C49 – Goods for Sale

The Angry Python Spear, a weapon crafted from a single horn of a Level 5 mutated beast known as the Golden Horned Python, boasts a 4-star rating and comes with a price tag of 1.5 million Alliance dollars.

Phantom Steps, a specialized movement technique capable of tripling one’s speed, is a 3-star martial skill priced at 1.2 million Alliance dollars.

The Great Art of Absorbing Stars, a cultivation technique with a 4-star rating, is available for purchase at a cost of 2 million Alliance dollars.

Loong Chen’s eyes lit up with desire as he gazed upon the dazzling items in the online shopping mall.

The Dragon God Temple featured a plethora of high-quality items, all of which were rated at a minimum of 3 stars.

In this post-apocalyptic world, many items were categorized based on their quality and rating.

For instance, the Tyrannical Saber and World Dominating treasures obtained from the Tyrannical Saber Devil King’s vault were rated above 5 stars.

The Trunch Technique Loong Chen had acquired from the Evolver Alliance in Jinling City, on the other hand, was a mere 1-star technique.

However, after the system upgraded to the Blood Devouring Devil Arts, it should have reached a rating of around 5 stars.

“Look at this! A 6-star Doomsday Armor!”

Loong Chen’s attention was immediately drawn to an image.

The image was uncannily familiar to Loong Chen. It was identical to the Doomsday Armor he had found in the Tyrannical Saber Devil King’s vault, except his was only a 4-star version.

The item in the shopping mall, however, was a remarkable 6-star Doomsday Armor.

A 6-star Doomsday Armor could withstand the most potent attacks from a Grandmaster Evolver.

The Doomsday Armor, a 6-star masterpiece renowned for its ability to resist the fiercest attacks from Grandmaster Evolvers, was available for purchase at the price of five million Alliance dollars.

Loong Chen’s heart raced, and after a while, he gradually regained his composure.

Alliance dollars served as the standard currency in contemporary human society.

During his time in Jinling City, Zhang Qibing, the leader of the Evolver Alliance, had gifted Loong Chen one million Alliance dollars.

However, he had entrusted most of it to Loong Kui before departing, leaving him with less than half a million Alliance dollars.

Initially, he had considered one million Alliance dollars to be a substantial fortune, but upon browsing prices in the online shopping mall, he realized that a million was, in fact, quite modest.

Even purchasing a 3-star martial skill was beyond his means.

An idea struck him suddenly: “I still possess items from the Tyrannical Saber Devil King’s treasure vault. Perhaps I can trade them for a substantial amount of Alliance dollars.”

Loong Chen’s mind raced with this newfound plan.

Although the online shopping malls facilitated item transactions, their processing speed was sluggish.

Therefore, Loong Chen decided to sell his items directly to the Dragon God Temple.

While the selling price might be slightly lower than that on the online shopping center, it would be considerably quicker.

Efficiency was paramount to Loong Chen.

With his decision firm, he sought out the person in charge.

This individual was responsible for overseeing the daily affairs of Dragon God Temple members, making them accessible to anyone.

“Elder Soong, I have items here that I wish to sell to the Dragon God Temple.”

Loong Chen located Steward Soong, a middle-aged man overseeing the Dragon God Temple.

Despite Steward Soong’s somewhat disheveled appearance, his role as the head of the Dragon God Temple spoke volumes about his extraordinary status.

“Unless it’s something of great importance, you can simply place it in the online marketplace for sale,” Steward Soong casually advised.

Given that the Dragon God Temple exclusively admitted prodigious talents, their membership remained limited. Steward Soong recognized Loong Chen as a newcomer.

Being a newcomer and appearing rather youthful, Loong Chen left Steward Soong skeptical about the quality of his possessions.

“I’m uncertain if these would qualify as valuable items,” Loong Chen replied, his demeanor turning cool due to Steward Soong’s attitude.

He proceeded to unveil everything he had retrieved from the treasure vault of the Tyrannical Saber Devil King.

When Steward Soong laid eyes on a stack of schematics and volumes, his initially indifferent countenance underwent a swift transformation.

“These are the blueprints for the Laser Cannon!”

“The formula for concocting the Dragon Blood Pill!”

“The cultivation method for mastering World Dominance!”

Steward Soong stood utterly dumbfounded, unable to close his gaping mouth. These were all exceedingly valuable items.

The manufacturing technique for the Laser Cannon had long been considered lost, with rumors suggesting that it was concealed by the Tyrannical Saber Devil King.

Furthermore, the World Dominating technique was classified as a 5-star sword skill!

The method to craft Dragon Blood Pills had also remained elusive for an extended period.

In addition to these, there were several other ancient blueprints and manuscripts that had been lost to history.

Loong Chen had no use for these relics. After all, he had little interest in such items.

“How did you come into possession of these? Could it be that you’ve discovered the treasure vault of the Tyrannical Saber Devil King?”

Steward Soong’s countenance displayed utter disbelief.

“Is there a need for me to divulge their origins when selling them?”

Loong Chen furrowed his brow. Although he could explain the provenance of these items, he felt a sense of unease within.

“Certainly not. My inquiry was simply due to astonishment,” hastily responded Steward Soong.

“Then may I inquire about the significance of these items?”

Loong Chen posed another question.

“Undoubtedly, they hold great importance,” Steward Soong nodded repeatedly. Should all these items be sold, they would fetch a sum exceeding one hundred million Alliance dollars.

Whether it was the Laser Cannon or the blueprint for creating Dragon Blood Pills, each item was a treasure valued at tens of millions of Alliance dollars, not to mention the additional artifacts.

These items held undeniable significance.

The Laser Cannon alone possessed the formidable capability to easily dispatch a Level 4 High Rank mutated beast.

With the blueprint in possession at the Dragon God Temple, they had the potential to manufacture an unlimited supply of Laser Cannons.

Regardless of the Dragon Blood Pill’s grade, its consumption could elevate an Evolver’s strength by no less than a thousand kilograms, an exceedingly precious asset.

While the Dragon Blood Pill itself wasn’t highly valuable, its blueprint held immense worth. This was why Loong Chen chose not to sell the remaining Dragon Blood Pills.

He intended to preserve them for potential future use or distribution.

“Then, I’d like to request Steward Soong’s assistance in selling these to the Dragon God Temple.”

“Certainly, but due to the considerable value of these items, the process may be somewhat intricate and time-consuming.”

Steward Soong explained.

“Feel free to contact me once the items have been successfully sold.”

Loong Chen nodded.

He harbored no concerns about Steward Soong appropriating them for himself, considering their location within the Dragon God Temple. Steward Soong was unlikely to take such a risk.

“Very well, I’ll prioritize this task.”

Steward Soong vigorously affirmed, indicating the high regard he placed on this matter.

Only then did Loong Chen experience relief and returned to his dwelling.

After a brief respite, he consulted the map with renewed focus.

“The Tower of Trials?”

Loong Chen’s gaze fixed on a specific location on the map—the Tower of Trials.

Adjacent to it were small text providing detailed information about the Tower of Trials.

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