C45 – I’ll Show You the Way

Su Ming, with his firm resolve, wasted no time.

He maneuvered the vegetable-selling car closer, unlatched the rear door, and meticulously organized the items.

Porcelain, jade, Bamboo Slips, and various other items were segregated with care.

Eventually, the entire truck was brimming with these treasures.

Su Ming tapped the car door, nodding with contentment.

Su Ming had thoughtfully arranged wooden shelves inside the car’s trunk, efficiently utilizing every inch of available space.

“You’ve successfully reaped the harvest. You’ve gained 550 experience points!”

Managing two acres of land was indeed substantial.

He had just earned 550 experience points in one go.

With this progress, leveling up was within reach.

However, the question remained: where would he sell these valuables?

Su Ming was feeling a bit anxious.

After careful consideration, he retrieved his phone and dialed President Chen’s number.

“Ah, Mr. Su!”

A flattered tone emanated from the other end, sending shivers down Su Ming’s spine.

“President Chen, I have a request.”

“Your request is my duty. Please don’t hesitate to ask.”

President Chen was reprimanding his bank employees.

But as soon as he received Su Ming’s call, his demeanor shifted dramatically. He leaned in and grinned, his wrinkles becoming more pronounced.

His subordinates, currently receiving an earful, kept their eyes forward.

Even without the mention of Mr. Su’s name, they knew he was the only one capable of causing their president to grovel in this manner.

“I have something to sell.”

“No problem, I can make a purchase.”

President Chen swiftly agreed.

“No,” Su Ming chuckled. “You misunderstand me. I want to sell antique jade artifacts.”

“I understand,” President Chen replied, finally comprehending.

In the world of banking, money was the primary commodity, with gold reigning supreme.

Throughout history, currency styles had evolved significantly.

Some nations had fallen while others had prospered, but gold remained the ultimate standard.

For a bank, possessing gold equated to having unwavering confidence.

However, antiques couldn’t quite compare to gold.

“Are you planning to sell antiques? Don’t worry, we have potential buyers here.”

President Chen assured, “There’s an antique market less than twenty kilometers from the city center. It houses several prominent stores. Mr. Su, please wait for me. I’ll come over right away.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Su Ming smiled.

President Chen hurriedly insisted, “Mr. Su, it’s not that I doubt you, but you see, those individuals in the Antique Market are shrewd experts. I fear you might get swindled. Please wait; I’ll be there shortly.”

He didn’t wait for Su Ming’s response and ended the call.

President Chen was evidently determined to seize this opportunity to curry favor.

But that worked in Su Ming’s favor; he no longer had to worry. President Chen would handle everything once he arrived.

“Back to work, everyone!”

After hanging up, President Chen’s expression turned serious. He addressed his subordinates.

He then grabbed his car keys and headed downstairs.

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