C40 – Let’s Discuss

“That bag of land should be fine, right?” Zhang Xiaoloong asked.

It was not easy to get the bag of land. It was obviously about collecting the goods. Why was it so troublesome to get it done?

“What did you call me just now?” Lee Xiulian, however, kept him in suspense.

“Elder Sister Lianzi?” Zhang Xiaoloong asked, confused.

“You called me sister. That old man dared to make things difficult for you. See if I chop him up,” Lee Xiulian said fiercely. Then, she giggled again. “But let’s make a deal. You can’t call me sister for nothing. In the future, you have to come to my house often to chat with me. I don’t know what’s good about that old man outside. He doesn’t have a home all day…”

Zhang Xiaoloong broke out in a cold sweat. He wondered who had just shouted at Wang Tiezhu to get the hell out of here.

No matter what, the main thing was that this matter was settled. After signing the contract, even if he didn’t come much, Lee Xiulian would still go to the house to find him.

“What is Xiaoloong thinking about? Don’t tell me he misses his wife?” Lee Xiulian saw that the other party’s eyes were a little misty and could not help but tease him. “Which family do you like’s daughter? Elder Sister Lianzi will give you advice. In terms of looking at women, Elder Sister Lianzi is more experienced than you…”

“Uh… Cough…”

A long cough came from outside. One could tell that it was Wang Tiezhu who had come back.

When he entered the room and saw Zhang Xiaoloong sitting inside, he felt strange. “Why is Xiaoloong here? Is something the matter? Oh right, I just heard that Liu Changsheng wanted to attack and was scared by you. Haha, you are a good kid. You look like Grandpa of Zhuzi in the past…”

“Alright, alright. Don’t flatter yourself.” Lee Xiulian cut off the flaunting with a look of disgust. “And you look like you were back then. Why don’t you take a look at yourself? Even when you were on Xiaoloong’s side, you were just a hothead. Looking at Xiaoloong again, he was the country’s top gold science scholar. Now you still want to do something big. Can you even compare yourself to a fingernail?”

Wang Tiezhu’s face turned pale because of his wife. However, he did not dare to be angry at his wife. He could only take two deep breaths. He changed the topic. “Liu Changsheng is such a jerk. Let’s talk it over with him. If he insisted on fighting, he deserved to be beaten up. Oh right, Xiaoloong. You came to find me to rent his land, right? It’s fine. For the next two years, you will take the rent. I think he will give you a cent more. Smack him with a big ear.”

“It is indeed about the land, but we are not going to rent Liu Changsheng’s land. We want to discuss with Grandpa of Zhuzi and see if he can give me a piece of the wasteland on the west side of the village to plant it.” Zhang Xiaoloong said seriously.

“The wasteland on the west side of the village? What can you do with the land? Don’t say how much effort it takes to open it. Even if it is really developed, it will take at least two to three years. It’s impossible to get any good harvest from that land.” Wang Tiezhu was puzzled.

“What you said this time is reasonable. I only heard what you said just now. He didn’t think about it carefully. In the western part of the village… It was a land that had been desolate for a few lifetimes. Although it was the same as the village… However, it was said that there were many rocks below, and they didn’t put in much effort. It was hard to open them, but if you really wanted to plant something… How long will it take to collect the money?” Lee Xiulian did not make things difficult for the man this time. It was also because she understood it in her heart.

The land that ordinary households planted was planted every year and fertilized every year. This kind of land was only able to grow crops energetically.

It was like the desolate land that had just been developed. It had not been turned over, had not been basked in the sun, and had not been fertilized before. Everyone called it the land of birth and had to properly raise it for a few years before it would have a good harvest.

“This is also what I wanted to discuss with Grandpa of Zhuzi. This is because when this wasteland is developed, it also needs to be raised. So, this lease must be longer. Otherwise, I will have to do all the work in front of me. If the village doesn’t want to rent it to me, then all my effort will be wasted.” Zhang Xiaoloong first said his request.

“So that’s what you are worried about. If that’s all, then… There’s no need to rent that wasteland. In the past two years, many people have wanted to enter the city and work. Many of them want to contract land, but not everyone is like Liu Changsheng, who doesn’t own anything. If you want to rent it this time, Grandpa of Zhuzi will guarantee you in the middle. If you want to rent it for three years or five years, it will be written in black and white. No one can go back on their word.” Wang Tiezhu thought about it and suggested.

“I know Grandpa of Zhuzi is thinking for me, but I still want to rent that wasteland. I want to build a glass greenhouse in the village, so I plan to rent it for 30 years. I’m afraid no one will be able to rent someone else’s land for so long.” Zhang Xiaoloong also confessed his difficulties.

“I see, that’s true…”

Wang Tiezhu thought about it and agreed. Three to five years passed in a flash, but it would take thirty to fifty years. That would be half of his life. Who could guarantee that he would not come back from the city for the rest of his life?

“If that’s the case, then there’s nothing to hesitate about. If Xiaoloong wants to rent it, you can rent it to him. But there’s one thing I’ve made clear. It’s the desolate land that no one wants to give away. If your price is high, don’t go to the bed at night. Go to sleep on the street.” Lee Xiulian put her hands on her waist, clearly showing her attitude.

“Look at you. What are you saying in front of the child?” Wang Tiezhu turned his head to the side with no interest. He knocked on the pipe and said to Zhang Xiaoloong. “There are no humans in that place, even though I am not the only one who decides this. How much do you want to rent?”

Zhang Xiaoloong looked at the village chief and nodded. He thought for a while and said, “Ten acres first.”

It was not that he did not want to rent more, but when he thought about how he had rented too much land in the beginning, even if the price was cheap, it would cost a lot of money. He did not have much capital to pay.

Wang Tiezhu nodded. “Yes, no problem. Tomorrow I will call a few villagers to have a meeting in the village and discuss a suitable price.”

“You are just a decoration village chief. You can’t even make a decision on this kind of thing. You are really cowardly.” Lee Xiulian said unhappily.

“No matter what, it is not our own land. The land is the village. We have to ask the village committee to inform us,” Wang Tiezhu said. He did not dare to be vague about this matter. “If I really have to make the decision, I will rent it out quietly. At that time, everyone would think that I got some benefits from it. I can’t afford to have such a reputation.”

“Grandpa of Zhuzi is right. This matter has to be done in the open.” Zhang Xiaoloong agreed with this point. “I also have another request. Although I want to rent for 30 years, but the rent might not be able to be paid all of a sudden and can be paid annually. Or I can pay it annually once every five years. The price can’t be too high. Otherwise, I won’t be able to afford it either.”

“Don’t worry, if you can really open this wasteland… The village still has to thank you. When we have a meeting tomorrow, we can just say hello. I believe those few people have the same intention as me. At least I will give you the rent for the first five years. I can still be the owner of this. After all, it’s difficult to develop this piece of barren land. It’s not an ordinary piece of land. In the end, our village will be the one to benefit from it.” Wang Tiezhu also patted his chest and gave his answer.

Five years was enough time to realize all the plans. Zhang Xiaoloong finally calmed down and left after some small talk.

“This child is a person who does big things!” Wang Tiezhu filled another bag of cigarettes for himself.

“Boss,” Lee Xiulian rarely used a gentle tone, “let me discuss something with you.”

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