C90 – The Escalation of Violence

“Don’t be upset, my dear. Isn’t it common for couples to exchange morning kisses? I genuinely didn’t take advantage of you.”

Hee Jingyan offered a milder explanation this time.

“That must have been someone else; it wasn’t me.”

Xu Yangyi resisted Hee Jingyan’s restraint, but he found it impossible to break free.

What incredible strength! He was completely immobilized.

No, I can’t allow him to continue suppressing me. What if he tries something again?

Xu Yangyi struggled anxiously but found no success.

“Ugh, this is so annoying. Just let me go already.”

Since he couldn’t free himself, Xu Yangyi finally grew frustrated.

“What if I refuse?” Hee Jingyan playfully teased.

“Alright, you won’t release me, huh?” Xu Yangyi strained to retract his leg and shot an intense glare at Hee Jingyan.

However, Hee Jingyan effortlessly evaded Xu Yangyi’s attack, remaining unscathed.

Xu Yangyi, who couldn’t best Hee Jingyan no matter how hard he tried, felt his frustration reaching its peak and silently screamed inside.

Xu Nuannuan, you’d better hope I don’t find you.

His anger was now being vented on Xu Nuannuan.

If Xu Nuannuan hadn’t eluded the marriage, he wouldn’t be enduring this ordeal now.

“Alright, I won’t resist. Come on, Hee Jingyan!” “I’m darn well afraid you’re quite the tough one.”

Despite her bravado, fear still lingered visibly on her face.

Xu Yangyi was on the verge of tears. He hadn’t backed down from Hee Jingyan, but he couldn’t overpower him either. His eyes welled up with tears, presenting a pitiable sight.

Hee Jingyan had merely been toying with Xu Yangyi. Upon realizing the genuine fear in Xu Yangyi’s eyes, he understood he had gone too far. He immediately halted and apologized, “Sorry, are you okay?”

He released Xu Yangyi, intending to apologize again, but Xu Yangyi’s fist swiftly met his face with a hard punch. “Bastard, tell me, am I okay?”

Deep down, he wondered if his nose had been broken. Then, he pinched Xu Yangyi, who was startled, but upon realizing he was unharmed, Hee Jingyan hugged him. “I won’t tease you like that next time. I know I was wrong, my dear.” He gently patted Xu Yangyi’s head as if to soothe him.

However, upon hearing the phrase “tease you,” Xu Yangyi’s anger flared anew. He clenched his fists and said, “You were just teasing me earlier?” His voice seemed to contain a suppressed anger.

Hee Jingyan thought Xu Yangyi had calmed down and smiled, “Of course! My love, how could I ever force you if you don’t want to?” He considered himself beneath Xu Yangyi at this point.

Seeing Xu Yangyi making another move, Hee Jingyan wondered, “Aren’t you done being angry?” How intriguing.

But in that moment, Xu Yangyi unexpectedly struck him without uttering a word. He took advantage of Hee Jingyan’s fall to push him onto the bed, while he stood over him and pressed down on his abdomen. His face darkened as he issued a warning, “If you ever tease me again, I’ll make sure you regret it.” His eyes burned with fierceness.

He gazed down at Hee Jingyan condescendingly, his tone carrying a note of righteousness. He looked incredibly imposing! He appeared capable of chasing away any challengers while holding sway over those around him.

This was the first time Hee Jingyan had ever been taken aback. He had never seen Xu Yangyi display such dominance before. Compared to their previous skirmish, Xu Yangyi’s strength was several times greater.

In that moment, Xu Yangyi’s thoughts were clear: Is it acceptable to toy with me like this? Not only did you touch my boundaries, but you even encroached upon my dignity. I’ll make sure you rue this.

Finally, he added another kick.

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