C43 – Get Lost

“Mr. Su, there’s a place I haven’t watered yet. I’ll go to work. You guys talk first.”

President Chen found a perfect time to leave.


Su Ming nodded: “Sorry to trouble you, President Chen.”

“It’s fine.”

President Chen immediately smiled.

Then, he walked away barefoot, carrying the bucket.

If they talked to President Chen, they would definitely be very careful.

But President Chen was very careful in front of Su Ming.

This made them realize the truth of the world.

After a person became a big shot, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t curry favor with others.

It was just that he didn’t meet anyone worthy of his favor.

If he had, he would definitely curry favor with him.

It turned out that not only were the big shots better at doing things than others, but their way of pleasing others was also far better than that of ordinary people.

Wang Xue was completely ignored.

She knew that she was finished.

She looked at Su Ming.

She still had hope!

As long as Su Ming nodded, she could go back to the bank.

Thinking of this, Wang Xue suddenly rushed over, startling the surrounding employees.

What did she want to do?

Before his colleagues around him could react, Wang Xue actually knelt in front of Su Ming, grabbed his thigh, and burst into tears.

“Su Ming, I really know I was wrong. Please forgive me. No, I don’t ask you to forgive me. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you anymore. I just hope that you can let President Chen keep my job.”

“No matter what, I’m still your ex-girlfriend. When you came to my house, my mom cooked for you.”

Wang Xue cried.

She looked very pitiful.

However, before Su Ming could say anything, his colleagues around him couldn’t help themselves.

“You’re pregnant with someone else’s child, and you’re still hiding it from Mr Su.”

“Your mother cooked for Mr Su? I know that when Mr Su came to your house, your family was sitting on the sofa eating fruit and watching TV. Mr Su was busy in the kitchen alone.”

“Now that you see that Mr Su has money, you start to curry favor with him. Have you forgotten your complacency a few minutes ago?”

The surrounding colleagues said.

Under normal circumstances, they would not interfere in other people’s matters.

But Wang Xue was too shameless.

Previously, when she was in the company, she liked to sow discord.

Wang Xue made a mess of the atmosphere in the company.

“You want me to help you keep your job?”

Su Ming smiled faintly.

Wang Xue nodded.

“No problem. Then I’ll give you a word!”

Su Ming sneered and suddenly swung his right leg.


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