C599 – Guan Shengwu Greets Everyone

The Infinity Gate.


Qihuang seethed with rage, delivering a thunderous palm strike that shattered a mountain, filling the Void with a menacing aura of destruction.

“Wretched, all of you are utterly worthless!”

Qihuang roared with indignation.

The onlookers fell into a fearful silence; none dared to utter a word, wary of incurring his wrath.

In this moment, Qihuang was in a state of fury, and he posed a mortal threat to anyone who provoked him.

“A worthless bunch. I’ve bestowed upon you countless treasures, yet you can’t even handle such a trivial task. Worthless! What purpose do you serve?”

Qihuang bellowed in a fit of rage, his eyes ablaze.

“Where is that mongrel? Have you located it yet?”

He sensed that an opportunity was on the horizon, but the dog remained alive, instilling a sense of dread within him.

This apprehension was not unfounded. It signified that when the opportunity arrived, it wouldn’t be exclusively his; the dog would have a share as well.

This was something Qihuang couldn’t tolerate. Even if he couldn’t secure the opportunity, he wouldn’t allow that scoundrel to claim it either.

The spectators maintained their silence, their heads bowed.

Observing the terror-stricken expressions of those around him, Qihuang’s anger intensified.

Suddenly, a man hurriedly entered.

“Lord Qihuang, we’ve located the individual in the courtyard!”

Qihuang was momentarily taken aback, then elation washed over him. Had he finally tracked down that miscreant?

With a simple gesture, Qihuang’s subordinate traversed the spatial divide and stood before him.

“Where is that dog?”

Qihuang’s eyes were red, and his breathing became rapid.

That person’s collar was grabbed by Qihuang, and he felt a wild and explosive aura enveloping him. The smell of urine instantly spread out.

Qihuang frowned, “Where is that dog?”

His tone was extremely impatient. If this man did not speak, he would only know fear, and he would kill him.

Although he had a lot of treasures on him, he didn’t want to raise so many useless people.

“Sir, we didn’t find any traces of that dog!”

This person said awkwardly.


A berserk killing intent erupted, enveloping this person.

This person was scared to death once again. However, he knew that this was not the time to be afraid. If he only knew how to be afraid, he would lose the qualification to be afraid.

Seeing the signs of Qihuang making a move, this man knew that he couldn’t afford to delay any longer, so he immediately said.

“Although I haven’t found the traces of that dog, I have found traces of Guan Shengwu. Sir, as long as we catch Guan Shengwu, we can force that dog out!”

“Zhang Xuan is in seclusion. As the strongest person in the courtyard, the dog must have come out to save Guan Shengwu. As long as he comes out of the courtyard, wouldn’t Sir be able to control him?”

Life and death were happening at an extremely fast speed. This person spoke extremely quickly, afraid that Qihuang wouldn’t let him finish speaking and would kill him.

Qihuang was impatient and was about to kill this man. When he heard this man’s words, his eyes lit up. That’s right, why didn’t he think of this? Although he only wanted to kill the dog, if he didn’t kill the others, he could still be used as bait.

When he looked at this man again, he suddenly felt much more pleasing to the eye.

Qihuang raised a hand, and that man’s face instantly turned pale. He was finished. This time, his flattery had reached the hoof of the horse.

Endless Spiritual Energy gathered here. The surrounding Spiritual Energy immediately condensed into night, and it was so dense that it was almost solid.


Qihuang let out a low roar, and slapped this person’s shoulder with his palm.

Instantly, the violent Spiritual Energy seemed to have found a vent and poured into the man’s body.

The man’s facial expression changed drastically, and the Qi on his body rose and fell.

The surrounding people were initially shocked, but after sensing the change in this person’s aura, they suddenly became envious.


A Great Heavenly Path descended with a loud bang. This man took a step forward in high spirits. At the end of the Great Dao, the shadow of an Imperial Emperor appeared. The aura of this man instantly increased by dozens of times.

Monarch Stage, it was just a simple way to break the mirror!

It was as simple as drinking water!

Everyone looked at Qihuang in shock. During this period of time, not only did they not get many benefits, but they were also scared every day. They no longer trusted Qihuang.

However, when they saw this scene, some of their hearts became fiery again.

In the end, everything they did was not for the sake of faith, but for the sake of benefits.

When they saw benefits, they were naturally full of energy. They could not see benefits. What Qihuang gave them was only fear. Naturally, they would have rebellious thoughts in their hearts.

“Lead the way and catch Guan Shengwu!”

That person immediately told them where Guan Shengwu was. Qihuang took a step forward, and a Void Tunnel appeared. Qihuang brought this person into the pagoda.


Chaotic Battlefield.

The Lin family, an ancient family, was located on top of Yan Nong Jia Mountain.

This was a family that kept a low profile.

Even the Chaotic Battlefield had forgotten about the existence of this family.

The topography of the cigarette farm was dangerous, and there were all kinds of ancient ferocious beasts lurking around. Therefore, there were few people here.

Today, two figures, one big and one small, walked over from the foot of the Yan Nong Jia Mountain.

The small one was an extremely beautiful little girl. She held a skewer of candied fruits in her hands and ate them bit by bit, as if she would never be annoyed.

“Uncle, is this the Lin family?”

Lin Ruoxi curiously raised her head to look at the peak of the mountain and asked.

Guan Shengwu looked at it and nodded after confirming it, “Senior Zhang is talking about this place!”

“Uncle, it has been more than a hundred years. You are either challenging or challenging others. Aren’t you tired?”

Lin Ruoxi asked curiously. She did not care. As long as she could be with Guan Shengwu, she would be happy to go wherever she went.

Guan Shengwu was stunned when he heard that. “Why do you feel tired? Isn’t training like this?”

Lin Ruoxi “…”

His words were reasonable, leaving her at a loss for words.

“We’ve been away for quite a while. Let’s head back after today. Master will likely emerge from seclusion soon!” Guan Shengwu said to Lin Ruoxi with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as Guan Shengwu mentioned returning home. She had been with her uncle for over a century. It was high time they got married. Upon their return, surely her uncle wouldn’t have any reason to object, right?

With this thought in mind, Lin Ruoxi’s two canines peeked out.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi’s expression, Guan Shengwu believed that the young girl simply longed for home, without delving too deeply into her feelings.

The Lin family’s courtyard had a weathered appearance, with the mottled wall bearing witness to its history.


The door swung open automatically as soon as they arrived.

“A friend from afar has graced us with their presence, and I am delighted! Fellow Daoist, please enter!”

A warm and sincere voice echoed from within the courtyard.

Guan Shengwu smiled, feeling elated to have finally encountered a family that cherished the art of swordsmanship, aside from the Zhang family.

“Guan Shengwu from the humble courtyard pays his respects to the esteemed elders of the ancient Lin family!”

Guan Shengwu stood before the door, bowing respectfully toward the empty space, and then proceeded inside.


The moment Guan Shengwu crossed the threshold, a Void Tunnel materialized in the void behind him.

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