C104 – Shang Xiaojie Is Locked in the Washroom

After finishing his meal, Shang Xiaojie found himself utterly bored. Regardless of his aimless wandering, the restlessness persisted. An hour passed, and he finally decided to exit the office.

First, he cautiously poked his head out and flashed a smile at Jia Tianxia. “Mind if I step out for a bit? I promise I won’t venture too far.”

“Certainly, but I must accompany you. This place sees a constant stream of people, and it’s not safe for you to be alone,” Jia Tianxia replied.

Shang Xiaojie inquired because he preferred not to have Jia Tianxia shadowing him. He had no intention of causing more trouble in this place.

“Never mind, I’ll just wait here for Mu Sifa to return.”

He closed the door with a melancholic sigh and leaned against it.

“It feels like we’re under surveillance. No matter what, I can’t seem to shake this unease.”

Shang Xiaojie despised this sensation, even though he understood that Mu Sifa was acting in his best interest.

Initially planning to obediently sit on the sofa and wait for Mu Sifa, he suddenly felt the urge to visit the restroom, so he opened the door and exited.

“I need to use the restroom.”

Anticipating Jia Tianxia’s intention to follow, he turned around and frowned, “You don’t need to accompany me to the restroom, do you? I’ll only be a moment.”

Sharing the same sentiment, Jia Tianxia halted and observed Shang Xiaojie’s departure toward the restroom.

Little did Jia Tianxia and Shang Xiaojie realize that Elina had been observing them from the outside. When Shang Xiaojie eventually left the office, she clenched her fists, revealing a contorted expression.

“Heh! Dreaming of going to the movies with Mu Sifa, Shang Xiaojie? What a beautiful fantasy.”

Having overheard the movie plans, Elina lingered outside the office to keep Shang Xiaojie at bay.

She witnessed Shang Xiaojie entering the men’s restroom. Seeing that it was during business hours and the bathroom was in use by the staff, she discreetly followed suit. Fortunately, there was no one else present.

Glancing at the cubicle, she was certain that Shang Xiaojie was inside when she noticed the last room was locked. Without hesitation, she wedged the door handle with a mop and secured it tightly.

Subsequently, she made her exit quietly, leaving a sign outside indicating it was being cleaned. With a mischievous grin, she clapped her hands and departed.

Shang Xiaojie, you’re still a bit green if you think you can take on me in a fight.

Elina displayed her cunning side, having bribed Auntie Sweeper to inform Jia Tianxia that Shang Xiaojie had ventured to the other side of the city for some amusement.

Jia Tianxia was taken aback, then grew frustrated. Why on earth did he have to go alone? What if something happened?

He hurriedly descended in the elevator, determined to locate Shang Xiaojie. Fearing for Shang Xiaojie’s safety, he had no explanation to offer to Mu Sifa.

Elina positioned herself by the window, watching Jia Tianxia rush into the video game arcade. She smirked, “You can go find Jia Tianxia. The fifth floor of the video game arcade should keep you occupied all night.”

Afterward, she departed, leaving Shang Xiaojie confined in the restroom.

Meanwhile, Shang Xiaojie remained oblivious to his predicament. It wasn’t until he shut the door and tried to turn the handle that he realized it wouldn’t budge.

“Huh? What’s going on? No way!”

He refused to accept it. He made several more attempts to turn the handle, but it remained firmly stuck.

“Impossible!” He was truly at a loss. “It looks like it’s really stuck. I should call Mu Sifa!”

However, as Shang Xiaojie pat his pockets, he remembered he had been lounging on the couch watching a movie, and at that moment, his phone was still on the sofa in his office.

“This is a disaster.”

In the end, he resorted to shouting, but there were few people around, and no matter how loudly Shang Xiaojie called out, there was no response, as they were all trapped inside the bathroom.

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