C44 – Potatoes

A tremendous force propelled Wang Xue into the air.

Wang Xue tumbled to the ground, uttering cries of agony.

Yet, the physical pain she felt paled in comparison to the despair that gripped her heart.

She was acutely aware that her situation was utterly dire.

Wang Xue’s coworkers exchanged a few greetings with Su Ming and then departed for a hotpot meal.

Following suit, President Chen left after tending to the watering.

Alone, Wang Xue remained sprawled on the ground for an extended period, unnoticed by anyone, and eventually left in dejection.

President Chen’s words had proven prophetic.

Indeed, this was her deepest regret.

Su Ming directed his gaze toward the ground.

According to the timetable, the potatoes would ripen by tomorrow.

What would emerge from these potatoes?

Anticipation and curiosity filled Su Ming’s heart.

After dining out, Su Ming returned to the thatched cottage to engage in a game before eventually falling asleep.

The following morning, Su Ming arose early, brimming with excitement, and made his way to the field.

As expected, the potatoes were now fully ripe.

This time, he had planted nearly two acres of potatoes.

It was a departure from his previous endeavors.

Excitement coursed through Su Ming as he eagerly approached the field.

He grasped a potato seedling and exerted all his strength to pull it up.

Su Ming’s eyes widened at the sight beneath.

Basking in the sunlight were several objects attached to the potato’s roots.

Astonishingly, it was a porcelain bowl.

Su Ming blinked in amazement.

He had just struck it rich.

While Su Ming may not have possessed extensive knowledge of cultural relics,

He could discern that this bowl was far from ordinary.

Its value was undoubtedly substantial.

“The System has detected a fragile item. Rest assured, it will be protected for ten hours, during which it will not break!”

Suddenly, a notification echoed within Su Ming’s mind.

Su Ming momentarily paused, appreciating the thoughtfulness of the System.

Thanks to the System’s safeguard, Su Ming was spared a potentially precarious situation.

With confidence in the System’s protection, Su Ming proceeded to unearth another potato.

This time, it was a porcelain plate.

Furthermore, it was an ancient piece of blue and white porcelain.

And the discoveries continued.

This time, a ceramic jar emerged, displaying the craftsmanship of Blue and White Porcelain.

Other porcelains followed suit. Su Ming’s online research indicated that most of these ceramics hailed from the Tang and Song dynasties.

Surveying the vast expanse of land, Su Ming contemplated the fortune he could amass by selling these valuable ceramics.

As he extracted yet another potato, he made a peculiar discovery—a Bamboo Slip tucked beneath it.

In an era before paper’s invention, bamboo was employed as a medium for recording words. The Bamboo Slip bore inscriptions that eluded Su Ming’s understanding.

Su Ming blinked in astonishment. His actions seemed more akin to archaeology than farming.

Motivated, Su Ming found himself possessed by seemingly boundless energy.

He forwent sustenance and hydration, dedicating three hours to unearthing the treasure trove.

Most of the finds were porcelain artifacts.

Some were Bamboo Slips.

And a few were antique inkstones.

Standing amid the artifacts, Su Ming blinked with awe.

He selected the finest bowls, chopsticks, and a handful of cups.

He yearned for a drink of water and a meal.

Every previous meal, Su Ming had relied on disposable lunch boxes and chopsticks, causing both environmental harm and wastage.

He couldn’t help but wish for a proper set of reusable chopsticks.

After tidying his belongings, Su Ming gazed at the mound of artifacts on the ground.

Anxiety gnawed at him.

His current container couldn’t possibly accommodate all these items.

He contemplated the prospect of selling the antiques, deeming them useless to him.

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