C106 – I Am a Marquis Now

Tang Yue saw his parents whom he had missed for a long time. They looked like two different people. Their hair was completely white. They looked more than ten years older than he remembered.

Before he opened his mouth, Tang Yue’s tears had already fallen. “Dad… Mom…”

He thought his mom would be as emotional as usual. His dad would kick him out of the house. He did not expect the two of them to look so calm. Only deep worry was hidden in their eyes.

“He’s here. Come in quickly… Why didn’t Xiao Liao come with you?”

“…” Tang Yue did not know what to do. Why did Xiao Liao get involved? What was going on?

“Since you’ve decided, let’s do it this way. We don’t ask for anything else. As long as you are safe.”

Tang Yue choked, unable to say anything. He wished he could have heard his parents say this back then, but unfortunately…

After taking off his shoes and entering the house, Tang Yue smelled the fragrance of the food. It was a long-lost smell. He could only taste it in his dreams for many years.

The family of three had a harmonious meal. Tang Yue put down his bowl and chopsticks. He closed his eyes and said softly, “Dad, Mom, you must also be well…” I am living well in another world. You must be well too.

After Tang Yue said this, he stepped back step by step. The scene in front of him became more and more ethereal.

He suddenly opened his eyes. He was still immersed in the aftertaste of his dream and could not recover for a long time.

There was a low cry beside him. Tang Yue turned his head and saw Zhang Chun crying under the covers.

He sighed and wiped the corner of his eyes with the back of his hand. He realized that he was not so rational. The cry in the dream might have really happened.

“Stop crying. If you continue crying, you will attract people.”

Zhang Chun choked twice and revealed his head from under the blanket. His eyes were swollen like walnuts.

“Brother Tang, have you thought about how to go back?”

“I have thought about it…” How could he not think about it? In the first month he came, he could not accept this reality at all. He hated everything in this world and everything in this body.

“But what’s the use of thinking about it? We’re all dead, how are we going to return?”

“Maybe. Isn’t there often a story in novels where people wear clothes and wear clothes? Maybe we completed some sort of mission and the time tunnel will open? It’s like helping a prince ascend to the throne, or helping a Son of Heaven seize the throne.

Maybe Lee Zhao is not the Son of Heaven, but a villain. The purpose of our existence is to overthrow his rule, to help the true ruler ascend to the throne, to change the rules of this world, and to rebuild a new system. Besides, I might be the bright lord!”

Tang Yue yawned and patted Zhang Chun on the head. “Sao Nian, you have read too many novels. It’s still early. Go to sleep. You can continue to complete your founding in your dreams!”

After going to sleep, Tang Yue did not dream until dawn. When he and Zhang Chun got up and washed up, he heard the butler report that Someone from the Crown Prince’s Palace has arrived.

Tang Yue glanced at Zhang Chun and thought that it was most likely that this kid had passed his sentence.

As expected, Ke had brought a copy of the king’s verdict and read it out in front of Zhang Chun. This ceremony was considered to have been completed.

Zhang Chun was still confused when he finished reading all the content. He asked Tang Yue quietly, “Brother Tang, translate it. What does it mean?”

“You didn’t hear him. Huangfu Chun was young and ignorant. He didn’t have anyone to teach him. He took his position as the city lord lightly. He only has the power of a marquis. He can’t be inherited.”

“What about the house? I don’t think he mentioned it.” Zhang Chun was most concerned about his mansion. It was a huge fortune.

He had been suffering for so many days, so he should at least get something in return.

Tang Yue really wanted to pry open his head to see what was inside. At this time, he should rejoice that not only did he escape, but he could also retain his title. How wonderful it was.

“Alright, I’ll ask for you later. Do you still want to return to Qinyang City?”

“Even if you don’t want to go back, you still want the house. Even if you don’t sell it, it is still a large amount of real estate. In any case, it is still a way out, isn’t it?”

“Don’t think about it. Since it’s the City Lord’s Mansion, then it must be left with the next City Lord. Why would it be left to you?”

Zhang Chun said with a bitter face, “You’re right.”

“However, since your family has three generations of nobility, your family must have a lot of assets. We don’t know how much real estate you have. The higher-ups didn’t say that they wanted to take it back. You can ask them.”

Zhang Chun’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, it’s not like they are plagiarizing. These things are still mine! Haha…”

Tang Yue wanted him not to be happy too early. He had been away for so long, but he still did not know who had those things. However, seeing how happy he was, he didn’t want to dampen his mood.

“Young Master, Master even asked my servant to send all the people you wanted. Where do you want them to be placed?”

Tang Yue did not have the mood to care about Zhang Chun this time. “All of them have been sent here? Where are they?”

“They are all waiting outside the manor. Go and take a look with your servant. Master has instructed that if there is anything that is not satisfactory, you can immediately withdraw.”

Tang Yue strode out of the prefecture. Zhang Chun had short legs and ran behind him. He wanted to see who could make Tang Yue so excited.

However, when he reached the door and saw the group of people standing neatly outside, he suddenly lost interest.

Not to mention that there were no beautiful women, there were not many men who could see. Most of them were old men. Some of them were even holding crutches. Holy shit, are they going to pick a scumbag to mess with their opponents?

Ke passed the register to Tang Yue. “Some of these people are retired veterans in the army. They have experience in treating their wounds. Some of them are replaced servants in the Crown Prince’s Palace. They have served people before.”

“How many of them can read?” Tang Yue asked.

“About twenty. There are ten other people who can roughly understand simple words, but they don’t know how to write.”

Tang Yue nodded. “Send them to the courtyard in the eastern suburbs of Chee-ker City. The house is already built. The two of them will share a room. During the day, let them learn some simple words. I will take two hours each evening to teach them some basic knowledge. There will be a test every month. Those who don’t pass will be eliminated.”

“Yes, your servant will pass on your message to them.”

Tang Yue smiled at Ke in satisfaction. People who grew up with the prince were different. They were meticulous and efficient, but they were afraid of blood.

It was said that he had been traumatized when he was young. He was more timid than other servants and did not choose anything. That was why he was able to live until now safely.

When he left with his people, Zhang Chun asked doubtfully, “What do you want a group of old men for? Could it be that there is a conspiracy?”

“Screw you. How can you be so righteous when you are playing a conspiracy?”

“That’s hard to say. The ancients are all simple. How can there be so many twists and turns like us?”

“Hey, don’t count me in. I’m definitely a good and honest person. I’m not on the same path as you.” Tang Yue rolled his eyes at him and said, “Don’t look down on the ancients. They only know a little less, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid.”

“I know. You haven’t told us what those people are for. Each and every one of them is not to be trifled with.”

“I’m going to form a team of nurses. They can go to the battlefield and save lives.”

“Nurse, isn’t that the White-Robed Angel? Why aren’t you looking for women?” In Zhang Chun’s impression, nurses should be women.

“Do you think a group of women can fight in this era?” Zhang Chun asked. Even if it was just a small thing to treat injuries, it was impossible.

There were so many men in the army, and all of them were like wolves and tigers. If they really brought a group of female nurses, they would not do anything. The first thing they had to protect was their chastity.

Zhang Chun smiled awkwardly. He also knew that his thoughts were too childish. “Sorry, sorry. I haven’t gotten into the role yet.”

This was probably the common problem of all transmigrators. It would take time for a person to adapt to a new environment, so Tang Yue didn’t laugh at him.

Tang Yue took Zhang Chun to his medicine store while he was fine. From the moment he saw the blueprint, he had taken Zhang Chun to his medicine store. He really wanted to see this medicine store with his own eyes.

The location of the medicine store was very good. In the most bustling streets of Ye City, the traffic naturally couldn’t be compared with modern times, but in South Jin, it was already considered the busiest area.

The size of the medicine store was very large. It was separated into a medicine cabinet, a consultation room, a counter, and a medicine cabinet. There were over a thousand of them roughly counted.

Every set of medicine cabinet had a ladder made. The top few cabinets had to climb up to get them.

Zhang Chun looked up at the high counter and sighed. “This scale is not common even in the pharmacies. It’s not easy to be your shop assistant.”

Tang Yue did not mind too much, but he was afraid that there would not be enough herbs to fill so many cabinets. The first batch of herbs was about to arrive. When the time came, he would have to pick them up and grind them. It would still take some time before they could be placed in the cabinets.

“Why don’t you be the first clerk? Do you want to experience it?” Tang Yue said half-jokingly.

Zhang Chun lifted his chin arrogantly. “I am a marquis now. I don’t need to work for you just because I am paid.”

In terms of status, Zhang Chun was still above Tang Yue. However, his status was too high. Tang Yue still had the right to be a military doctor. Last time, he was promoted to a level 3 doctor in Imperial Medical Office, and he could recruit ten apprentices at the same time. It was the government that paid for it.

At the back of the medicine shop, there was an open-air courtyard with two rows of pine trees. The rest of the empty space was made into shelves, which were used to dry herbs.

Behind them was a row of processing rooms, which were divided into drying rooms, grinding rooms, frying rooms, and so on. On both sides were two large storehouses, which were used to store medicinal herbs.

After the processing room was the place to stay. Apart from the small courtyard that belonged to Tang Yue, there was also a dormitory that was allocated to the employees, and the living facilities in the kitchen and toilet were all complete.

Tang Yue couldn’t help but admire Lee Zhao’s care. He had almost transformed this place into his second residence. It was the kind that carried a bag to stay in.

“The benefits are pretty good. I’m so excited to see it.” Zhang Chun walked around. He really wanted to occupy a room here. Although he had the title of Marquis now, his salary and treatment had not been mentioned. He didn’t know how much rice he could get in a month.

“Director Tang, do you want food and accommodation?” He asked shamelessly.

“Yes.” Tang Yue patted his head. “Why don’t you just treat it as a part-time job? Help me do the work at the counter first. You look smart. You must be good at settling scores.”

“Hehe. That’s a must. I used to do cashier work in restaurants. I never made any mistakes.” Zhang Chun patted his chest and said.


After exiting the medicine store, Tang Yue looked up at the empty door sign. He stroked his chin and smiled slyly for a while. Then, he sat in the carriage and headed towards the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Zhang Chun only saw the entrance of the Crown Prince’s Palace clearly today. He did not recognize it at the first moment. He swaggered in with Tang Yue. It was already too late for him to run when he saw Crown Prince Zhao.

Just like everyone who was afraid of Crown Prince Zhao, Zhang Chun was also the kind of person who would feel that he had the halo of a genius when he saw him. His temperament could only be seen from afar and could not be played with.

To put it bluntly, this kind of person was clearly a superior person, and was on a different level from them.

Of course, it was true in essence. He was a prince, but he was just an ordinary person. How could he be the same?

Zhang Chun bowed bitterly. The etiquette was not appropriate, but there was a reason why no one taught him. No one made things difficult for him.

“Since Royal Father didn’t strip you of your title, you should learn the proper etiquette. From tomorrow onwards, when you arrive at the Crown Prince’s Residence, I will send someone to teach you.”

Zhang Chun widened his eyes. “Learn what?”

“There are all kinds of customs and etiquette in South Jin. As for whether you want to learn literature or martial arts, it is up to you to decide.”

Haha, so bright!

Zhang Chun really wanted to say, “No! However, Tang Yue gave him a meaningful look. He did not dare to say it even if he wanted to.

The matter was settled so easily and happily. Crown Prince Zhao sent him out to choose a master, and then he took Tang Yue to the study room.

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