece of black sandalwood. The frame was inlaid with a layer of gold. He just needed to brush the words into gold.

It was definitely a high-level door plaque.

“Do you want to change it?” Crown Prince Zhao saw that he did not look very satisfied, so he thought of several suitable shop names.

“No need. This is good.” Tang Yue touched it gently, then carried it away like a treasure.

Crown Prince Zhao shook his head as he watched Tang Yue walk away. It was hard to guess what he was thinking.

Thinking of the little ghost that he sent away just now, Crown Prince Zhao’s expression darkened. He shouted outside, “Someone come…”

Ke pushed the door open and walked in. He bowed and asked, “What do you want?”

“Get someone to clean up the inheritance left by Loyal and Brave Marquis and bring the current duke to receive it. It would be best if they could keep the person in Qinyang City.”

Ke lowered his head even more and replied, “Yes.”

It seemed that Mistress could not stand Loyal and Brave Marquis following the Tang Family’s young master all day long. She wanted to send him far away. Unfortunately, it would not be that easy.

Zhang Chun sneezed. He rubbed his nose and stared at the two men for a long time.

In terms of looks, it was not easy. In terms of looks, he should naturally choose the one on the left. He was young, handsome, and had a great figure. He was simply the best. Zhang Chun almost drooled when he saw this.

Of course, at his current stage, he could only drool when he looked at the handsome guy. There was nothing else he could do.

Unfortunately, he had a grudge with this handsome guy. The power of that sap was endless. Even now, the way he looked at himself was still filled with knives.

The other was a middle-aged man with a goatee. He wore a gray robe, a veil hat, a small nose, small eyes, and a short body. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t find anything.

He could choose either one of them to learn from him or both of them to become a genius of the new era who was well-versed in both civil and martial arts!

“Is there no one else to choose?” There were only two people in the crown prince’s residence who could be teachers. It was not right, was it?

Zhang Chun looked pitifully at the butler who brought him here. He coughed dryly and looked away. “It’s not that Master has a small bearing, but the scholars and swordsmen in the residence are all useful. I’m afraid that it will be difficult to assign them in a short period of time. Is Young Master not satisfied with the two of them?”

Zhang Chun nodded. He pointed at the young guard and said, “Look at him. He doesn’t have two different bodies. How can he be young? How can he have real ability? It was likely that no one else could count him out.

I am a noble, after all. It is not appropriate for me to use such a junior teacher, right?”

The butler’s face twitched. This was the first time he had heard that someone disliked his master choosing a inferior teacher. Moreover, if this young dandy in front of him was of such a grade, then there wouldn’t be any high-level guards in the entire crown prince’s residence.

He opened his mouth, wanting to tell him that in terms of identity, this young dandy was above him. It was already His Highness’s grace to be his martial arts master.

Zhang Chun did not wait for him to continue pointing at another man, saying in disdain, “Look at him, everyone says that South Jin values appearance. This appearance obviously does not pass the test, right? How did he sneak in? Could he be a temp worker?”

The butler was helpless, “Young Master Hou, don’t joke around. The Crown Prince’s Palace only uses useful people. Furthermore, His Highness doesn’t judge a hero based on his appearance. As long as he has talent, it doesn’t matter what kind of appearance he has.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t be interested in young master of Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion.

Wang Dingjun crossed his arms and looked at Zhang Chun with a sneer on his face. Last time, he was knocked unconscious because he had underestimated his opponent. Although he was young, he was strong. He knew where to knock someone unconscious.

Because of this, he knew that he was going to choose his master and volunteered to come. When he fell into his hands, he would not be able to kill him!

“You’re actually afraid, aren’t you?” He spoke sarcastically.

Zhang Chun held his chest out and looked at him. “What is there to be afraid of?” he asked. “You should be the one who should be worried. If you dare to take revenge, I’ll tell Crown Prince to punish you.”

“I, Wang Dingjun, am an indomitable man. How could I do something so immoral?” It was impossible for him to take revenge openly. He was not that stupid.

On the other hand, the other master seemed much calmer. When he heard that Zhang Chun did not take a liking to him, he was especially happy. He made a bow with both hands and said with tears in his eyes, “Thank you, Master Hou, for letting me live. I still hope to enter the court and bring honor to my ancestors. I really don’t want to waste my time on educating ignorant children.”

“Who do you think is an ignorant child?” Zhang Chun frowned and glared at him. This old man was scolding him in front of him. Could it be that he was a little too bold?

Could it be that freedom of speech was already mentioned in this era?

Seeing that the atmosphere was too tense, the Guan family went forward and said with a smile, “Since that’s the case, why don’t young dandy choose Protector Wang first? Protector Wang is the son of the City Lord of Yu Xin City.” Compared to you, who had just been stripped of the position of City Lord, he is much more reliable than you.

Zhang Chun was shocked. He did not know the identity of the son of the city lord of Yu Xin City, but he was sure that his status was higher than his, so he shook his head even more. “Don’t, don’t. It is such a waste to be my coach.”

The butler was in a difficult position. He rarely saw anyone who was picky about His Highness’s choice.

“Why don’t the two of you wait for me to ask His Highness for permission before we talk?”

“There’s no need to talk!” The two of them replied in unison.

The two of them were tall and short. Zhang Chun was not tall yet. He was barely able to reach Wang Dingjun’s nest. His aura was much weaker than Wang Dingjun’s.

Therefore, after Wang Dingjun’s threatening gaze, Zhang Chun had no choice but to agree. He thought about going to Tang Yue’s back door if he really couldn’t do it in the future. It was as if he was going to follow up on his own when he entered the Crown Prince’s residence.

“Then… Young Marquis has chosen to walk the path of martial arts?” The butler confirmed again.

When Tang Yue came out with the door plaque, he saw Zhang Chun squatting under a tree branch and playing with something. When he walked in, he knew that Zhang Chun was sick and had caught a nest of ants to vent his anger.

“What are you doing? You are talking to yourself and killing people!”

Zhang Chun said without looking up. “I am praying. Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Do you still believe in religion?”

“I don’t believe it. I am an atheist.”

“Then why are you praying?”

“I’d rather believe it than not. It’s always good to ask a few more times. Who knows, maybe Bodhisattva will show his spirit?”

Tang Yue rolled his eyes gracefully. “Please, Bodhisattva doesn’t believe in religion. Don’t confuse the gods of the east and west.”

“What does it matter? Aren’t they all living in the sky? ” It’s fine as long as you can hear it.”

“Isn’t it the atmosphere in the sky?” Tang Yue patted him on the head. “That’s enough,” he said. “Don’t be stupid.”

“Fuck…” There was no way to play anymore!

Zhang Chun stood up straight. After squatting for too long, not only did his legs become numb, he even fainted.

“Come over, lend me a hand…” Zhang Chun’s body fell towards Tang Yue. Before Tang Yue could reach out his hand, someone pulled Zhang Chun to the other side and pulled him to the other side.

“Why is it you again? You are still lingering around…” Zhang Chun muttered after he stood up.

The corner of Wang Dingjun’s mouth curled up. “His Highness just said that he will escort you back to Qinyang City tomorrow.”


What?” Zhang Chun and Tang Yue asked at the same time.

Wang Dingjun cupped his hands at Tang Yue and told them about Crown Prince’s arrangement.

It turned out that His Highness wanted to send someone to sort out Loyal and Brave Marquis’s inheritance. After so many years, most of the properties had probably been occupied by others. Some of them had already closed their doors. I don’t even know what’s going on until I send someone to sort it out.

“To inherit the inheritance?” Zhang Chun’s eyes lit up. Money? That’s all money. Will he become a tycoon soon?

He patted Tang Yue’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Brother, when I get rich, I will be the first to take care of you.”

Tang Yue patted his hand away. He laughed and said, “Let’s wait until the day you get rich.”

“Are you done yet? Can we go now?” Zhang Chun pulled his wide sleeves and asked.

Tang Yue nodded. His main purpose for coming today was to ask Lee Zhao to write the words. The two of them had spent so much time in the study room because Lee Zhao had pulled them along to talk about military matters.

Tang Yue did not know how to march and fight wars. He could only talk about some equipment and knowledge of formations that he had seen on TV. Regardless of whether it was useful or not, he gave it all to Lee Zhao.

“Have you chosen your master?”

Zhang Chun’s shoulders drooped. He pointed at Wang Dingjun and sneered. “Crown Prince must be prejudiced against me. Why do you have to arrange for him to come here?”

Tang Yue looked at Wang Dingjun. He felt that Wang Dingjun looked very familiar, but he could not name him.

“I heard he is the son of the city lord. Tell me. Is there something wrong with him? If he is not a good young master, he will become someone else’s servant!”

Tang Yue remembered who Wang Dingjun was after he was reminded by Tang Yue. He corrected Tang Yue. “He is a regular guard. He has power and power in his official position. He might be even higher than you. Don’t talk nonsense.”

The two of them muttered for a while. Wang Dingjun stood by the side with a standard smile on his face. He looked like a gentleman.


Zhang Chun said, “Master, please spare my life!”

Wang Dingjun said, “I told you to save my life. You deserve it.”

Zhang Chun said, “Why do you hold a grudge like this? How long ago was that? And I’ve told you a few hundred times that I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Wang Dingjun said, “Haha, I’ll kill you if you embarrass me. Squat down!”

Zhang Chun said, “If you lose more meat, you will become a rib!”

Wang Dingjun said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s popular nowadays. Do you want to be second to Noble Heir of State Duke Heng?”

Zhang Chun said, “I’ve been tortured by you every day. If I don’t die of fatigue, I’ll die of fatigue. Only when I have a good heart can I become fat!”

Wang Dingjun said, “Then you can relax and let me teach you well.”

Zhang Chun was speechless. Who’s going to take this pervert!

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