C46 – A Warm Family

Jiang Hao also understood. After all, he was too weak before this!

“Dad, didn’t you have my teacher’s phone number? If you don’t believe me, you can make a call to confirm it!”

Jiang Hao’s words instantly dispelled all of the family’s suspicions.

Although Jiang Hao did not learn well in the past, he had never lied!

“Good, good, good!”

At this moment, Jiang’s father happily said three good words in a row. His face was full of smiles and was full of relief. Jiang’s mother, who was beside him, also said the same thing!

At this moment, Jiang Hao said with a mysterious expression.

“Dad, the report card is just one of the small surprises. There is also a big gift next!”

Jiang’s father heard this and smiled at Jiang Hao.

“Haha, I feel that this report card is the biggest gift for me. I don’t care about anything else!”

However, he still held the report card in his hand and looked at the bottom of the gift box!

When he saw the red book and the line of words on it, he was immediately puzzled.

Even Jiang’s mother and Jiang Zixuan at the side were the same!

“Property certificate? Hao is from our family? What are you doing with this?”

Jiang’s mother asked doubtfully.

Instantly, the whole family’s gaze fell on Jiang Hao!

Jiang Hao smiled mysteriously and said.

“Yes and no. Dad, just open it and you will know!”

When Jiang’s father heard this, he immediately opened the red notebook with doubt!

As expected, his name was written on the first page of the property right!

But what shocked him was the location of the house!

“Tianhee City’s Jingtai Road, 333, third floor unit?”

“This, our family didn’t buy a house in Jingtai! Furthermore, how could Jingtai be a gathering area for rich people? How could we afford it!”

Jiang’s father said in puzzlement!

Seeing this, the family stared at Jiang Hao, hoping that he would give an explanation!

Jiang Hao looked at the confused family and found it funny. Then, he explained!

He told them that he had a mysterious master, and at the same time, he told them all that he had earned nine million!

When the family heard this, they immediately felt as if they were writing a novel!

Finally, Jiang Hao repeatedly assured them that this was all true, and that he had not done anything illegal. Only then did the family believe more than half of it!

Jiang’s father also scolded Jiang Hao for spending money randomly, but Jiang Hao also knew that this was his father’s love for his son, so he was not angry!

After Jiang Hao’s matter was over, Jiang’s father looked at Jiang Zixuan’s uncertain look in the small gift boxes and said gently.

“Zixuan, you prepared a gift for me!”

When Jiang Zixuan heard this, she immediately hid the gift behind her in a panic.

“Without my father, I forgot to prepare!”

Jiang Zixuan lied.

Although she also wanted to give her father today’s meticulously prepared gift, when she finished looking at the gift that she once looked down on her brother!

She suddenly felt that she was unable to take out her gift!

Jiang’s father also seemed to have seen through it, so he patted Jiang Zixuan’s head and comforted her!

“Zixuan, it’s fine. No matter what gift it is, I like it from you and your brother!”

Jiang’s mother, who was at the side, also comforted her.

Finally, Jiang Zixuan took out her gift in embarrassment!

Jiang’s father opened it and the whole family looked at it curiously.

At this moment, Jiang’s father took out a folded card from the gift box.

It was beautifully decorated, and the content was drawn by the family of four. Everyone had a happy smile on their faces, and they were all happy and happy!

After Jiang’s father saw it, he gently touched Jiang Zixuan, who had her head lowered!

“Dad likes it very much. This is our family!”

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