C47 – Ask for Help

Another day dawned, and Jiang Hao followed his usual routine to school. Ever since Jiang Hao had showcased his abilities, the Grade 12 Class 8 students no longer treated him with the previous indifference; instead, they actively included him in their activities.

In fact, they began seeking opportunities to involve Jiang Hao, and if any issues arose that needed resolution, they turned to him for help without hesitation.

Jiang Hao had no objections to these developments. He willingly lent a hand whenever he could, finding this sense of camaraderie highly satisfying.

During the afternoon recreational period, while most of the students headed out to play basketball, Jiang Hao opted to remain in the classroom, engaging in lively conversations with a few classmates.

Just as they were engrossed in their discussion, Zhou Yu abruptly burst into the room, his demeanor filled with urgency.

“Has anyone seen our sports committee member?”

He blurted out as he entered.

This unexpected interruption left the other students bewildered. Uncertain of what had occurred, Jiang Hao inquired.

“What’s the matter, Zhou Yu? Wasn’t the sports committee member supposed to join you for a game of football?”

Spotting Jiang Hao, Zhou Yu responded with anxiety in his voice.

“It’s bad news. While we were playing with Cao Wen and the others, members of the sports team suddenly appeared and tried to take the rebound board from us. We resisted, leading to a confrontation. Now they’re threatening to teach us a lesson!

Currently, we’re short one player, and the rest of our class isn’t skilled in basketball, making them no match for the sports team. That’s why I came searching for our sports committee member.”

“But right now, we have no idea where the sports committee member is. What should we do?”

Worry etched across Zhou Yu’s face.

The anxiety was contagious, and the classmates around them mirrored his unease.

They were all at the age of youth and desired to bring honor to their class. Facing an antagonist, they rallied together.

At this moment, they considered themselves in their prime and yearned to achieve greatness.

Faced with the tormentors, they saw a common foe.

“Let’s go, let’s confront them; they’re out of line!”

“Absolutely, the sports team isn’t anything special!”


A few students expressed their frustration.

In that instant, Jiang Hao interjected unexpectedly.

“But, are any of you familiar with basketball?”

Jiang Hao’s remark had a sobering effect on them, like a sudden chill running down their spines.

Simultaneously, a classmate nearby, discontent with Jiang Hao’s demeanor, swiftly responded.

“We may not be adept at fighting, but do you possess combat skills? Isn’t our situation the same as yours!?”

At that very moment, all eyes turned toward Jiang Hao, bearing an enigmatic expression.

While they acknowledged that Jiang Hao had a point and was speaking the truth, they couldn’t help but feel that this was not the right time for his comment.

Jiang Hao remained unruffled in the face of his classmates’ reprimands.

Confronting the peculiar gazes of the onlookers, he wore a calm smile and cast a glance at his desk, where an NBA album was laid out.

“Oh? Who said I’m unfamiliar with basketball?”

Jiang Hao paused briefly, feigning an air of mystery. Then, he rose from his seat and declared.

“Let’s find out. I’ll give you all a taste of my basketball skills!”

With that, he grasped the album and led a puzzled Zhou Yu out of the classroom.

His fellow students watched in astonishment, exchanging perplexed glances.

“Could it be that Jiang Hao genuinely knows how to play basketball?”

“His confidence seems genuine, not feigned!”

“Sha Sha, let’s go see for ourselves; we’ll soon find out!”


Without hesitation, the entire group surged out and followed in pursuit of Jiang Hao and his companions, heading towards the basketball court as a collective.

Jiang Hao strolled along the pathway, but his thoughts were already deeply immersed in the system.

“Ding! An NBA album has been found. Would you like to dismantle it?”

“Disassemble it!”

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