C89 – Be Bullied Early in the Morning

Early the next morning, in a colonel’s room, a loud slap split the morning sky.

“Wife, isn’t kissing in the morning normal? Why did you make a move again?” Hee Jingyan touched the five finger marks on his cheek and sighed helplessly. However, Xu Yangyi glared at him, “Our country doesn’t have such a thing. It makes sense to eat my tofu this early in the morning.” Shameless.

Ahh, I’m going crazy. How did I get married to such a stupid uncle?

No, it should be Xu Nuannuan.

You’re the one who got hit a thousand times, isn’t that right? I told you to run, but it’s fine if you fucking run, but you even dragged me in.

Xu Yangyi was on the verge of going berserk. He couldn’t stand Hee Jingyan’s constant eating of tofu.

“Tofu?” Hee Jingyan laughed.

After that, he suddenly pushed down Xu Yangyi who had stood up and pressed down on Xu Yangyi’s lower body with one leg, pinning both of his hands on top of his head. His movements were completed in one go, not giving Xu Yangyi any time to resist.

Xu Yangyi’s eyes were immediately filled with anger, “What the fuck did you do this morning?”

As he said that, he struggled, but his strength was nothing in front of Hee Jingyan. It was useless, he was completely suppressed.

“Are you going to let me go?”

Seeing that his resistance was futile, Xu Yangyi immediately shot a dangerous glance at Hee Jingyan. He wanted to use his gaze to intimidate him, but seeing this, Hee Jingyan only had a smile in his eyes.

He smirked and said, “Wife, didn’t you say I’d eat your tofu!? So let me show you now what true ‘tofu’ is.” With that, he began to move his feet.

Xu Yangyi might have panicked a little and reflexively raised his leg to teach Wu Tie a lesson.

However, he could not move at all. He wanted to use his hand to give Hee Jingyan a slap, but he could not do so. He could only struggle and shout, “Are you crazy!? I’ve told you many times, am I a man? Are you gay?”

Fuck, this damn man, he’s always like this. Does he have a grudge against me?

He ignored me when I was angry, but he wasn’t angry when I hit him.

Fuck, what kind of monster was this man?

Xu Yangyi was furious. He tried to twist his neck to try to not let Wu Tie kiss him, but his whole body was suppressed by Wu Tie and he didn’t have any strength to fight back. He could only obediently let Wu Tie do whatever he wanted.

“I don’t know if it’s gay, but I do know I want to kiss my wife and love him dearly. Furthermore, we are husband and wife, and touching you is not even considered eating your tofu. Only when the two of them are not in a relationship anymore, can such intimate actions be considered eating the tofu of the other party, do you understand my wife?” Hee Jingyan gave Xu Yangyi a peck on his lips and gave him a science course.

“Don’t put it in such a grand way, couples have to share a room with each other when both of them are willing to do so. Don’t think that just because I’m young I’m easy to bully, if you dare to mess with me again, I’ll sue you.”

Accuse me?

Hearing that, Hee Jingyan was amused, “Then what are you going to tell the judge, that you are not fulfilling your wife’s responsibility? So you want to sue me?”

Xu Yangyi was unable to retort because he really had no reason to do this.

Xu Yangyi couldn’t wait to kill Hee Jingyan with a slap, but he couldn’t do anything to him. He could only stare at Hee Jingyan with his eyeballs almost popping out. Unfortunately, his husband remained indifferent and didn’t stop attacking.

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