C99 – Foxes Rub Life’s More Fun

Song Ru grabbed Tan Ling’s tail and rubbed it. She squinted her eyes and rubbed it. Her mouth kept making sounds that did not match her identity.

Maybe it was because the fox’s tail felt so good that she even forgot to rub it with her face. It made Tan Ling so weak and boneless that she stuck to Guo Fan and grabbed his arm. She pressed tightly against him, and with a squeaking sound, she pulled her fingers together to grab his clothes.

Why did he feel like he was being played in front of his face even though he was only playing with the fox?!

What kind of feeling was this?

In this situation, should he admire Tan Ling for being a vixen, or should he be surprised that Fifth Junior Sister, as a true disciple of Soaring Wisdom Sect, could still remain calm…

No, it would be more accurate to say that she seemed to enjoy it as well.

Guo Fan even felt that Song Ru was about to get addicted.

No wonder she was so obsessed with it that she even rubbed her horsetail whisk bald…

However, this was not the main point. The main point was that Guo Fan felt that the whole scene had been upgraded to a child’s disadvantage, so he quickly pulled Tan Xinyue over and covered her eyes with his palm.

“Oh?” Tan Xinyue tilted her little head in puzzlement. She stretched out her little white hand and wanted to pull Guo Fan’s hand off.

“Xinyue, be good. This child cannot be seen.”

Guo Fan gently coaxed. Then he remembered that there was actually not only Tan Xinyue, this child, but also Yijun, who had been hiding in the dark.

But to be reasonable, Yijun had even directly surrounded him and Su Feng when they were together. This kind of small scene was actually not much, right?

However, when it came to Yijun, Guo Fan suddenly remembered that the child’s sexual education was not on the agenda yet. He should take some time to arrange for her to correct her concept and not listen to Li Xieren all the time. He wanted to open up the gift segment and so on.

Guo Fan covered Tan Xinyue’s eyes, but he could only watch Tan Ling being scratched by her tail.

Finally, after about half a cup of tea’s time, Tan Ling’s babbling stopped. Her hair was messy as she leaned on Guo Fan’s body. Her forehead was wet with sweat. With a few strands of hair on her face, her cheeks were slightly red as she lightly breathed in a few breaths. After calming himself down, he wagged his tail. He was still twitching.

It looked like Guo Fan had done something to her.

If it wasn’t for the fact that recording the hammer consumed a lot of energy and patience, Guo Fan felt that he definitely wouldn’t be as composed as he was now.

After Song Ru let go of Tan Ling’s tail, she even rubbed her fingers, as if she was relishing the pleasure of rubbing her tail. Satisfied, she sighed, “This kind of feeling… can actually be ranked second among the furs that I have touched. It is really inconceivable.”

Her face was flushed red like a little girl who had just obtained a toy or candy. She did not have the reserved manner of a big sect’s disciple. Of course, this was also related to her travels all year round.

But for some reason, Guo Fan felt that there was a feeling of a playboy who had just violated a good family’s woman and was still reminiscing about it.

Guo Fan had not even touched Tan Ling’s tail before, so he suddenly felt that he had lost 100 million. He wanted to find an opportunity to make up for it.

Just as he was thinking about this, Tan Ling fell into Guo Fan’s arms. He reached out and caught her. A cunning look flashed across his eyes. She immediately pretended to be quiet and looked up at Song Ru. She asked curiously, “What is the first place?”

Song Ru’s expression was somewhat restrained as she said seriously, “It is the fur of the Lucky Beast. I did not touch any living thing. It is a piece of fur… Just a piece of fur, but that feeling is deeply engraved in my heart. I have been traveling outside for so many years, all for the sake of finding it.”

What else could Guo Fan say? This might be the world of the ultimate plush control.

“Then you’re really amazing. You have a lot of perseverance.” He sighed and patted Ling’s beautiful back to show his symbolic comfort. Tan Ling narrowed her eyes and leaned against his chest happily.

Guo Fan glanced at the progress bar. It was actually an orchid. This was really treating him like a cannon gunner. He coughed twice and continued, “It is indeed rare to have auspicious feathers… But you did not find it, so you plan to return to the mountain gate?”

Song Ru nodded and said, “Temporarily, I plan to go back and meet Master and Senior Sister. I also want to participate in the yearly heritage tablet of the sect. I have been gone for five or six years and did not give any news to the sect. I really feel bad.”

Her face was filled with guilt, but once she said that she would “go back for the time being” and “participate” along the way, as well as “no news at all.”

What the hell was wrong with feeling bad about it!?

I’m very suspicious right now. Is it because you plan to touch everyone who is related to Furry until you want to rub them until they are bald, causing the people in the sect to be unable to bear it and thus chase you out?

Guo Fan ridiculed madly in his heart. Then suddenly, his heart moved and he said, “That’s perfect. I also want to go to the Soaring Wisdom Sect. I wonder if Daoist Priest Song Ru can bring me along.”

Because of the friendship between them, Song Ru’s impression of him had instantly increased. She smiled and said, “Yes, yes, yes…” She turned and asked puzzledly, “But why do you want to go to the Jade Void? Our sect has always been unwilling to allow outsiders to visit. You are older than new recruits. Could it be… Are you doing this for your sister?”

Song Ru instantly thought of that very obedient, jade-like girl. Her entire body was filled with spiritual energy. One look and one could tell that she was a good seedling for cultivation.

This thought made sense. As a sectless cultivator, bringing her sister along to seek the path of immortality was a very difficult thing, so she could only think of some more feasible methods.

First, she met the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference to gain more knowledge. If she was lucky, she would be able to leave a good impression in the eyes of the various sects. The people of the Soaring Wisdom Sect (such as her) would also recognize her.

Then, when he went to Yu Xu, it would be much easier for him to send his sister into the sect.

It was really an inspirational and well-planned plan.

Song Ru nodded secretly. In addition to the tragic relationship between Tan Ling and the transvestite, Guo Fan’s entire person in her heart was already very well-developed and even very complicated.

However, the matter was even more exciting than she imagined.

Guo Fan let out a long sigh and said, “This matter is a long story…”

This was because one of the true disciples of Soaring Wisdom Sect was present, and the other was a good friend who had a good relationship with him. Therefore, Guo Fan didn’t need to hide anything from him and told him everything about Yin Fen. However, he hid the fact that Yin Fen had taught him the entire Jade Void Dao Repository, and only said that he had taught the two of them the mental cultivation method of the Jade Void Dao Repository. He also hoped that they would be able to enter the Yu Xu.

When Guo Fan told her what had happened, Song Ru’s pupils shrank. Her heart, which was initially calm, was incomparably shocked.

However, as the former sect master, the news of Yin Fen’s disappearance was known by everyone. As for matters regarding the Heavenly Devil, apart from the people in the Jade Void, the news was almost completely sealed off.

Although Guo Fan said it vaguely and did not say it out loud, it was definitely Five legged Heavenly Devil. It was as if he had been parasitized by a special demon.

“So that’s how it is…” Song Ru suddenly nodded and said, “If that is the case, there is no problem. Soaring Wisdom Sect welcomes your arrival. Remember to let me touch your cat on the way.”

Guo Fan thought that was not possible. According to his temper, he was afraid that he would explode on the spot and turn back into a dragon. Then, he would be beaten back into human form by Guo Fan and recorded the humiliating scene.

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