C94 – Suspect

Zheng Xuan launched a relentless assault against Mo Yi, who had no choice but to retreat under the onslaught.

Mo Yi came to the realization that he had severely underestimated Zheng Xuan. Previously, Zheng Xuan had held back significantly in their encounters.

As Zheng Xuan gazed at Mo Yi, an unmistakable feeling of familiarity surged within him.

“Mom!” Xu Zihan rushed to Xiao Mei, who was taken aback and embraced Xu Zihan in shock.

“Eliminate him, avenge Little Ying! He’s heartless for causing her death! Little Ying was with me for 12 years, never causing harm, and now she’s gone,” Xiao Mei sobbed, glaring at Mo Yi with resentment.

Mo Yi recognized that Little Ying, as mentioned by Xiao Mei, was the maid Xiao Mei had employed for warding off misfortune.

Witnessing Xiao Mei’s feigned behavior, Mo Yi felt a wave of disgust.

“It’s you…” Zheng Xuan inquired with uncertainty.

Mo Yi’s pupils shrank. Zheng Xuan had identified him, which was problematic, even though there was still some doubt.

Mo Yi lunged toward Xu Zihan, but Zheng Xuan was left with no choice but to intervene. Mo Yi knew that Zheng Xuan’s presence would hinder his plans, so he swiftly decided to escape.

Mo Yi attempted to flee, but Zheng Xuan didn’t afford him the opportunity. With more people gathering around, Mo Yi began to grow anxious.

Xu Zihan directed the mansion’s guards to launch a surprise attack on Mo Yi.

Mo Yi evaded the guards’ ambush, but Zheng Xuan managed to stab him in the shoulder.

When the blade pierced Mo Yi’s shoulder, Zheng Xuan experienced a searing pain in his own shoulder, even though there was no visible wound.

A piercing noise reverberated in the minds of everyone present.

Xu Zihan felt as though countless steel needles were piercing his brain, causing excruciating pain.

Clutching her head, Xiao Mei couldn’t help but let out a scream.

The courtyard guards writhed on the ground, clutching their heads in agony.

After the deafening screech, Zheng Xuan remained the only one standing in the courtyard.

Numerous smoke bombs detonated in the yard, enveloping the area in a dense cloud of smoke.

“His companions have arrived. We mustn’t let him escape. Take him down,” Xiao Mei exclaimed loudly.

Zheng Xuan clutched his shoulders as a fleeting thought crossed his mind, slipping through his grasp.

The smoke in the courtyard gradually dissipated, and he had vanished long before.

Xu Zihan approached to lend support to Zheng Xuan and inquired, “Are you okay?”

Zheng Xuan shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Xu Zihan gazed at Zheng Xuan with a hint of dissatisfaction and asked, “You clearly wounded that person earlier. Why didn’t you pursue him while you had the upper hand?”

Zheng Xuan glanced at Xu Zihan and responded casually, “I was careless.”

Xu Zihan felt somewhat displeased with Zheng Xuan’s nonchalant answer and queried, “Do you know who killed my mother?”

Zheng Xuan glanced at Xu Zihan and replied, “No.”

Xu Zihan stared angrily at Zheng Xuan. “You’re unwilling to say?”

Zheng Xuan remained tight-lipped, refraining from disclosing his suspicions that the individual involved might be Mo Yi. Since Mo Yi was one of the Third Prince’s concubines, he had to exercise caution when entangled with the Third Prince’s affairs.

Xu Zihan observed Zheng Xuan’s reticence and couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

Mo Fei assisted Mo Yi in evading their pursuers.

Suddenly, their path was obstructed by someone, and to their astonishment, it was Lou Yu.

Lou Yu silently regarded the two of them. “Get in.”

Liu Tie nodded and aided Mo Yi into Lou Yu’s vehicle.

“How is Mo Yi?” Lou Yu inquired.

Mo Fei furrowed his brow and replied, “It seems the injuries are quite serious. That fellow Zheng Xuan really struck hard, but fortunately, Mo Yi wasn’t badly hurt. By the way, why did you come here?”

Lou Yu stated matter-of-factly, “I noticed you weren’t at home, so I came looking for you.”

Mo Fei nodded and said, “I see.”

Mo Yi let out a sharp cry of pain.

Lou Yu furrowed his brow and urged, “Mo Fei, please tend to Mo Yi quickly. He must be in top shape for the Top 100 Contest tomorrow. Any suspicions could be detrimental.”

Mo Fei nodded resolutely, affirming, “Understood.”

Confused, Lou Yu inquired, “Mo Yi, why did you attempt to assassinate the Xu Family’s matriarch?”

Mo Yi glanced at Lou Yu and replied calmly, “I acted on a sudden impulse.”

Lou Yu’s eyebrows twitched in response. What kind of answer was that?

Mo Fei shrugged nonchalantly and commented, “It must have been a case of mistaken identity. We targeted the wrong woman, it happens.”

Lou Yu regarded Mo Yi and advised, “If you plan to take action, ensure you’re absolutely certain.”

Mo Yi looked at Lou Yu and conceded, “I made an error this time.” His death at the Xu Family would have undoubtedly implicated Mo Fei.

Mo Fei sighed and added, “If Zheng Xuan hadn’t been at the Xu Residence, Yiyi would have succeeded already.”

Mo Yi hung his head, acknowledging that he had encountered the unfortunate presence of Zheng Xuan.

Lou Yu surveyed Mo Yi and questioned, “Did Zheng Xuan recognize you?”

Mo Yi wrinkled his brow and replied, “He may have recognized me, but he’s probably not entirely sure.”

Mo Fei brushed off the concern and remarked, “As long as he lacks concrete evidence, he can suspect all he wants. It’s not a significant issue.”

Concerned, Lou Yu inquired, “Mo Fei, is Mo Yi’s injury healing well?”

Mo Fei squinted and answered, “By tomorrow, before the competition, he should be approximately 70% recovered. It may slightly affect his performance, but it won’t be a significant hindrance.” Had Zheng Xuan’s wound not contained such potent flame energy, he might have recuperated even more swiftly.

Lou Yu acknowledged, “A 70% recovery rate is already quite commendable.” Based on his knowledge, achieving a 70% recovery by the following day would necessitate at least a Rank 6 healing potion. Mo Fei’s abilities were undeniably impressive.

On the Royal College plaza, numerous students had congregated. The one hundred participants destined for the finals had gathered here before being transported to the competition venue.

Zheng Xuan stood in the square, periodically scanning the area.

Nangong Qianxue chuckled when she noticed Zheng Xuan frequently glancing in her direction and quipped, “Senior Zheng, who are you searching for? Young Master Xu? He’s right there!”

Zheng Xuan shifted his gaze toward Nangong Qianxue and remarked, “I’m not searching for him.”

Nangong Qianxue couldn’t help but chuckle and responded, “That’s quite intriguing, Master Zheng. You’re actually seeking someone else.”

A chilly glance from Zheng Xuan was his only reply to Nangong Qianxue’s comment, leaving her somewhat bored.

Lou Yu, Mo Yi, and Su Rong all arrived at the designated meeting spot simultaneously.

Without hesitation, Zheng Xuan walked up to Mo Yi and greeted him, saying, “Mo Yi, you’re here.” As he spoke, Zheng Xuan placed his hand on Mo Yi’s shoulder and gently squeezed.

Mo Yi’s countenance remained unchanged as he silently observed Zheng Xuan.

A flicker of suspicion crossed Zheng Xuan’s mind as he studied Mo Yi’s calm demeanor. After all, he had wielded that knife against his adversary just yesterday, so he couldn’t help but harbor some doubts about Mo Yi’s composure.

Lou Yu witnessed Zheng Xuan’s actions and quietly mused, “This guy did recognize Mo Yi from last night.”

While Lou Yu and Mo Yi were well aware of Zheng Xuan’s actions, Su Rong remained oblivious to the situation.

Su Rong brushed away Zheng Xuan’s hand from Mo Yi’s shoulder, wearing a disdainful expression as he remarked, “Greet someone without touching them; what’s wrong with you? Strange. Your friend Xu Zihan is observing you right now. Be careful not to provoke him into putting you through the wringer.”

“My apologies,” Zheng Xuan extended his apology to Mo Yi.

Su Rong held his breath, taken aback by Zheng Xuan’s sincere apology.

Mo Yi’s frown deepened as his animosity toward Zheng Xuan grew. This audacious fellow had the nerve to attack him so ruthlessly. His wounds had only just healed, and now, this unwanted contact might slow down his recovery.

Su Rong glanced at Zheng Xuan’s retreating figure and blurted out, “Who does he think he is!?” Is there something wrong with his head!? “Don’t let me cross paths with him on the field. Even if I can’t defeat him, I’ll fight him to the bitter end.”

Mo Yi cast an indifferent glance at Su Rong and said, “Alright, there’s no point in meeting with this lunatic.”

Su Rong nodded, “You’re right, Yiyi. It’s not worth our time dealing with someone like that.”

“Zi Han, what was Zheng Xuan up to just now!?” Lin Feiyu inquired with confusion. “When did he become so close to Mo Yi, even going over to touch his shoulder?”

Xu Zihan furrowed his brows and replied, “I don’t know.”

Lin Feiyu advised earnestly, “Zihan, men can be unpredictable. Even though Zheng Xuan is friendly to you, don’t let your guard down and allow others to take advantage of you.”

Lin Feiyu sighed deeply after speaking.

Xu Zihan pondered how Lou Yu had always been fixated on Lin Feiyu, but now, he appeared to be drawn to Mo Fei. Xu Zihan couldn’t help but feel cautious about this change.

“I understand,” Xu Zihan said solemnly.

The Xu Family owed its current status entirely to Zheng Xuan. If Zheng Xuan didn’t favor him, the Xu Family’s standing would plummet instantly.

“Mo Yi is more complex than you might think. Don’t underestimate your adversary,” Lin Feiyu advised.

Xu Zihan chuckled cynically, “He’s just a servant. I doubt he has the ability to abduct A Xuan.”

Lin Feiyu glanced at Xu Zihan’s confident demeanor and couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy. Zheng Xuan’s unwavering affection for Xu Zihan had always been a perplexing mystery.

Despite his private thoughts, Lin Feiyu showed no sign of it on his face. “I heard your family encountered an assassin last night,” he feigned curiosity.

Xu Zihan nodded and expressed resentment, “Yes! The assassin wasn’t particularly skilled, but he was audacious. A Xuan managed to wound him, but unfortunately, he escaped amidst the chaos.”

“I heard someone found the assassin,” Lin Feiyu mentioned hesitantly.

Xu Zihan confirmed, his face displaying some discontent, “Yes, that individual only resorts to sneaky tactics.”

Lin Feiyu furrowed his brow, saying, “When that person appeared, your Sea of Consciousness was attacked.”

Xu Zihan nodded, responding, “Yes, my father informed me that the person who aided him should be a Spirit Master.”

“Awakened spiritual power is quite rare. Spirit Masters are valuable. To enlist one to deal with your mother, the person must have a formidable background. Did your mother possibly offend anyone?” Lin Feiyu inquired, puzzled.

Xu Zihan’s expression underwent a drastic change, “I’m not sure. My mother has always been kind-hearted. I can’t fathom who would be ruthless enough to harm her.”

Lin Feiyu offered a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry; we’ll apprehend the culprit sooner or later.”

Xu Zihan nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“Zi Han, do you think the person who attacked your mother yesterday was Mo Yi?” Lin Feiyu casually asked, looking towards Mo Yi.

Xu Zihan turned to Lin Feiyu with a perplexed expression, “Why would you think that?”

Lin Feiyu smiled, “Didn’t Zheng Xuan wound that person yesterday? The injury seemed to be on his shoulder. Just now, Zheng Xuan walked over and squeezed Mo Yi’s shoulder.”

Xu Zihan’s expression changed, “Their figures do seem similar. Yesterday, Zheng Xuan seemed to recognize that assailant, but he didn’t inform me. It’s quite plausible that he couldn’t bear to expose Mo Yi and wanted to shield him.”

Lin Feiyu smiled and remarked, “Don’t jump to conclusions. Zheng Xuan is devoted to you. Why would he protect Mo Yi?”

Xu Zihan clenched his teeth and said, “I never thought so, but after meeting Mo Yi, Zheng Xuan has been acting strangely.”

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