C105 – Said Shang Xiaojie Was Waiting for Him at the Cinema?

Jia Tianxia scoured the entire video game arcade, yet Shang Xiaojie remained elusive.

With only half an hour left before Mu Sifa’s movie screening, Jia Tianxia grew increasingly anxious. He searched once more, but to no avail.

“Could he have left already? It’s been two hours, and there are only ten minutes until the movie starts.”

Jia Tianxia furrowed his brow in frustration, almost tearing his hair out in the process, yet he remained clueless.

Just then, a store attendant walked by. Jia Tianxia promptly approached and inquired, “Have you seen a charming young man dressed in white, here to play video games?”

The store attendant paused for a moment, then shook his head. Initially, he had left, but he turned back to ask, “Do you have a picture?”

“A photo?”

Jia Tianxia was momentarily stumped but suddenly remembered that he had taken a picture of Shang Xiaojie in secret the day before. He swiftly retrieved his phone and showed it to the store attendant.

Upon seeing the photo, the store attendant replied with certainty, “We’re not joking here. If such an attractive guy had been playing video games here, he’d have drawn a crowd for sure. Look, we don’t have anyone like that here.”

Drawing from his years of experience, the employee offered his analysis to Jia Tianxia.

It finally dawned on Jia Tianxia. Of course! With her striking looks, she would have stood out anywhere. How did I not think of that?

“Thank you!”

After expressing his gratitude to the store attendant, he rushed downstairs. He only had five minutes left, and it was time to check in.

“Ahhh, where on earth did you disappear to? I don’t even have his phone number. What do I tell the boss? That he got lost? Then I’ll be in deep trouble!”

Just as Jia Tianxia fretted, unsure of what to do, he spotted Mu Sifa entering the ground floor and heading toward the cinema.

“Boss?” Not in a lab coat today? Are you here for a movie? “Oh, where’s Lady Xiaojie?”

Scanning the area, there was no sign of Shang Xiaojie beside Mu Sifa.

Jia Tianxia hurriedly descended the stairs. “Boss,” he called out to Mu Sifa.

Mu Sifa turned to face Jia Tianxia, noticing the beads of sweat on his forehead. He asked with curiosity, “Why are you sweating so profusely?”

Jia Tianxia was at a loss for words and anxiously glanced at Ye Zichen.

However, before he could respond, Mu Sifa inquired, “I heard you accompanied Xiaojie in a fight?”

Jia Tianxia was taken aback. Ye Zichen looked at Mu Sifa in astonishment.

“What… What’s going on?”

“Didn’t you bring him here?” Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow and asked Jia Tianxia.

“D-Did Lady Xiaojie say so?” Jia Tianxia asked cautiously.

“Indeed! He instructed Auntie to relay a message that you brought him to enjoy Electric City and that he’s currently waiting inside the movie theater.”

Hearing Mu Sifa’s words, Jia Tianxia’s anxiety subsided. He scratched his head and chuckled awkwardly, “Oh, right, right!” He laughed once more.

Phew, I got so worked up for nothing, waiting inside the cinema for the boss! I was needlessly worried.

“Well then, I’ll head back now. You two enjoy yourselves.” Fearing that Mu Sifa might sense his unease, he quickly found an excuse to leave.

Observing the jittery Jia Tianxia, Mu Sifa furrowed his brow again. What was going on with this guy? It seemed like something significant had occurred, or was he just overthinking things?

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